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Think superposition, not juxtaposition

The cosmos works in superposition- there's no linearity, no juxtaposition. Just one giant soup of energy potentials and frequencies all existing/ mingling in parallel, "organised" in various frequency bands. As such there is no past, no future. Those are mind conception mainframes, needed to make sense of and operate in the realities that we co-create with our reflective universe.

Our existence as humans is therefore fully quantum/ overlaid as well: we exist as consciousness in a haze of probabilities split throughout time and space, with theoretically infinite possibilities for where our bodies/ electrons could be located from one moment to another*. What this means is that we are here exploring one dominant potential or reality whilst other aspects of us are living in different spaces, bodies and reality fields - all overlaid in frequency, interdependent and fully interconnected across the giant soup, via this universal wonder that is our holographic DNA.

Why is this important? It is key because it has huge inferences pertinent in the context of soul injuries and thus for physical, mental and emotional healing. The memory of all unintegrated parallel experiences and timelines (both trauma and bliss) is indeed held in our cellular structure/ DNA, with potentially nasty resonances leaping across time (trauma). Altering those energy signatures is available/ accessible to the Quantum Healing Facilitator, and I've witnessed it countless of times now, can literally transform what somebody is experiencing in their here and now.

One day, it is my belief that the world at large will recognize this.

So watch this space for further updates from me in that direction, and until then, let your imagination go wild on this and feel just how far and infinite you are.

Have a great rest of September everybody

With cosmic love xxxx


*electrons do not reside in a specific place at a specific time but in a haze of probabilities. They have a certain chance of being at point A, and another chance or probability of being at point B, etc. See Heisenberg's uncertainty principle & the fundamentals of quantum mechanics.

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