Multidimensional Transformation package

3x Emotion Code + 3x Star Magic clearing sessions. 15% saving.

  • 45 minutes
  • 335 British pounds
  • Email sessions

Service Description

This discounted-package is for those seeking to work on certain issues in more depth over a period of time. We will work on you or your child on one or several issues of your choosing, every week or at the pace dictated by your body (over 6-10 weeks typically), and through a winning combo of Emotion Code and Star Magic healing sessions. I have found these two modalities to best be paired in sequence for the most effective, transformational and comfortable integration experience. Unless your issues are pressing I will always begin with an emotional clearing session, to assess how your body responds to energy healing; I have found that clearing a Heart-Wall before proceeding with Star Magic healings can be most beneficial, too. Multi-dimensional Star Magic healings are deeper healing sessions during which the following may unfold: collapse of traumatic parallel reality (past life) timelines, resolve of dis-ease, psychic surgery, DNA activation, clearing of limiting beliefs, inner child healing, relationship healing, release of shadow parasites, etheric implants, spells, curses, fear attachments and energetic cording, setting up of protective psychic grids, etc. These are designed to rapidly bring you back in balance, and open you up to pure abundant flow, increased immunity, intuition, glowing and expansive relationships. I work here with your entire personal holographic fields using a combination of extrasensory perception, cosmo-telluric frequencies and playful imagination. The depth of these sessions require that you be at rest, ideally laying down without distractions and for up to 60 minutes. Sessions typically end with a general re-balancing of all transmission centers and cellular energizing. My fee includes your detailed session report, integration recommandations and a lifetime of email support. Expect radical transformation! Book the first appointment online to kick things off. I'll take care of the logistics for the 4 remaining sessions as guided.

Cancellation Policy

My services are provided on a non-refundable basis. If you need to reschedule, please contact me at least 24 hours in advance.

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