Levelling up my offering- exciting news!

One of my best friends sent me a message a few days ago- she'd had a crazy dream about me, she said.​

"I dreamt that you were able to repair neuronal connections in people with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's to heal them. It was mad because I could also see at the cellular level how you were doing it. It was like unclogging a little blue channel. It was ultra realistic and very surreal at the same time. It was incredible, people were regaining their capacities instantly. It was briliant"​

Her message floored me. She didn't know that for the past 5 months I had been training in ground-breaking, quantum energy healing ways that make this scenario not a crazy dream, but a possible reality. She didn't know that her visions were an incredibly-realistic representation of how I now operate in the quantum field, using a combination of extrasensory perception, cosmo-telluric frequencies and playful imagination. She also didn't know I had validated my 20+ practice healings just 2 days prior, officially becoming an Accredited #StarMagic Facilitator. And that I had been procrastinating about writing this post, working through deeply buried fears of the unknown, of being ridiculed and in truth, of my own power. The unified field had a message for me... a nudge to stand in my sovereignty, honor my gifts and just SHOW UP. Because this isn't some new age, woo-woo stuff. Oh heck no, it's a paradigm-shifting, game changing healing tool, built on the rich, geometric fabric of spacetime itself.​

Do you want to know what mindblowing transformations have unfolded for my practice clients? Are you curious to learn what my quantum practice can unlock for YOU next? Let me know and leave me your questions in the comments!​

So excited to be taking bookings soon​

Much love, and many rose blessings always​

Have a great week!



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