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About a year ago I was exposed to the super-powerful coded healing frequencies of #StarMagic. As I learnt / started to remember these energy healing ways alongside building my Emotion Code practice, what I witnessed were mind-blowing transformations unfold within and around me that challenged my cartesian, physicist-programming to their core foundations. I witnessed years of physical pain dissolved in an instant, bent spines repaired on the spot, disharmonious relationships resolved. I saw newly-empowered people begin to embody more love, unity consciousness and truly blossom into the greatest version of themselves. I even saw business performance and returns skyrocket... Those "truths" I'd bought and sold to myself about allopathic medicine and the way our world works? They dissolved from my consciousness in the process. And there was no turning back from this...

So last month, I decided to train with #StarMagic to harness the power of those frequencies for myself, to learn to work with holographic fields of information and begin to incorporate these ways into my energy healing practice. I will be sharing more on this in the future but in essence, as an Accredited StarMagic Facilitator I will no longer be limited to working on the emotional subtle energy body alone. I will be able to access and make adjustments to all the layers and densities of my client's energy fields - the physical, the mental, the etheric, the emotional and the spiritual - without limits to the "dis-ease" that has the potential to be shifted and resolved.

I will continue to tap into inner-child, ancestral and multi-dimensionally-rooted blockages (those which aspects of our souls are generating in parallel timelines / dimensions / realities) but I will be going about them as a whole - no longer pulling trapped emotions out in a discrete fashion as I do with the Emotion Code*. This means that the probabilities for more rapid and expansive transformations could increase exponentially - a prospect which I am very excited to create for my clients!

Therefore please stay tuned as I work to develop an upgraded offering for 2021 - one that reflects my expertise and unique perspective; one that reflects a seamless integration of feminine heart-centeredness, modern science and two of the world's most powerful natural healing ways I know!

For now, I have a few practice sessions left to complete my client portfolio and validate my #StarMagic Level 1 Accreditation. I would like to use this opportunity to take one step in the direction of my dreams and offer, in return for timely feedback and a testimonial, any child or teen with a cancer diagnosis a free Star Magic energy healing session.

So if you know any families who would be open to try something different to support their child and share this experience with me please leave a comment below, let them know and send them my way - my offer is open for the next 2-3 weeks. I will not be able to guarantee any results but I trust there is a good chance at creating a solid, positive shift in their health as we naturally release built-up toxicity from their young bodies, or anything else the universe shows me xx

Much love and many rose blessings to all,


*the subconscious will usually let me identify the location of a trapped emotion (in which organ, gland, bone it is lodged, etc.), at what age they became active, who or what it is connected to, and if it is inherited - where up the line it came from and who it may have been passed down to, etc. I find it is validating / reassuring for the mind to have this degree of detail after a session - my clients can then consciously process the "why's" and the "how's" from reading my reports, though it is not needed to allow a permanent release.

Photo credit (leukemia rose): Aynaz Shahtale

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