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Back to school emotions

Many of our children and teens are heading back to school this week and next, which means emotions could be running at an all time high in some households. Oscillating between anxiousness and relief, between overjoy and grief - whatever arises during this transition - may you all have the support and tools you need to consciously process and navigate, in the moment, that which may feel more uncomfortable! ​

For anything that has felt like it's been there a while, for anything chronic, a change in behaviour perhaps, asking a willing subconscious mind for the root cause will provide the answers the conscious mind cannot have. What emotional baggage has been trapped in yours or your child's cellular memory and is begging to be released? If you feel the pull to help yourselves in a way that's free of chemicals, to help a loved one or a pet feel better; if you are willing to try an approach based on eastern medicine with verifyable results, please get in touch - I offer a quantum perspective on health and well-being, and through my 30 minute energy clearing sessions, real chances at more love, more abundance, more peace - tangible chances at more aligned, empowered transformation than you would ever believe possible. ​

Dear All, this unified quantum field that connects us all is full of magic, and it is available to us all to tap into. I am seeing miracles unfold every week from facilitating this work on behalf of my clients, and I, for sure, would rather no soul misses out.

Much love and many rose blessings,


Photo credit: Deleece Cook

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