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300 new clients!

We have celebrated our 300th new client this week! *

Wow my heart!

It's been a journey girls and guys- leaving the safety and familiarity of the corporate world for entrepreneurship, learning new ways of operating/ running a business, stepping up as a leader and guide in an emerging field. Becoming the master and the student as one, honoring my heart-centered ways, my values, gifts and unique perspective now as a top priority. Becoming an ambassador for the universe and its most intricate workings, for the new scientific worldview and Physics that now describe it - so far away from everything I learnt in my academic and applied tech days ! So I make it a point to honor these milestones, for they remind me just how far courage has taken me. For they remind me to thank all of you, my mirrors, as I could not have done this self-belief thing without you. For they remind me that beyond facilitating your transformations, some of you have become dear friends too - and that is to me, of utmost value.

So it is with much gratitude that I would like to offer the first 10 of you to reach out 5 EUR OFF a single Emotional session (value: 65 EUR), or 10 EUR OFF my signature Multi-dimensional sessions (value: 120 EUR). Message me here in the comments, in my DMs or by email

To many more successes,

soul-led career changes,

and heart-centeredness always!

With love,


*+ our 31st country reached, with nearly 90% of you returning to book sessions either for yourself or loved ones. Swipe right for infographics

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