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Valentine's day offer, the Heart-Wall​

​Is experiencing a flourishing, harmonious relationship with a love mate something you've been aspiring to manifest this year? ​ My first port of call when helping clients / couples thrive in partnership is to remove their Heart-Walls. Heart-Walls* are energetic fortifications around the heart we unconsciously build or inherit from our lineage, with the sole purpose of preventing hurt and pain to be felt too intensely- whilst this is incredibly helpful at times, the caveat is that it always seems to keep people away from attracting the highest reflection of themselves in relationships. It tends to keep hearts and minds out of alignment, to maintain a sense of disconnection from self and others; from our intuitive nature and deepest heart's desires. It is often what makes people resonate with similar personality types too, and cause them to attract the same unfulfilling relationship experiences over and over again. More generally, it is very much connected to all the reasons why it is so difficult for us to change; why we fail in our commitments to live healthier, happier lives - it is buried in our subconscious, and as such, affects the deep yet subtle biochemistries of our bodies 24/7.​ Do you feel drawn to living Heart-Wall free? ​ In honor of all things L.O.V.E this Friday 14th I am offering 20% off on my specialty Heart-Wall clearing sessions booked throughout February.

Use this opportunity to invest in yourself, transform your inner landscape and witness the physical world and your relationship dynamics reflect the energetic shifts back to you - you won't know until you start to feel, think and act differently! ​ For any professional guidance, questions and to receive your personalised coupon code / gift coupons feel free to message me privately. Opening hearts at a distance is my specialty - no dredging of the past, no travels or adjustments to schedules are required - just be hydrated and sit back whilst I connect and work the quantum space on your behalf ​ Happy Love Day to all of you Valentines out there​ Many rose blessings xx​ Aurélie​

Photo credit: Paloma Oedy​ *see for more info

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