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Manifestation reminder

🌹 This is your reminder

To call in what you need, what you desire always- then forget about it. Invite yourself to allow the how and the when to be worked out for you, and release the attachment to have it/ to receive it all together. Your prayers are answered when in a state of least resistance, i.e. when you're settled in the "I'm okay either way".

I was reminded of this today. I mean I know how to play this energetics game, but sometimes I do fall back into old resistive patterns. "It hasn't showed up yet, so it must mean....". I didn't consciously let go of the desire, I bought into a thought pattern that forced me to my knees, into suffering, to drop my attachment to it. "Perhaps it's just not for me then" [ tears x100 ]. So I let the vision, the desire go. And today it came ⚜️🤍

So if you're reading this, this is your reminder to keep dreaming, but to release the grip some more.

We're in a season of "being okay either way" guys, so just let go, sit back and relax some more with me. Trust you're blessed beyond measure.

With love xo


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