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Below are testimonials, success stories and accounts of in-session experiences that my clients from all corners of the world have shared with me, for all to see. Scroll down to read/ listen from most recent to oldest, or use "Ctrl+F" key to search for a particular review or condition. You'll hopefully just see why I do what I do! With heartfelt thanks xxx 

Danni's testimonial for Rose Energy Quantum Healing

If at first I wasn’t really sure on the difference then now I have observed myself better. The attachment I had from my previous relationship is shifted noticeably. I don’t feel the heaviness of it anymore. I have warm feeling but more toward me than my previous partner; I can really look at the past with calm mind and realising why it didn’t work or what triggered me the most. I have also met some new people who are very dedicated to grow, work in themselves and are spiritually aware. 


I did surprisingly also noticed some self destructive thoughts and behaviour coming from my side but I think so have sat with it and thought it through, Im ready for a change.  hope this all makes sense, I do feel lighter and more present than I was before and I would really like to thank you for it! I would really like to work with you again! I hope it’s not all too much information, I just realised how much free I already feel on some layers but I really would like to go further.


Honestly, Aurélie, I do feel the difference in some ways but I would love to work with you more if you will have me"





[ translated from the French ]

"So since the last session I think I have integrated a fundamental key, being neutral and centred at the zero point. I am completely present without doing anything and I let the energies/emotions/body sensations express themselves. This notion of presence is important, I don't realise that I am not quite present right here with myself. All this happened during the last session when I understood that I had to be present without doing anything and simply welcome what emerges. And if not, I think I am much more relaxed and serene."



[ translated from the French ]


"Since the session, I have the impression that I see life's events more clearly from the inside, as if I were looking at them with an inner eye. I said to myself that it was perhaps the result of the door that my soul had asked you to close a little, to allow my recalibration and rebalancing. I also notice that I don't feel like talking as much, I listen and remain in silence. This posture suits me well. I sometimes think that we often talk to say nothing, so it's better to remain silent.

Another progress, yesterday I went to my singing class. What a joy! My teacher couldn't believe it.  She said to me, "But that's not the same thing anymore. Your voice is in tune and your high notes sound good now." At the end of the course I didn't feel any fatigue, I hadn't fought with my body to get out and place my voice. I will be able to free my voice now and I thank you for that because it was very important for me.

Thank you again for the quality of your care"

Thais' testimonial for Rose Energy Quantum Healing

"I have completed my session with Aurelie last Nov 9. During the session and shortly after I never felt any discomfort or pain physically. From day one I felt a very subtle feeling of calm, tenderness, and tranquility. Also I felt lighter, as sadness been removed from my chest. I truly understood how many emotions and guilty feelings unconsciously carried throughout this life and past ones  affected the way I felt and acted towards the people closer to me.


As a personal interest I have read distinct books about Quantum Physics, Reincarnation, past lives, energy healing, spirituality and so on. However, after Aurelie's session this experience took me to the next level.  I experience first hand that " The Universe is inside us". There is an urgency to clear and heal our past emotions of unworthiness, despair, fear, unloved, that accompanies us from our previous lives. I finally understood what cellular memory means. To create the life you want your heart and brain must be in coherency. We must feel first and then act afterwards in anything you believe is possible.


For the first time in my life I am living at the present moment. My anxiety does not exist anymore because I am not living in the future or have expectations how it is going to turn out. The past is gone therefore the good memories I had of it are cherished. The not so good ones I see as a lesson that made me strong to be where I am today. I feel lighter, free and open to the unknown.


Aurelie's work is profound and unique. I have never encountered anyone like her. I believe what makes it so special is the fact that part of her life she concentrated in her "scientist brain", however, it did not give her all the answers she needed in times of pain and despair. Then, with her knowledge in Science she switched gears concentrating more on her "intuitive and emotional brain" studying energy quantum healing and a new door has opened up.


From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for your work. With the information you provided me during my session I have been able to understand so much of my past behaviours and feelings. Every time I listen to the audio is like I get a piece of tiny information that I did notice earlier and my consciousness keep expanding.


Aurélie, thank you for giving me the gift to live at the present moment. At this time is when our life really happens and matters. You are a genuine and loving soul, using your gift to heal and bring light to people's lives."



Brooke's testimonial for Rose Energy Quantum Healing

"Hi Aurélie,


Things are going well thank you, I do feel much lighter and also that sadness has lifted I’d say very much so!! I have observed a lot since the session, taking notes on my feelings day to day, I started pretty emotional and as you said almost foggy with my thoughts but things have moved along to a place where I feel much lighter in myself and being able to cope more with the day to day with this difference/shift.


I want to thank you so very much, I truly believe without this session I would have deeply struggled these past few weeks! Brooke"


FRANK - UK, DECEMBER 2022 [brain tumour]

After session 1 - 0 rounds of chemo (late August) :

“This might be total coincidence because of the tumour on the side of my face I have had to stop wearing contacts and had double vision even with glasses. The morning after our session it disappeared and is still okay- I left telling you until today to see if it was still the same and the double vision has gone again this morning. Thanks I can now read your message without closing one eye”

Note from wife, after session 5 - 4 rounds of chemo (early December) :


"Frank’s review after MRI on Sunday and rdv with oncologist has shown that the tumor has reduced by about 70%. Maximum expected after 4th treatment is about 30-40%, so you can imagine how astounded they were to see such progress for 4 sessions. Obviously part and parcel of this progress is your work. [...] Thank you for your continued support to Frank. It means so much to me."