Here is what some of my clients have shared with me, for all to see. These success stories are really why I do what I do! 

MINNA - FINLAND - October 2020      [Heart-Wall clearing, Anxiety]

"Thank you so much for your work! :) As I said before, I have indeed felt some positive shifts after these sessions. I have been more kind to myself and I feel like it's showing on the outside as well - people have been more interested in me and treating me with increased kindness. I have had days when I have felt more confident than ever and days when fear and anxiety just take over."

ALESSANDRO - ITALY - October 2020      [Heart-Wall clearing]

"Thanks to you, I feel I'm entering another dimension of living. You don't know how grateful I am. I believe what you're doing has the capacity to change the world, it is already changing the world! I always felt that women should take more control and steer humanity to a better place.


With blessings,



KARELLE - FRANCE - Juillet 2020     [Vertigo, fatigue]

"Tres bonne séance a distance avec Aurélie. Cela m'a beaucoup aidé au niveau de ma fatigue et de vertiges. Je recommande a toutes et tous un soin quantique avec Aurélie"

Translation: "Very good remote session with Aurélie. It helped me a lot with my fatigue and vertigo.  I recommend to all a quantum healing session with Aurélie"



HALYNA - CANADA - June 2020     [Phobia]

"Dear Aurélie,

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the healing. The work you've done has truly exceeded my expectations. Looking back, I realize that my initial concern - caterpilla phobia - was just the tip of the iceberg. You’ve uncovered, shifted, and helped me release so much more!

As you already know, following the first healing session, the release I experienced was massive. It was hard to believe that the work you had done from another continent could affect me as much as it did. My critical mind tried to come up with alternative explanations, but none of them seemed to fit.

The next day I was feeling great - full of energy and positive emotions. A few days later, I was able to calmly observe a caterpillar hanging from a tree just a few inches from my chest. I could never have done this before!

Although I didn't notice anything unusual during and after the second healing session, when I received your report, I was equally impressed. You mentioned that you had released a specific trapped energy from around the age of 36. That was the age when my immune system was the weakest ever... I also believe that the misalignments you've corrected, even though I was completely unaware of them, could eventually cause me problems. You've prevented this from happening.

Four days later, I am feeling incredible. Not only is my caterpillar phobia significantly reduced, I also seem to have more energy and better stamina. There is no doubt in my mind that the work you do is very real and very powerful. 

Thank you, Aurélie, from the bottom of my heart!

With much gratitude,


AMANDINE - FRANCE - June 2020     [Emotional healing]

"Quand j'ai commencé les séances de soin avec Aurélie, j'avais une vraie peur des autres et je ressentais une extreme colere envers le monde extérieur du a un choc d'une grande violence. Je ne connaissais pas la Muraille de Coeur et encore moins consciente de l'accumulation d'émotions bloquées depuis mon enfance. Apres de nombreuses séances, et en travaillant par "couche", j'ai recu chaque fois un débriefing sur les émotions débloquées, et quelques jours apres j'ai commencé a ressentir les effets. La sensation d'avoir le coeur léger et de nouveau respirer vraiment avec toute l'intensité comme la premiere respiration d'un enfant. Si vous hésitez encore quant a la véracité des soins, nous humains, sommes en mesure de prouver que les arbres échangent leurs propres énergies..."

Translation: "When I started sessions with Aurélie, I had a real fear of others and was feeling extreme anger at the external world due to experiencing a very violent choc. I did not know about the Heart-Wall nor was aware of the accumulation of trapped emotions since my childhood. After many sessions, and working through "layers", I received each time a debrief report on the emotions released, and after a few days I began to feel the effects. The sensation of having a lighter heart, and to be able to breathe again with full intensity, like the first breath a child takes. If you are still hesitant about the truthfulness of this work, please know that us humans are able to prove energy exchange between trees...."

KAJAL - AUSTRALIA - Jan. 2020      [Emotional + physical issue, child & pet healing]

"I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful healer who treated my whole family! Aurélie is a kind and generous soul who took time to follow up and ensure everything was well after the sessions. I would highly recommend her wonderful healing work. Thank you"

MARTIN - London, UK - Nov. 2019     [Heart-Wall clearing]

"Before meeting Aurélie, I'd have described myself as rather jaded and cynical, and tended to view and approach the world in a pessimistic, closed in manner. Even before the first formal sessions began, her healing and positive influences began to shift my outlook as I learnt more about the impact my energies were having on my life. The experience of a clearing session with Aurélie was unlike anything I encountered before, and taught me more about who I am and how my life has shaped me than I ever expected. 

As time went on she helped me become a better person, letting me gain confidence in being myself, and finding my singing voice amongst other things! The world is a brighter, more beautiful place since I let Aurélie help me, and I hope her positive energies will also reach you."

EMILY - Cambridge, UK - Nov. 2019    [Physical issue & pet healing]


"Aurélie has performed healing on separate occasions for both myself and my puppy.

I had a ganglion cyst on the inside of my wrist, very close to the main artery and which pressed on a nerve. It had odd days of being terribly painful and it caused a general difficulty for me in using my hand to hold anything that had any weight to it. In time it grew significantly until it was about the size of a small marble. After several weeks I visited my GP but he did not want to drain it due to it being so close to the artery. Aurélie felt that this cyst may have been caused by trapped emotions so she said she would see what she could find to release. Across two sessions she was able to find several trapped emotions which all made perfect sense to me when they were described to me, and within a month the cyst had completely dissipated and I was able to use my hand fully again.

Shortly after this we acquired a puppy - a very good natured puppy, but she was suffering with the most terrible wind! It really was becoming quite problematic as the entire family was feeling nauseous all the time, and we wouldn't work out what was causing the problem. Aurélie suggested the cause could be trapped emotions so she did a session on our puppy. The following morning I came downstairs and for the first time, the air in the living room was clear of any smells - and since then the puppy has not had any extended wind periods and also her toileting in general has become a lot more of a normal consistency - the change and the speed at which it happened was utterly remarkable and we are so grateful!"

Did you have a rewarding experience working with me, or a little story that unfolded during the process? Please share! Your testimonial is invaluable to all who visit this page looking for reassurance, or here just to assess my approach's fit for their healing needs. A few heart-felt written words, an essay or a video - please just email to me your testimonial at roseenergyquantumhealing@gmail.com so it can feature (uncensored!) on this page.

Thank you, and many rose blessings!


Dr Aurélie Meneau, Ph.D. 
Physicist & Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent my services and their potential. Specific examples quoted from individuals on this page are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee. Any claims made or results reported are not typical, your results may vary.



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