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Children & conscious living - July offer

Children have been on my mind a lot lately.​

These little yet very wise beings paving the way for a brighter, more conscious future for us all. Lighting up a room by just being themselves, freely asking for what they need and unafraid of being judged. Creating, playing, singing, dancing, all without a care in the world, fully flowing through a sequence of joyful present moments. Don't they have this untainted, beautiful soul presence that shines through, that touches so many of us at the heart? Can you feel their spirit, still unconditioned to a degree, by the challenges and belief systems of our earthly world? ​

Through their eyes we often see ourselves, our younger selves. We feel our own pure essence, the universe at large. We feel that joy and pure happiness that innately resides within us, that is too often, simply hidden under many layers of protection. So as we collectively navigate these tumultuous times on the planet, it got me reflecting. What if children had more to teach us about how to live happier, mindful lives than we acknowledge? What if they really led the way? Living from the heart, outside the mind, takes a lot of conscious effort and awareness - but don't they model it so well for us?​

In my vision-board world, we actively encourage children to never stop experiencing life - all of its ebbs and flows - with curiosity and wonder, as neutral observers of what just is. We genuinely uncover and develop the unique potential inherent to each and every one in schools, based on their own soul blueprint. We encourage the learning of the basics needed to thrive in this world, yet we fully trust their own intuitive intelligence to know when and where it is time to learn what. In my dream world, we nurture imagination, quantum magic and conscious reality creation towards a healthier Earth, towards healthier minds, bodies and hearts, ​

I am extending my offer of a 10% discount on my Rose 50 and Rose 100 packages for all under 16s, until the end of July. My wish is to free more young souls of their Heart-Walls and see more parents witness beautiful shifts in their children, experience perhaps, improved family relationship dynamics as a result.

Many blessings to all my readers, ​

We are all connected,​

We are loving awareness manifested,​

Aurélie ​

Photo credit: Mi Pham (adapted)

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