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Below are testimonials, success stories and accounts of in-session experiences that my clients from all corners of the world have shared with me, for all to see. Scroll down to read/ listen from most recent to oldest, or use "Ctrl+F" key to search for a particular review or condition. You'll hopefully just see why I do what I do! With heartfelt thanks xxx 


"I have completed my session with Aurelie last Nov 9. During the session and shortly after I never felt any discomfort or pain physically. From day one I felt a very subtle feeling of calm, tenderness, and tranquility. Also I felt lighter, as sadness been removed from my chest. I truly understood how many emotions and guilty feelings unconsciously carried throughout this life and past ones  affected the way I felt and acted towards the people closer to me.


As a personal interest I have read distinct books about Quantum Physics, Reincarnation, past lives, energy healing, spirituality and so on. However, after Aurelie's session this experience took me to the next level.  I experience first hand that " The Universe is inside us". There is an urgency to clear and heal our past emotions of unworthiness, despair, fear, unloved, that accompanies us from our previous lives. I finally understood what cellular memory means. To create the life you want your heart and brain must be in coherency. We must feel first and then act afterwards in anything you believe is possible.


For the first time in my life I am living at the present moment. My anxiety does not exist anymore because I am not living in the future or have expectations how it is going to turn out. The past is gone therefore the good memories I had of it are cherished. The not so good ones I see as a lesson that made me strong to be where I am today. I feel lighter, free and open to the unknown.


Aurelie's work is profound and unique. I have never encountered anyone like her. I believe what makes it so special is the fact that part of her life she concentrated in her "scientist brain", however, it did not give her all the answers she needed in times of pain and despair. Then, with her knowledge in Science she switched gears concentrating more on her "intuitive and emotional brain" studying energy quantum healing and a new door has opened up.


From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for your work. With the information you provided me during my session I have been able to understand so much of my past behaviours and feelings. Every time I listen to the audio is like I get a piece of tiny information that I did notice earlier and my consciousness keep expanding.


Aurélie, thank you for giving me the gift to live at the present moment. At this time is when our life really happens and matters. You are a genuine and loving soul, using your gift to heal and bring light to people's lives."




"Hi Aurélie,


Things are going well thank you, I do feel much lighter and also that sadness has lifted I’d say very much so!! I have observed a lot since the session, taking notes on my feelings day to day, I started pretty emotional and as you said almost foggy with my thoughts but things have moved along to a place where I feel much lighter in myself and being able to cope more with the day to day with this difference/shift.


I want to thank you so very much, I truly believe without this session I would have deeply struggled these past few weeks! Brooke"


FRANK - UK, DECEMBER 2022 [brain tumour]

After session 1 - 0 rounds of chemo (late August) :

“This might be total coincidence because of the tumour on the side of my face I have had to stop wearing contacts and had double vision even with glasses. The morning after our session it disappeared and is still okay- I left telling you until today to see if it was still the same and the double vision has gone again this morning. Thanks I can now read your message without closing one eye”

Note from wife, after session 5 - 4 rounds of chemo (early December) :


"Frank’s review after MRI on Sunday and rdv with oncologist has shown that the tumor has reduced by about 70%. Maximum expected after 4th treatment is about 30-40%, so you can imagine how astounded they were to see such progress for 4 sessions. Obviously part and parcel of this progress is your work. [...] Thank you for your continued support to Frank. It means so much to me."







[ Translated from the French ]

"[...] I started working when I was 36, I am now 62... I met some great people but it's true that Aurélie is a rare gem. I hope that this testimony will bring you something [...] "

Témoignage de Sonia R.Septembre 2022
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"it's been a week since you've done [ my daughter's ] healing and I finally sat down today to listen to your audio report. I think a lot resonates with me already, especially the [....] as a lot of people have observed that about her. It makes a lot of sense. [...] 


She didn't have her period for 4 months and about 4 days after the healing she got them [...] We have noticed also that she is a little more lively, a little more bubbly, a little more vocal. [...] Since then she's approaching me a lot more, she's having conversations with me and she is feeling a little more confident and confortable about [ what you cleared ]. Yes it was really nice, she was super animated and super happy and she was conversing with us a lot so it felt really good. Many of our friends have also noticed that she's really blossomed, that she's really become much more confident with her body, her voice, and that's also really nice to hear. [...] Thank you so much"




"Thank you Aurélie, from one healer to another. For supporting my journey and helping me process many different things on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. Before we started the process you guided me to make clear intentions on what it was that I wanted to work on. Some I knew, others didn’t surface until after the session. I felt tired, I felt a great sense of relief and above all I felt a huge weight lifted from my conscious and subconscious fields. I am able to voice my thoughts better, I am able to move forwards without the past holding me back and in my field of work I am able to help others more clearly. Believing in the way you have processed the information I gave you I have also asked you to do healing sessions on family members and pets. The support after the therapy session has been a real comfort when I’ve had times of uncertainty. Thank you again for all that you have done. I look forward to the next healing sessions with you."






"Aurelie is such a beautiful soul! She introduced to me her healing therapy and I was interested right away. I have some food intolerances and she was 100% available and motivated to help me with those issues. I feel much better now everytime I eat a certain kind of food, when usually I used to be very bloated and have brain fog (especially gluten). I am very thankful!

Keep that pleasure to help people around you, that's your talent and mission.

Big hug and thank you again!"



"Weeks after my session with Aurélie Meneau I can confidently say I know far less about reality than I believed I did before - and yet I am much more assured in navigating it. An unfortunate side effect of this - hopefully temporary! - is that because my understanding of the perceived rules of this life has been thoroughly upended, I’ve been finding myself at a loss for words when trying to explain or communicate the nature of my experience. Please bear with me as I try to articulate my story.

I was introduced to Aurélie through a mutual connection some time ago, though we never spoke, or otherwise met. A few emails were exchanged between us, an introduction to the healing and some suggested readings were provided. As an engineer by profession and a disciple of hard science, much of this was totally foreign to me. But curiosity, faith and excitement in exploring the unknown lured me in, and I treated Aurélie’s instruction very honestly and seriously.

I was asked to provide an intention for the healing, which I spent the better part of a week dwelling on: digging into my inner self, surfacing the deepest and heaviest burdens I could find. Ultimately: a belief “that I am uniquely and inherently unworthy of love, and so am predestined for aloneness socially and romantically.”

I can’t speak much to this belief, why or how it got there, only that as I dug and tested versions of phrases that this one resonated the loudest. While underlying much of my life, I hadn’t named it previously, and so also had not addressed it in any other way to date.

I took careful steps the day of our session to be fully open and prepared as per Aurélie’s instructions: fasted, well rested, well hydrated, in a very calm, quiet and relaxed space. Yet when I lay down I had the distinct, fleeting thought that I expected exactly nothing from this session, despite my openness and readiness for it. I was skeptical. I pushed the thought away. I’ve journaled the experience of our session in detail elsewhere, but the short of it is that what happened was totally unexpected: strong physical sensations of heat, heaviness, and washes of tingles, sneezing, exhaustion, near-psychedelic visions.

Following the session I was strangely, deeply energized. I only then noticed that this deep belief which I surfaced in my intention was untrue - that it was some ugly result of an abundance of negative self-talk, not a hard fact. I felt as if my beliefs - both ones that serve me and those that don’t - were like diced vegetables that had settled to the bottom of a soup after a long time of sitting still, and that Aurélie had stirred the pot. Life suddenly had more flavour. More opportunity. More potential! I noted I didn’t have to play by certain perceived rules any more, that beliefs can be transitory, or changed, or entirely rejected. What I had believed was permanent was in fact not at all.

Aurélie followed up shortly after with a lengthy report on her perspective into our session. I didn’t understand much of it - the technical parts at least: what, how and why - but the intention, story and findings were clear. There is so much to dig into here; I’ve listened to it several times since.

After a day or so of reflecting on the session and Aurélie’s report, I decided to try integrating this new energy by deliberately engaging in activities which previously would have served to enforce the old belief: active socialization and dating. I found that the session didn’t reset me, or totally erase what wasn’t serving me, but rather I felt it stirred the pot - all the vegetables were still there, but they were now in motion. If I didn’t take some action, they may settle to the bottom again as I would fall into old habits.

So, I reached out to family, friends, and old friends, and without prompting heard and felt repeatedly that I was deeply loved for no other reason than for simply existing, that they would like to spend more time with me, and to be closer. I realized I had believed that my family, friends, those around me were in my life because of something tangible I offered them: status, interest, achievement, taste, etc - that I had to provide some value in exchange for a relationship. Using this new perspective, engaging with others is rapidly dismantling my long-held belief that being worthy of love requires some achievement, or status. I’m worthy simply because I am.

At this point I noted something interesting: I recognized I had wanted to be liked/loved by everyone, without realizing that this is totally unreasonable. As this desire began shifting into something more reasonable, I started developing a new type of discernment for relationships that come easily and cheerfully. Of course I’ll start to feel unworthy or unloved if I’m pursuing a deep connection where one won’t be found! Having fewer, but deeper, connections is finally giving me a sense of home - despite where I may be living. I’m growing more settled as I become more secure in my “loveability”, my worthiness.

I also started using some dating apps, built an honest and open profile, and used intention carefully when selecting matches. As a result I’ve connected with an absolutely wonderful selection of potential partners, more wholesome, lovely and exciting than I would have imagined - not the (and I mean this lovingly) deeply traumatized individuals I’ve attracted in the past. There is potential for something healthy and wholesome with these women. I write humbly that the response has been overwhelming: while I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, any remaining feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy are quickly being teased out and proven false. The perceived bar for being loved or desired is much lower than I’ve been telling myself. I’m worthy.

I feel more loved, and because I am loved - I feel more loveable. Another positive side effect of this is that I am becoming more gentle with myself, where I was previously very hard on myself to measure up to some imaginary bar of worthiness. Since I’m already loved, why would I feel the need to work (hard) for it ever again?

It’s here where I start to have real difficulty with words because I become flooded with feelings and emotion.

I can’t articulate how powerful this single session with Aurélie was, how much the quality of individuals in my life has started to improve, how the quality of my daily life has shifted - like adjusting the course of a ship by a few degrees, in days, months and years the destination will be entirely different from where I was previously headed. I also can’t articulate how life-changing it was to have an ally visit me in my life and directly help me heal such a deeply personal wound. I’ll be forever humbled by this experience.

I understand my session and my reports will be used as part of an accreditation, and so I hope I’ve communicated well enough the efficacy of our healing session on my life and person. Aurélie has been both an absolute professional and a lovely individual during our time together. If successful outcomes are a measure of a healer’s readiness to practice, given my experience I would wholeheartedly recommend Aurélie be accredited in order to share her work with others."



"Dearest Aurélie, 

Honestly I don't really know where to start and how to express the feeling and the difference, the profound shifts I'm noticing from one session to another. OK let me talk about today's [ session ] and how magical it was. The number of signs I got from the time of the session and the meaning of the name of the lady I met [ shortly after ], "Bushra Nour" . It's an arabic name and it means good news or great message (nour is light, what a great message isn't it! ). We were meeting for the 1st time ever and we opened up to each other like anything, the energy was full light and pure unconditional love. Then angelic numbers started appering almost everywhere: car plate numbers and more than 15 - 20 times: 55 , 111, 33 99 77, on the clock 1111, 111, 222, on price ads 99.99  etc... and the funniest one was a plate number with the letters ASK 04, Coincindence ?!! I don't ever think so, so yes all these messages and indications show nothing but how magical and real you as a soul are and how useful the sessions are. 


Again it's difficult to express feelings and translate them into words but you could know and feel the energy. I can't thank you or reward you enough Aurélie but I am sure that the universe is way more generous than anyone with you. But from my side I send you much, much love and gratitude, the unconditional kind. Keep spreading your light and love to humanity. Thank you"



"In the 2 months since your amazing Multi-dimensional Healing session my sleep has generally improved (and has been of better quality and more restorative) as has my general sense of well-being - have been feeling "lighter", positive and empowered. I have had a much healthier relationship with wine and kept fit and healthy in general and enjoyed appreciating nature. My relationship with my son has continued to improve and is much more relaxed. Many friends and family members have commented on how well I looked and seemed."


B. - UK, AUGUST 2022

“During and after the session I have a headache and not long after I was very sleepy and had a belly ache. Since the session I feel as if I’ve grown mentally and been able to make decisions for myself and pushed myself to do things that I’ve wanted to do but haven’t been able to do before. It’s also made me realise a lot as a person like what I want and what I need and what I deserve which I never thought was important before. I also think that it’s made my mum and I’s relationship a lot better and we are much closer than before.”