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Business update: we're in Bali!

Dear All,

It's been a little while since I posted on here! I moved through quite a bit in my personal life, including a return to the land of Gods. Honoring an inner calling here - totally impossible to ignore - so softening into whatever I am here to learn and integrate to grow as a therapist (and human ). From Bali, sessions are still running full time - from 3am to 11am UK time (GMT+7). Thank you to those of you who've already booked themselves in for April!

Is there any content which you'd like to see moving forward, any topics you'd like to get my perspective/ a psycho-quantum view on? Drop me a note below - I'm feeling the creative juices returning after this break, firmly holding the mothership steady throughout the changes

An abundance of blessings to you all!

Have a great week xxx


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