I provide sessions remotely, connecting to the energy field of the receiver by quantum nonlocality.



In a nutshell, I am trained in allowing my subconscious mind to subordinate my Self in favour of your Higher Consciousness, which during the length of a session will be in two places at once. What connects us is a holographic, unified quantum field of energy which transcends the bounds of space and time.


Acting as your proxy, I will ask your subconscious questions about a trapped emotion and muscle-test "myself" to get the answers. Once I identify and acknowledge a trapped emotion you carry, it is automatically brought to the surface of your body for clearing. I then place my intention to release it into the body via the Governing Meridian (major energy channel in the acupuncture system), which I magnify using the tip of my fingers or a therapeutic magnet. Magnification allows my intention, which is a thought-energy, to then flow quickly into all the other meridians and areas of the body, releasing the trapped energy permanently. The space created in your field after a release is filled by me with the higher frequencies of love and above, so you can experience optimum health and physical comfort in the days following a session. I will repeat this process for as many trapped emotions as your subconscious will allow in one session (it solely decides which emotions, if it is safe to clear them and in which order).

As an intuitive, I will also receive insights from the field and guidance pertaining to the re-balancing of your energy body. This allows me to dive deeper into identifying and clearing, as they come up, relevant subconscious blocks, negative beliefs or conditioning you may have embedded. This is done outside of the scope of the Emotion Code, and always with your subconscious' approval.


A session ends with me consciously disconnecting from your field, just like hanging up the phone at the end of a chat. I typically send on a full session report by email, shortly after. Everything discussed or discovered is always confidential. 



I exclusively work remotely, in the quietness of my own home where I can feel most deeply in tune and guided, without interruptions or energetic disruptions. The sessions I facilitate currently are "email sessions", i.e. sessions I perform on your behalf, at a pre-agreed time/date but which do not require you to physically call in (or to be awake). I simply connect to your field, do the clearing, then email my findings in a report afterwards. This report can be in English or in French, at your request. 


This type of session is ideal for children and pets, for people with busy schedules or located on the other side of the globe from me. They are also my preferred way of working, for they allow me to tune in deeper, clear faster and on my own schedule, all the while saving you time, 


The first step I recommend is to book a 30 minute-appointment. 


For your first session you can either request a Heart-Wall clearing, to target a specific physical or emotional problem, or you can keep it more general and ask that I release the trapped emotions that are preventing you from achieving total wellness, abundance or your true potential. If you have a list of concerns and are unsure which to start with, leave it with me and I will work with the issue your subconscious knows and deems highest priority. I will need some degree of detail to ask your subconscious the best and most pertinent questions, but not to worry - I do not need the whole story, nor do you need to revisit painful memories or share secrets.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before scheduling an appointment via my online booking system, please carefully review my Terms & Conditions at By registering to any of my services you confirm you have reviewed and agreed to my Consent, Cancellation and Privacy Policies. Feel free to email me at with any questions you may have prior to booking. Alternatively, you can reach me through the contact form linked below. I will reply as soon as I can.





It totally depends on how many trapped emotions you have, their nature and how quickly your body responds after they are removed. We are all unique, and so are our healing journeys! On average though, it is common to need to remove all trapped emotions pertaining to a deeply-seated issue in >5 layers, for it gives the body time to re-boot and re-balance in between. A Heart-Wall, too, can take up to 6 sessions to clear. The subconscious will often tell us how many trapped emotions are connected to a specific issue (unless we dissolve a Heart-Wall) - all we need is ask! It can help to gauge how many individual sessions will be needed, or if a package would be most adequate for you.


All you need to do is call in for your appointment being sufficiently hydrated, ready and willing to receive energy healing. If you have an email session scheduled, you do not have to do anything other than ensuring to regularly drink water during the session, or prior to it if you are going to be asleep. 

If you are pregnant, believe you may be pregnant, if you carry a pacemaker or if you are just particularly sensitive to magnetic energy please let me know. I will either make adjustments to my magnet or work without one. 


Doing the Emotion Code or any kind of energy work is like doing surgery on the body. We look for and remove "malignant" or destructive energies that need to be removed, then the energy body has to mend and re-calibrate to regain its balance. So downtime afterward and extra rest may be needed, as you would for an actual surgery.


Before a scheduled session you might feel emotions surface and changes already take place at some level (for it is all happening in the now in the quantum field). During, you may feel sleepy, warm in places, cold, tingly; start to laugh or cry, hiccup, yawn or cough. After, you may have changes in your sleeping pattern, vivid dreams or echoes of the emotions released may rise to the surface to be observed, manifesting in emotional ups and downs or potential physical discomfort. This is all known as "processing", and would be totally normal and transitory. It is the body's own way of processing the flow of energy, until what was released completely shifts out of the energy field. Practicing good self-care, drinking plenty of water, eating healthily, spending more time in nature and resting during processing is what I will always recommend to facilitate your body's own repair and restoration.


In 80% of cases people do not notice experiencing any symptoms at all, and some even report feeling immediately lighter, calmer and relieved. So just stay open to that possibility - you are in caring hands!