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Ancient wisdom meets modern technology

Over is the time when altered states of consciousness were only accessible to yogis and mystics. In the last decade, some of the highest performers in the world have disclosed harnessing altered states of consciousness to solution critical business challenges, surpass their competition and transcend revenue ceilings. At an individual level, I'm seeing more and more of you today waking up to this as well; to the realisation that there is more to life than the eye can see, and that there is value in knowing how to quiet the mind. So it is not a coincidence that the “Altered States industry” (neurotraining, hypnosis, energy medicine, meditation, Ayahuasca, etc.) has now boomed to be a 4* billion dollar+ underground economy.

Why are more turning to "alternative" practices for self-development, to solve important issues and heal? Aside from the global rise in planetary and human consciousness, I'd say it is because modern technology is finally validating ancient wisdom and practices, anchoring in that to change and mold our physical realities one has to work with the conscious mind to choose/ intentionally direct focus and attention, BUT ALSO work with the subconscious mind and frequencies - with that submerged part of the iceberg and universal intelligence that is underlying every aspect of our lives. Quantum energy medicine as I practice it, verifies it experientially - if you're still in doubt please check out my testimonials - but the scientific data and supporting technologies backing this are also here now, no longer buried in Google's pages 3 and beyond (the likes of the HeartMath Institute, Greg Bradden and Dr Joe Dispenza have done a great job of bringing this up to the mainstream, for example).

Over the next few months, I'll be testing out one of those modern, supporting quantum technologies. A microcurrent medical device approved by the American FDA known as the Healy, developped for chronic pain management and general biofield harmonization. I'll get to experience the positive pulsing frequencies in my body on the daily (i.e. the consciousness or information radiated into my cells/ mitochondria) and intend to monitor everything from manifested stress levels, chronic symptoms and creativity states to enhanced perception potentials, mood stabilisation and overall balance. An experiment I'm excited to undertake and relay, since it is built on the fundamental principles of Unified physics I subscribe to, and could very well complement the work that I do.

Would you like to know more as I go?

Beaming you all an abundance of joy and holiday cheer for the weekend!

With love xxx


*See Jamie Wheeler's work

Photo credit: Foamirana

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