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On the importance of Intuition

Did you know that if I ask your body "I am free of anxiety" it can tell me in what percentage it is true? That if I ask your body whether clearing a Heart-Wall would help it believing it more, it could tell me? ​

In fact the answers would naturally come to the most acutely self-aware of us too, through our intuition. Whether it is a physical sensation in the body, a soft whisper, an image that instantly pops into the mind or just an intangible sense of knowing, we receive intuitive nudges all the time once we learn to recognize and trust them as such. Our intuition is our inner compass - it is our quantum multi-dimensionality speaking to us through our five senses, guiding us towards that which is in our highest interest, towards our highest soul growth and joy. It knows our next best two to three steps ahead, and how to get us out of situations that are out of alignment with unconditional love, with authentic Truth and empowered, sovereign action.​

A Heart-Wall and other trapped emotional energy that is inherited or developped as a result of traumatic emotional events in our lives can cause a disconnection to this inner power, preventing the heart's messages from reaching the cranial brain intact at 100%. This can cause us to be out of touch with our feelings, as though we'd left our bodies. It can make us less able to detach from fear-loaded thoughts, from the ego mind's attempts to keep us safe, in the familiar past. We may end up more prone to easily discard and brush off any red flags we get along the way, forcing something to tangibly happen in our physical experience so we may course re-direct.​

With the pandemic, many have been forced to slow down and appreciate the smaller things again. Many took the time to sift and sort through what is really important and truly matters to them. I'm seeing many showing more gratitude for the people, things or situations they had previously taken for granted, or courageously creating new environments for themselves, guided to make room for only the very things that fuel their heart, mind, body and soul. It is in this space of slowing down, when the mind quiets and softens its grip indeed, that our most unfiltered, heart-led guidance is able to be heard. ​

I believe we are all on a journey from the mind back to trusting the heart, the home of our intuition. I believe that we are being called to integrate both our left and right brain functions at this time, to *feel* our way through life more than ever before - so we may experience the best that life has to offer us.​

If you feel blocked from hearing and trusting your intuition in any way, I invite you to book a 30 minute-introductory energy clearing session today. We'll go and discover what in your emotional energy body is in the way and we'll release it all for good. You may be amazed at what we find! ​

Have a wonderful day wherever you are ​

Many rose blessings,​


Photo Credit: Darius Bashar​

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