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"Plus qu'un soin énergétique de pointe, c'est aussi un accompagnement en profondeur et toujours avec une bienveillance (et patience) sans failles. De l'authentique, du scientifique, du quantique mais surtout beaucoup d'amour et de douceur.

Longue et douce vie à Rose Energy.

Que puissent se révéler beaucoup d'âmes à travers le monde grâce à votre intelligence émotionnelle et quantique.

Gratitude éternelle pour tout ces révélateurs et faciliteurs de vie dont tu fais partie.

Le monde vous appartient plus que jamais."

Translation : "More than an advanced/ high end energy healing session, it is also a deep soul accompaniement with an always flawless benevolence (and patience). Authenticity, science, quantum science but most all of a lot of love and softness. Long live Rose Energy. May many souls realise themselves in the world through your emotional and quantum intelligence. My eternal gratitude for all the soul catalysts and facilitators whom you are a part of. The world belong to you now more than ever"


R. - NORWAY, JUNE 2022 

"This healing modality and service that Aurélie has created here is at the absolute forefront of what is available today for healing purposes. My absolute gratitude and reverence to her for doing this work. 


Over the course of 4 sessions, she has helped me access layers of my being I didn’t know existed, created energetic circulation and clearing of deep seated traumas, and altered the direction of my life into one containing more love, abundance, forgiveness and overall healing. Eternally grateful for you."



"Merci Aurélie, du fond du cœur!

Enfin !! Enfin j’ai trouvé quelqu’un qui peut réellement m’aider dans ce monde ! Enfin j'ai des réponses, des pistes et des confirmations de mes ressentis et je trouve ça incroyable! Je te remercie Aurélie car grâce à tes soins l'espoir revient dans ma vie sur tous les plans... On a encore du travail à faire ensemble et je m'en réjouis car je sais que tout va aller de mieux en mieux pour moi.

Les changements s'opèrent, je les ressens... des prises de consciences et de nouvelles habitudes se mettent en place... Je sens que je me déleste de certains poids qui m'entravaient... Je les sentais, et grâce aux soins tu as pu les identifier et commencer à les dissoudre pour m'aider à avancer.

J'ai toujours eu cette intuition que je ne vivais pas la vie que j'étais sensée vivre, qu'il y avait autre chose... Que j'étais sensée être une autre femme... Celle que je ressens au fond de moi... je perçois cette essence de mon être... Grâce à toi Aurélie je sais que j'avais raison sur toutes ces intuitions... Et avec ton aide j'entrevois l'espoir de me réaliser ... Je sens  la  " vraie moi " plus proche...  C'est un tel soulagement et une telle joie de ressentir ça!

Je ne peux que recommander aux gens de te contacter! Tu es douce, patiente, très à l'écoute et tu vises juste à tous les coups!
J'ai une entière confiance en toi et j'ai énormément de gratitude et de reconnaissance d'avoir croisé ton chemin...

Tu es un magnifique cadeau de la Vie!!

Merci infiniment

Translation : "Thank you Aurélie, from the bottom of my heart!

Finally!! Finally I have found someone who can really help me in this world! Finally I have answers, leads and confirmations of what I am intuiting and I find this incredible! We still have some work to do together and I am glad because I know that all will keep better and better for me. 

Changes are transpiring, I can feel them... new awareness and new habits are being established.... I can feel myself liberated from weights that were holding me back... I could feel them, and thanks to them you could identify them and begin to dossivle them to help me move forward. 

I have always had this inner knowing that I wasn't living the life I was meant to live, that there was something else.... That I was meant to incarnate a different woman.... The one I can sense in the depths of my being.... I can perceive the essence of it... Thanks to you Aurélie I know I was right on all of these intuitive messages.... And with your help I have hope to be self-realised.... I can feel the "real me" closer.... It it such a relief and joy to feel this! 

I can only recommend that people contact Aurélie! You are gentle, patient, a great listener and you get it right everytime! You have my full trust and I am deeply grateful that our paths have crossed....

You are a gift from Life!

Thank you, infinitely




"Thank you, THANK YOU again for everything you did! I have been waiting for the right moment to reach out back to you and let you know how things have been lately! There have been many things happening around, both inwards and outwards. The first big shift that has occurred is connected to my relationship with my mom. I truly feel that I have experienced forgiveness towards her and our relationship has improved a lot. I can finally talk with her freely without feeling angry and disappointed and we have both become more emotionally open and honest with each other.  But, also I have become more open and honest with people in general and I feel more confident when speaking my truth and sharing my feelings. It feels that there is finally a ground below my feet and I am also more aware of which connections are good for me and which ones my soul do not want to connect with it. 

Some good things been happening in “the physical reality” like I got a summer job which I am really happy for too as I did not expect it to get it; I found a place where to live which is exactly what I was manifesting for and also I have new ideas and plans for the future which finally feels like something I truly truly want!!"



"J'ai pris des soins avec Aurélie car on me l'avait vivement recommandé. On m'avait dit à quel point des changements impressionnants avaient eu lieu suite à ses soins. J'étais curieuse et confiante, mais j'étais loin de m'attendre à un changement aussi fort ! J'ai voulu travailler sur mon abondance financière, car je n'arrivais jamais à m'en sortir de manière stable et ancrée toute ma vie. Le mois où j'ai reçu ses soins, j'ai perdu mon stérilet et je suis tombé enceinte.. Sur le moment, pour moi c'était complètement improbable et rien à voir et source d'un énorme chamboulement dans ma vie.. Et maintenant avec le recul et avec mon ptit bout qui est dans ma vie, aujourd'hui je peux dire à quel point ses soins mon offert la plus belle des transformations. J'ai reçu ce que j'avais besoin et non ce que j'attendais. Et au final, je suis connectée aujourd'hui à la vie elle même, la plus grande des abondances. Mon fils m'a permis de débloquer énormément de choses et je n'ai jamais eu autant concrètement d'argent que depuis ce changement. 


Préparez vous au changement dont vous avez besoin avec Aurélie, certes c'est un soin à distance mais c'est certainement le soin le plus concret que vous pourrez recevoir"

Translation : "I booked sessions with Aurélie because she was highly recommended to me. I was told of the impressive changes which unfolded after her sessions. I was curious and confident, but I was far from expecting such profound changes in my life! I wanted to work on financial abundance, because all my life I'd struggled to make ends meet and live in a stable and grounded way. The month of the sessions, I "lost" my intrauterine coil and fell pregnant. At that time for me it felt so improbable, that it had nothing to do with the sessions and it was a source of enormous upheaval in my life. Now in hindsight and with my little man in my life, I can testify of the most beautiful transformation her sessions gifted me. I received what I needed, and not what I was expecting. And in the end, I feel now connected to life itself, the greatest form of abundance. My son has enabled a number of blocks to be shifted, and I have never concretely had as much money than I have had since this change. 

Prepare yourself for the change you need with Aurélie. Sure, it's a distance healing but it certainly will be the most concrete healing you could ever receive."



"Je laisse mes pensées filer, en les observant sans intervenir, c'est intéressant. Et puis je réfléchis a une maniere intuitive de gérer ma sensibilité de sorte a vivre toujours aussi intensément tout en me protégeant mieux. Et tout ce que tu m'as fait hier m'aide dans ce sens. Merci encore, tu peux etre contente de tes résultats et etre dans la joie de qui tu es"

Translation : "I am letting my thoughts flow, observing them without attaching, it's interesting. Then I also find myself reflecting on an intuitive way I can manage my sensitivity, so I can always live life this intensely whilst protecting myself better. And all that you facilitated for me yesterday goes in this direction. Thank you again, you can be happy with your results and be in the joy of who you are"


ALICIA - UK, MAY 2022 


I just wanted to re-connect with you again and thank you from the bottom of my heart. The changes were subtle at first but evidently now strong. I contacted you the day before my last contact with my narcissist ex, and 4 months on I've emerged free and broken the constraints of a strong trauma bond. And with your magic embedded in my energy it's helped me progress in my healing to another level, a level I thought I would never get to in my heartbroken state. 

Please can we discuss the next step?"



"Thank you so much for this amazing series of transformation. Yes I felt blissful, happy, joyful. I got downloads of positive affirmations. Felt white light surrounding me, safe .. I wanted to last forever! As always, the report is just like a magnificent piece of art. It was a confirmation of what I knew (regarding the fear of [...]). I had a feeling I was [...] despite how much I want it. I'm glad reading all of this. 


Thank you again for beautiful energy and support on this journey! Looking forward to where this takes me next. It all resonated with me and made sense. I'll keep you updated and let you know when I'm ready for any further sessions. It's been quite intense (and beautiful) and I'd like to see how things settle for now. 


Until we "meet" again.


With all my love,

Reem xoxox"



ANDY - UK, MARCH 2022  [Brain tumor]

"Hi Aurélie,


I hope you're well. As promised, I will try to run through how I experienced the session.


The first thing I remember was seeing what I can only describe as a dot of light being moved around my eyelid. I can't say I noticed that it was the infinity sign, but it was definitely moving around in a slow, repeating pattern. I then remember seeing your face quite vividly for a prolonged period of time. I definitely felt a heaviness at one point too; I remember consciously thinking I felt as though I was heavy and sinking into the bed, as opposed to being pushed or pulled down. 


The few things you mentioned around things occurring emotionally when i was 16-18 certainly resonate, as does the part regarding my left shoulder; I have always have a problem with it [...]


I have also been a bit reserved in speaking about the different things I am doing in my holistic approach, mainly because I understand that to a lot of people, a lot of the things I'm doing don't make sense because they don't have an understanding of it, so to avoid people turning their nose up at what I'm doing, or thinking I'm being stupid etc, I have quite often avoided telling people the ins and outs of things. But recently I have been more vocal in telling people what I'm doing, and letting them in a bit more.


That's about all I can really remember; I think I did fall asleep at one point. There was a point where I was consciously trying to decide whether or not we were finished (I had set an alarm for 11:15, 15 mins after the hour point, but didn't want to open my eyes and be "back in the room" too early, so kept them shut), but there was a point after that, where I felt differently and just knew that you weren't "there" anymore, so I confidently opened my eyes, and it was only one minute before the alarm was due to go off anyway.


Thanks again, and really looking forward to Friday - it's nice to have something positive to think about on scan day, as I do get bad "scanxiety"!





TING - UK, MARCH 2022   [long standing respiratory issues] 

"我通过朋友的介绍和奥莉尔视频,作为一个老式的人我不是很喜欢用视频做这类能量疗法,更不用说还是远程不可视的。。。。但是朋友介绍说的太过强大所以我就当买个经验看看的,和奥莉尔预约了一个会议,因为第一次还以为她会给我一个短信通知,然后我一直等到最后一秒钟才躺在床上时闭着眼睛在想让我找找看能不能感觉到她的到来,结果一闭眼就觉得一股很大的流水式的能量盘旋着向我的身体涌进来,我想这一定是我在自我催眠,因为我知道这不是水而是像星河一样很多灿烂星光闪烁着夹杂着涌进来,但我很累似的不愿动,而且因为很舒服就想去睡觉,可又不愿睡着---因为我觉得这股能量不停进来好像在泡澡,然后又觉得身上一些旧病灶的地方依次有疼痛或刺痛的感觉,都是旧病时时会痛所以不是很在意,直到右脚痛的很厉害才觉得是不是因为我知道自己在做治疗就心理暗示自己这里痛了? 要结束时被一通电话吵醒不得已的起床了,忽然觉得很奇怪为什么我的胸肺部的不再有大石头了?----我从小就有不明原因的咳嗽,导致之前几十年总觉得每天都有一吨重的石头压在胸口无法呼吸,咳嗽,憋气,可这突然的大石头没有了,我吓了一大跳,然后我又摸摸心口觉得好轻快啊!真奇怪啊!这种突然没有了重量的生活让我太古怪了!


   奥利尔告诉我不要急,慢慢来! 我也觉得这个星期自己开始平静下来1


  谢谢您! 奥利尔!"

Translation : "I connected with Aurelie on video upon a friend's recommendation. As an old-fashioned person I'm not a big fan of doing this kind of energy therapy through video, let alone it being done fully remotely... But my friend's introduction was too powerful, so I bought an experience and made an appointment with Aurélie. Since it was our first time I thought she might send me a text message notification. I waited until the last second when I was lying on the bed, then I closed my eyes and wanted to find out if I could feel her coming, 


As soon as I closed my eyes, I felt a large stream of water-like energy circling and pouring into my body. I thought it must be me hypnotizing myself, because I knew that it was not water but a lot of bright stars twinkling like a galaxy. Mixed with the influx, but I was too tired to move, and I wanted to go to sleep because it was comfortable, but I didn’t want to fall asleep —because I felt that this energy kept coming in as if I was taking a bath,

Then I felt pain or tingling in some old wounds on my body. All of them were painful from time to time, so I didn't care much. I didn't think that it was because I knew that I was doing the treatment. Are you in pain here? When I was about to finish, I was woken up by a phone call and had to get up.

Suddenly I felt very strange, why there are no more big stones in my chest and lungs? I have had an unexplained cough since I was a child. In the past few decades, I always felt that a ton of stone was pressing on my chest every day and I couldn't breathe. I coughed and held my breath. But the sudden big stone disappeared. I was shocked. I jumped, and then I touched my heart again and felt so light! How strange! This sudden weightless life makes me so weird!

In the evening, Aurélie wrote me a detailed report of the meeting. I was shocked again, because what she said was all about my wounds/ lesions, the aftermath of a fall that I had forgotten decades ago. the cause of the cough, even the inner child, the cause of the previous life, etc., etc. I myself only vaguely felt the place, she let me know the source of the reason. . . . . Then, for the past two weeks, I actually felt uncomfortable with the old lesions all over my body, but I felt very relaxed in my chest and finally I could breathe freely...

So in this back and forth, I think I have to do several more treatments, because only one time is so obvious, why don't I try it and maybe it can remove a lot of unexplained hurt in my body? Aurélie told me not to hurry, take your time! I also feel like I'm starting to calm down this week. I am very grateful for the introduction of my friend, and I am grateful to the Universe for meeting her! I finally see the light of day! Thank you Aurélie!"



“The detail and depth of my report was mind blowing! The levels that have been investigated and unblocked have certainly caused a big shift on the etheric side, leading to an opening of heart and soul not yet experienced. Aurelie’s manner and aftercare are so compassionate and caring, she is a true Queen of multi dimensional energy work.

You are an inspiration

Much love

L xxx"

Update 2 days later: "omg I got on the social entrepreneurs programme yayyyy! This is going to be a ride - things are taking off, thank you for unblocking me!!!"





Hi Aurélie,


I couldn't wait to get the report to give you feedback on the session.

I felt it was a powerful one.. I was rested in bed not fully asleep..  I felt pressure around my chest area and burst out crying twice I think.. it felt like something was being pulled/cleared out of my chest. Then I felt total peace and even wanted to giggle or laugh. I felt a shift in the energy to lightness... also I couldn't get my body to stay in bed after 45 minutes I felt I had to move and get up. 


It was certainly a different and wonderful experience. I look forward to receiving the report and what blessings show up next."




"Dear Aurélie,

I've released my 1st single 'Ancient Earth New Earth' on Spotify. This is the music I made just after you unblocked my throat chakra last year! You mentioned that it seemed like I wanted to sing after the healing session, I wasn't sure but a few days later, I started recording my voice as a guide vocal as there was no one to ask. But I started enjoying recording my voice!

Thank you so much for your session! Here is the link, I hope you like it!"



"Hi Aurélie! 

 Wow, thank you so much!! This is so cool.. amazing. I’ve been speechless, reading my session over and over... cried a few times too. I’ve been feeling different; really good, uplifted, peaceful and calm. Yesterday and this morning, I’ve had a headache but that’s the only discomfort.. trying my best to slow down. I had a feeling around the age of 5 would come up. At that age, [...] I know I had a lot of pain from [...]. It’s amazing to see who I was in a past life. [...] 


I am so happy I found you Aurélie, I'm so thankful for you helping me heal even more! You said it’s like an onion with many layers so I'm definitely interested in another session! I just want to get my children the sessions they need first and I’ll schedule me another session. [...], thank you so so much for all you’ve done."



"Dear Aurélie,


I wanted you to know that I have been feeling absolutely fantastic recently, both mentally and slowly getting there physically too. My fitness is still taking some time but my energy is definitely coming back at a faster rate now. I feel so at peace with myself and with the earth, more than I realised would be possible or that I realised I needed to be. [...]


Thank you so much for helping my friends here, who I've highly recommended you to. They are already feeling huge positive affects"



"I came across Aurélie’s work by accident, I was following The Robsons on Instagram when I saw the healing Aurélie had done with their dog. I messaged her and we booked in a free zoom consultation, she put me at ease straight away as I told her what bothered me and how I wanted my life to be, how I wanted to feel.

I booked a clearing session firstly and I didn’t need to do anything at all, afterwards I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was excited to read my report which was emailed over promptly, I felt validated that she had found ages in my life which correlated with feelings I still felt and events that had happened when I was those ages.

I wanted to delve deeper so booked a Multi-Dimensional session where I lay on my bed awake, I felt like I was under hypnosis/ meditation or deeply relaxed where my whole body felt super relaxed like I didn’t want to move. I had a couple of evenings of bad dreams after but felt so much better, this report was really interesting. It spoke about events in past lives which really interested me and even correlated to areas in the world I've had holidays on repeated occasions, to the same country as I’ve felt so at home there, like I say really interesting.

The main thing for me is that whilst my mind thinks something, my body tells me it’s okay and I’m able to go and do the things I was anxious about before. I am really feeling the benefits and it’s only been 2 sessions. 

After trying therapy and hypnotherapy I've found this treatment the most beneficial as I’ve not had to repeat past trauma, these have been identified remotely by Aurélie and healed. I don’t know how she does it but it works and I’m forever grateful"




"I would say a feeling of greater lightness is an excellent way to describe my sense of being, as far as processing goes and day-to-day living. One clearer way to describe it would be to say that I have a little more clarity and positivity, less hopelessness energy infiltrating my field. I see more in the way of possibilities then I had previously. I am by nature a very optimistic and positive person, but somehow this had faded from my experience likely due to a variety of different influences around me.


I am extremely excited to continue forward in clearing energies that do not serve me in order to completely fulfill my purpose as well as live a life of joy and abundance!"




"I have been to many healers and tried all kinds of modalities, yet in the brief time that I have worked with Aurélie, is when I have seen massive leaps in my healing. She truly has a gift and on top is genuinely invested in the well being of her clients. Not just me, but also my two fur babies lives have positively shifted thanks to Aurélie."



"Cette expérience avec Aurelie a été très bénéfique, elle a pu débloquer des émotions ancrées depuis très longtemps. J'ai pu faire passer au second plan des soucis du quotidien qui m'empechaient d'avancer et prendre du recul sur ces soucis qui seront réglés dans l'avenir. Je suis moins stressée, je n'ai plus de boule au ventre et je suis plus à l'écoute des autres. Les effets de ces soins vont encore me permettre d'avancer dans les mois à venir.  

Aurélie est une très belle personne, pleine de bienveillance. Je reviendrai sans hésiter vers elle dans l'avenir si j'en ressens le besoin."

Translation : "This experience with Aurélie has been very beneficial, she was able to release emotions that had been trapped for a very long time. I was able to set aside day-to-day troubles which were holding me back, and get perspective on them/ trust they will be dealt with in the future. I am less stressed, I no longer have knots in my stomach, and I listen to others more. The effects of these healing sessions will continue to help me move forward in the months to come. 

Aurélie is a very beautiful person, full of benevolence. I will not hesitate to come back to her in the future if I feel the need to."



"Merci [ mon fils ] est métamorphosé et pendant le soin il l'a senti! On s'est mis une musique apaisante c'était top! m'a dit mot pour mot "maman, Aurélie a commencé a me soigner je le sens dans mon coeur". Assez ouf il a dessiné des labyrinthes et des carrés pendant tout le soin... je me sens connectée a mes garcons ce soir plus que jamais, [ son frere ] a ressenti le bien etre de son frere et il rigole beaucoup! Il a besoin de toi aussi pour aller de l'avant. [...] Merci pour tout."

Translation : "Thank you [ my son ] is metamorphosed and he felt it during the clearing session! We had put on some soothing music it was great... he said word for word "mum, Aurélie has started to heal me I can feel it in my heart". Quite astounding he drew labrynths and squares throughout the whole session.... I feel connected to my boys tonight more than ever. [ His brother ] felt his brother's wellbeing and he laughs a lot! He also needs you to move forward now. [....] Thank you for everything."



"Dear Aurélie,


How remarkable this session has been, another 'magical' breakthrough just happened in my very lucky life! The session went well, after 25' or so I ended up in complete twilight zone where I was barely awake. Other than that, I woke up very refreshed and in the following hours I've experienced this strong sense of pervading 'lightness'. All was well, as I've said, I was peaceful and I'm continuing to remain so. The following day I've had a non-negligible headache which I've interpreted as being part of the healing and recalibration process, just like what happened yesterday: intense sweating and low-pressure. I just laid down on the bed for 20' and everything was good again.


During the past days, I've done as you've suggested, not trying to process too much at the mental level and not particularly engaging with anything, but certainly a few things have captured my attention [...] Let's see what the next few weeks brings, I'm open! :D


Overall, I'm feeling better every day, I have more energy, focus and mental stability than I ever had since a long time. [...]



I have no bigger font to express my gratitude :) and it never suffices to say how marvellous you are! It is I having the greatest appreciation for a real angel!!






LIZ - UK - AUGUST 2021

"Oh my goodness - where to begin ... I am so grateful to Aurélie for facilitating such a powerful healing journey. A good friend gifted me my first session and it was a life-changing and life-enhancing experience. After having disappointing outcomes with more conventional therapy, medicine and counselling to combat "depression" it was a totally unexpected experience in so many ways and provided so many lightbulb moments in explaining why I felt and behaved as I did.  I was aware I carried a lot of emotional baggage but Aurélie has pinpointed and released those harmful and debilitating emotions so that it feels as if the weight has literally lifted off my shoulders and my whole being feels lighter and more positive. Through releasing trapped emotions and sorting out imbalances she has been able to alleviate my long-term problems with insomnia, anxiety and poor confidence and self-esteem. It can at times be challenging as uncomfortable emotions resurface but Aurélie is always there to support and encourage with compassion and empathy. My healing journey continues (65 years of baggage!) but I now face life with renewed confidence, energy and positivity. I feel more balanced and my emotional and physical health and well-being has improved. Friends and family have noticed and commented that I seem brighter, stronger and happier and that echoes how I feel. A totally amazing, fascinating and uplifting experience facilitated by an extraordinary practitioner and human being!


Thank you so much, Aurélie, am so grateful xx"



"Dear Aurélie,

I just wanted to thank you for the sessions you did with me. Some changes were very tangible and others were subtle, but slowly developed over time. It's like you thought of things I couldn't have come up with myself.

I asked you if you could heal my skin, and not only did it get better, but you also left me with a deep longing for healthy food. I asked for more discipline and the last two weeks I've smoothly been doing yoga and meditations every morning, which is positively impacting my life in so many ways. These are some of the more tangible results of your work, but the biggest shifts are on a deeper level, which makes it hard to explain. I just feel like a different person. I see and do things in a different way. Not all "problems" have left my life, but I stopped seeing them as problems, or I all of a sudden spot solutions right away. This wasn't what I thought it would be like, but it leaves me SO empowered. It's like, next to what you healed in me, you also activated my capacities to heal myself. My strained ankle recovered way faster than expected, my skin is slowly healing, I have more energy, more discipline, more clarity, more inspiration and creativity, & you rekindled the passion for the mission I'm on.

I feel ON FIRE! Like the new and improved me has decided it's time to claim her space! Working with you has made me realize that our human potential has many more layers than I thought, and I'm so so keen to keep discovering my hidden strength, health and wisdom right now!!

Next to all of this, I'm just so happy I've gotten to know you as a person and friend as well. Seeing how this is not a job for you, but a mission. Seeing how much love and dedication you put into each session. Seeing how you are daily striving for growth to serve in an even better way, ... You are truly an inspiration. I just want you to know how much I value you as a healer AND as a person. I don't think anyone has had this big of an impact on me, both mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I'm am truly blown away.

Big love,

PS: Please feel free to use this message as a testimonial. If I could have one wish, it would be for everyone to get to know this level of deep healing. If they only knew what is possible!





"I have been working with Aurelie for the past few months now and I have to say, she is the most gentle soul, I have come across. She listens to your concerns and works on issues with your subconscious to release everything holding you back. Through her reports, I have had  realizations about my life and how my past influences the trajectory of my present. Aurelie’s work is powerful, compassionate and true. I would highly recommend her to anyone, who want to overcome any issue in their life."





(Francais - English translation below)

"Cela faisait 4 ans que je n'avais plus rencontré un homme dans ma vie. Je doutais de moi, de ma capacité à aimer, à séduire, à être à nouveau heureuse de vivre une histoire d'amour. J'ai demandé un soin à Aurélie pour voir où se trouvaient les blocages emotionnels qui empêchaient la rencontre. 3 semaines après son soin, un homme rentrait dans ma vie et ce fut immédiatement fusionnel, comme si lui et moi nous nous connaissions dejà et que nous reprenions le cours de notre histoire.

Merci Aurélie pour ton écoute et ta capacité à soigner les profondeurs blessées de notre coeur, de notre âme. et de nous libérer de nos entraves inconscientes."

Translation : "It had been 4 years since I had met a man in my life. I was doubting myself, my ability to love, to seduce, to be happy again in living a love story. I asked Aurelie for a session to identify the emotional blocks preventing a meeting from occurring. 3 weeks after the session, a man walked into my life and it was immediately fusional, as if him and I had known each other from before and we were simply taking up where we left off.

Thank you Aurélie for listening and for your ability to heal the deep wounds in our hearts and souls, and to free us from our unconscious shackles."



(German - English translation below)

Aurelie hat die beeindruckende Fähigkeit sich in andere Menschen zu versetzen und präzise deren negative Erlebnisse zu analysieren und zu helfen diese loszulassen. Ihre Heilung kann ich sehr empfehlen.


Translation : "Aurelie has the impressive ability to tune into someone and to precisely analyze negative experiences and to help releasing them. I can highly recommend her healing."



(Francais - English translation below)

"Je suis certaine des actions et possibilités des soins à distance, cependant, j’étais dubitative quand à la manifestation physique de ces derniers sur le corps physique. Je désirais me débarasser de certains états d’être : le fait de ressasser éternellement des évènements traumatiques, bien qu’intellectuellement intégrés. Je les revivais encore et encore émotionnellement et cela m’affectait beaucoup.

Aurélie a pu identifier ces émotions et les « traiter ». Pendant les séances, je m’installais bien au chaud et bien que n’étant pas du tout frileuse, j’étais frigorifiée, : des frissons me parcouraient le corps. J’ai ressenti un bien-être émotionnel très tangible, une belle sérénité, et une paix intérieures incroyable dès les premiers soins. Mais ce qui m’a le plus interloqué c’est la partie physique. J’ai très régulièrement, et depuis 3 ans, des massages ayurvédiques des tissus profonds. Ma masseuse me connaît très bien et a tout de suite remarqué un changement important de la texture de mon dos: elle avait toujours un gros travail pour le désengorger. Elle a tout de suite remarqué le changement radical et m’a demandé ce que j’avais fait.

Je ne peux que recommander chaudement Aurélie à tous et à toutes. Son implication, le professionnalisme de son accompagnement et ses résultats sont des atouts qui font d’elle une thérapeute hors norme."

Translation : "I believe with certainty in the actions and possibilities that remote healing sessions offer, however I was doubtful as to their physical manifestation on the physical body. I wanted to let go of some states of being : eternally dwelling on traumatic events, despite these being intellectually integrated. I was reliving them again and again and this was affecting me a lot.

Aurélie was able to identify these emotions and release them. During her sessions, I would cosy up under a blanket and despite not being naturally sensitive to cold, I would be freezing : chills would run through my body. I felt a sense of emotional wellbeing very tangibly, a beautiful serenity, and unbelievable inner peace from the first sessions. But what stroke me the most was the physical aspect. I regularly have been having, and this for the past 3 years, deep tissue ayurvedic massages. My massage therapist knows me very well and immediately noticed an important change in the texture of my back; she'd always have a lof of work to do to unblock/ relieve it. She noticed a radical change right away and asked what I had done.

I can only recommend Aurélie highly to all. Her involvement, the professionalism in her support and her results are assets that make her an extraordinary therapist."



"I have never met a person like Aurélie. She works at a very high energetic level and surprises each time with being so profound in healing and observation. It goes beyond what one expects it to be and it certainly induced deep change and growth in me. I will be forever grateful for her amazing work and guidance"



Translation : "All my gratitude to Aurélie who so helped me to feel free and move forward in my life with such a brand new and beautiful energy! After 3 sessions, there clearly is a before and after! I rarely have come across a person so full of love! Don't hesitate!"


LISA - Texas, USA - JUNE 2021

"For the last four months, I've been receiving energy work from Aurélie. At this point I've received several Star Magic and Emotion Code sessions and I plan on continuing.  This has been a life changer for me. I've experienced a lot of emotional trauma in my life. Traditional therapy never seemed to really help (felt like a hamster wheel). I didn't originally seek this for physical ailments but have noticed physical benefits as well.  I feel like a different person (a better person). First thing I noticed was when I would remember a traumatic event, it didn't have a rush of painfully emotions attached to it. Second, I was calmer and other people noticed this too.  Thirdly,  I started remembering all kinds of great, joyful memories that I haven't thought about in years. I think I was so caught up in the trauma that I wasn't allowing myself to think about the good times. I am so thankful for Aurélie and what she has facilitated in my life!"



(Francais - English translation below)


"C’est avec beaucoup d’émotions que je rédige ces quelques lignes au sujet de celle qui est d’or non seulement par son prénom mais également par son cœur. Une chercheuse d’or dans un monde où les chercheurs dorment….

Après des mois d’errance médicale et d'erreurs médicamenteuses majeures au sujet de ma santé mentale, j’étais au bord du gouffre. Condamnée par la psychiatrie moderne, j’avais tout essayé pour me sortir de ce faux pas, en vain. Ma souffrance et mes maux ne trouvaient aucun écho, ni dans les médicaments ni dans le cabinet des psychologues…. cela ne faisait qu'accroître mon mal-être. Ne voyant plus aucune issue, et ayant exploré toutes les pistes de médecines alternatives diverses et variées je ne pouvais plus vivre avec ces souffrances. N’y croyant plus et n’ayant plus aucun espoir de guérison, ma marraine m’a alors recommandé les soins d’Aurélie. La première séance fut une révélation, enfin je ressentais quelque chose bouger à l’intérieur de moi-même alors que tout était figé depuis des mois. Ce n’était que le début d’une longue guérison… progressivement, j’ai pu sortir de mon lit, retrouver des pensées saines, de l’énergie, mes troubles se sont dissipés et j’ai surtout retrouvé de l’espoir. L’espoir de guérir. Le chemin n’est pas terminé, mais j’ai foi en ma guérison et au travail exceptionnel que j’effectue avec Aurélie depuis seulement deux mois. Un chemin vers une guérison profonde et durable dont tout le monde devrait bénéficier aujourd’hui.

J’invite chaque personne qui tomberait sur mon témoignage à répandre ce message d’espoir et à tout simplement essayer un soin avec Aurélie si cela leur fait écho. La réponse ne se trouve pas forcément là où on l'attend et la médecine allopathique ne détient pas la vérité absolue sur nos maux, qu’ils soient physiques, psychiques ou émotionnels. "

Translation : " It is with a lot of emotions that I am writing these words about she who is gold, not only by her name but also by her heart. A gold hunter in a world where hunters sleep....

After months of medical wandering and major medication blunders about my mental health, I'd found myself on the brink of the abyss. Deemed doomed par modern psychiatry. I had tried everything I could to get myself out of this faux pas, in vain. My suffering and pains were not echoed, neither by medication nor by psychologists... this was only increasing my ill being. I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'd explored diverse alternative medicines approaches I could think of and could no longer live with all this suffering. As I'd lost all belief and hope about recovering, my godmother then recommended Aurélie's sessions. The first one was a revelation. Finally I could feel something shift within, when all was at a standstill for months. it was only the beginning of a long healing journey.... gradually, I began to manage getting out of bed, I found myself entertaining healthy thoughts, to have energy.. My troubles have dissipated and most of all I found hope again. Hope that I can heal. My journey is not over, but I have faith in my healing and in the exceptionnal work that I have been exploring with Aurelie for only a couple of months. A journey towards a deep and lasting healing whom all should benefit from nowawadays.

I invite every person reading this testimonial to spread this message of hope and simply give Aurelie's sessions a try, should they resonate with them. Answers aren't necessarily found where we expect them to be and allopathic medecine does not hold the absolute truths about our ailments, whether physical, mental or emotional. "



MARION - UK - MAY 2021

"I first heard of Aurelie through my sceptical brother (a scientist) who had experienced a successful healing session with her. He thought my daughter might benefit and indeed that proved to be the case. My daughter suffers from a deep physiological trauma which has blighted her teenage years but Aurelie’s healing sessions have lifted entities and layers of pain and trauma and is slowly allowing her to heal. A recent deep healing session was particularly significant with my daughter becoming instantly brighter and more confident. Still some way to go but at last I can see a way forward and have confidence that with Aurelie’s help she will recover enough to lead a happy and fulfilling life. It was a bleak scenario previously and I was in despair.

In addition to my daughter I asked Aurelie to help a dear friend who had been taken into hospital and been given very little chance of survival. Aurelie performed 2 deep healing sessions and my friend is now home from hospital on his way to a full recovery... the doctors are astounded by his recovery and although I know Aurelie was part of his healing team together with the doctors, I am quite convinced she was a very great part of that team.

Lastly I asked Aurelie to help a close friend lift her from sadness and my father’s troublesome knee which had been swollen for 10 years or so. My friend was sitting beside me when her session started and reported tingling sensations moving up and down her body - I felt them too! Later she was amazed by the accuracy of Aurelie’s report highlighting events at certain ages she had totally forgotten. She is much happier and lighter now and anxious to book another session. My Dad had a painful healing session but is ok now and no longer has a painful swollen knee! He is amazed!

Well all agree that Aurelie’s healing treatments should be on the National Health Service! Thank you Aurelie - you have made such a difference to so many lives."



(Francais / French only)


NAIMA - FRANCE - MAY 2021  [Baby - meningitis & sepsis]

(Francais - English translation below)


"Je n'ai pas de mots pour exprimer la puissance de ma gratitude à Aurélie. Ma petite fille Maya, 4 mois, a été évacuée d'urgence à l'hôpital pour une méningite et septicémie. dans la matinée du 10 mai. Dans l'ambulance, elle a fait un coma. Elle a été mise en coma artificiel pour la maintenir en vie, son diagnostique vital était engagé. J'ai aussitôt appelé Aurélie qui lui a fait un soin dans l'après-midi même. Le soir les résultats du scanner étaient bons et encourageants. 48h après, son diagnostique vital n'était plus engagé et ils ont pu arrêter de la maintenir dans son coma artificiel, Là, elle revient doucement à la vie. C'est un véritable miracle, au vu de son si jeune âge et la combinaison de cette forme grave de méningite bactérienne et de septicémie. Le 10 mai, le "hasard" veut que j'avais un soin programmé avec Aurélie. Vous pouvez imaginer à quel point j'étais bouleversée et effondrée tant mon amour pour ma petite fille est immense. Mon soin m'a fait un bien incroyable, j'ai pu m'endormir apaisée et confiante, d'un sommeil profond. Ce deuxième soin avec elle pour moi m'apporte des bénéfices énormes dans ma vie personnelle, je suis beaucoup plus sereine et apaisée. Je vous recommande puissance mille Aurélie, sa puissance, son professionnalisme, sa générosité, sa tendresse, son amour, son humanité. Elle est un ange là sur terre pour nous aider, j'en suis convaincue. "

Translation: "I don't have words to express the power of my gratitude to Aurélie. My granddaughter Maya, aged 4 months old, was evacuated on May 10th to the hospital for an emergency case of meningitis and sepsis. In the ambulance, she went into a coma. She was put in an artificial coma to keep her alive, her vital prognosis was engaged. I immediately called Aurélie, who facilitated a healing for her that same afternoon. In the evening, her scan results were good and encouraging. 48 hours later, her condition was no longer life threatening and they could put a stop to her artifical coma. Now, she is slowly coming back to life. It is a true miracle, given her young age and the combination of this severe form of bacterial meningitis and sepsis. This May 10th, I "randomly" had a session booked with Aurélie for myself. You can imagine how upset and distraught I was, my love for my granddaughter being so immense. My session has done me incredible good. I could fall asleep at peace and confident, into a deep sleep. This second healing session with her holds enormous benefits for me in my personal life, I am a lot more serene and peaceful. I, times a thousand, recommend Aurélie, her power, her professionalism, her generosity, her tenderness, her love, her humanity. She is an Angel her on Earth to help us, this I am convinced of. Naima"


RIE - UK - April 2021

" [ Kundalini awakening in the lower chakras ] was really hard but another problem was, energy got more and more intense, and it caused upper back pain as well as heart palpitation so I was looking for a solution.


I booked a tarot/psychic reading session in January 21 and I asked the reader if she knows any method to release my back pain triggered by Kundalini Energy, she said to me back pain comes from emotional baggage, and Aurelie has amazing techniques to release it by Star Magic Healing as well as Heart Wall Clearing, so I contacted her.


I booked two remote Heart Wall clearing sessions first, which released about 25 of my trapped emotions. My chin dropped, as my back ache was almost gone and her reports showed the details of emotions she released; types of emotions (grief, fear etc), age it happened and the cause or trigger. I remember some of those events happened after I was 20 years old. I couldn't remember the emotions before 20 years old, particularly below 7 years old, but I guess it was too much to cope so I really suppressed them. Then I booked Star Magic healing next.


During the session, I felt a sensation around my hip, and Aurelie later said she was balancing my root chakra. I actually had a discomfort at root chakra before the session, so I was amazed she identified and balanced it. Then it was actually gone. I saw bright light while closing my eyes, and she later explained my higher self or light being were supporting me. After the session, I felt kundalini energy gently start going upwards, which was a breakthrough! She explained what she did during the session. She healed 4 versions of me, which were from 2, 16, 35 & 41 years old [...] 

Healing was amazing, and another interesting thing was, basically this session triggered my soul family including my twin closer. [...] And also there was an interesting manifestation. I've suddenly got an idea to collaborate with someone's light language with my music while meditating. So I was wondering who to ask, as I didn't know anyone. Then in the process of email communication with Aurelie, she somehow mentioned she speaks a light language, and she even suggested if I want to collaborate!

It was a surprise, as I didn't even mention my idea to collaborate with light language! I'm excited about it, and I'm looking forward to my further journey unfolding with more healing by Aurelie.

Since I met Aurelie, I experienced a huge shift, She has released a lot of emotions and I was healed a lot!

I'm really grateful for this amazing healing journey. Thank you so much Aurelie! "





REEM - DUBAI - April 2021 

"I just wanted to let you know that I've been doing alright, no "side effects" but I've noticed a massive shift in my energy! I feel like I've been brought back to life. I didn't experience much joy or being light... I took things so seriously and heavily. Now I feel more alive, fun, laughing more often. I do feel my heart being more open as I'm practicing more peace and compassion. Even [name hidden] noticed the changed before I could even tell her! 


This is really amazing and I'm so grateful for the universe brining us together. And this is all from 1 session! I'm excited to see what will happen after more [...]


With love and appreciation,



DONNA - UK - April 2021 

"Aurelie is the most kindest person I have come across, you can see how passionate and amazing she is about her unique ability for distant healing, and how she personalises it to your individual needs with so much care and attention.


Distant healing with Aurelie was amazing, I could feel movement in places that were still and could feel sensations where the pain has been, her feedback is detailed and very true - the second time I had it I fell asleep something that never happens to me. Aurelie has highlighted some things in my past as to why I will not completely heal until I face them and then I know she will be able to help to finish the amazing healing she has started - something I’m going to try and work on.


I would not hesitate to recommend Aurelie, she has been truly inspirational.

Thank you again xxx"


MARTIN - PORTUGAL - April 2021 

"As a previously "Cartesian" professional physicist, Aurelie's work was a bit of an eye-opener for me to say the least. Being an insensitive beast, I couldn't actually detect the healing in progress (during the session), but it certainly had immediate verifiable results. I had lived with general fatigue for about 6 years - ascribed by the medical profession to post-viral fatigue syndrome, with nothing visible on multiple blood-tests. Aurelie managed to clear this completely in one session. Several weeks later, there is no sign of the symptoms returning. I've since recommended her to family members with bigger problems & she is also having massive positive impact on their lives."


ALESSANDRO - UK - April 2021    


"I consider myself extremely lucky and honoured by being assisted by Aurélie. I have rarely found dedication, passion, expertise combined in a single person, not to mention her compassion and patience. Skeptical but open by nature, I have started my healing journey with her by doubting the ability to do healing at distance. Not only I was proven wrong since the very first session, every time Aurélie "works" on me, I get the feeling she opens myself to the beauty and mystery of the Universe and solves some aspects of my existence it would not have been possible to deal with using more "orthodox" approaches. I shall forever be grateful with her for that.


Together, we have delved deeply into the Emotion Code and she has recently started practising Star Magic Healing on me. The first session has been profoundly revealing and effective at the same time and I've already seen tangible effects in my life. Do not expect an easy journey though, the depth and complexity approached in this healing modality is such that you need to remain open minded and focused on achieving whatever your soul is asking yourself to evolve into."


SHEREEN - DUBAI - March 2021



ERYNE - FRANCE - March 2021    


(Francais - English translation below)


"J’ai enfin ce permis, en parti grâce à ton travail qui m’a vachement aidé. J’ai nettement senti la différence par rapport aux autres fois, j’étais en confiance et je me sentais prête. Vraiment une différence par rapport aux autres passages.

Je vous remercie énormément!



"J'ai été mise en contact avec Aurélie suite à des recommendations d’une personne de mon entourage. Personne très professionnelle, et très à l’écoute avant ou après chaque séance ce qui est très plaisant car on se sent écouté et on ressent la passion d’Aurélie pour son métier. Elle m’a impressionnée par la précision des âges et par les changements ressentis suite à la première séance. J’ai effectué 2 rdv et j’en ai vu la différence lorsque la situation qui m’angoissait énormément est arrivée, je me suis sentie plus apaisée et plus en confiance avec un stress énormément réduit. "

Translation: "I finally passed my driving test, partly thanks to your work that bloody helped me. I clearly felt the difference compared to other times, I was confident and I felt ready. Really a difference compared to previous tests. Thank you so much!"

"I was put in touch with Aurélie by someone in my entourage. Very professional, she listens to our concerns before and after each session, which is very pleasant. One feels heard and we feel Aurélie's passion for her profession. She impressed me with her accuracy regarding ages, and with the changes that I felt after the first session. I had two sessions and I felt a real difference when the situation that was stressing me out arrived; I felt more peaceful and at ease, and more confident with highly reduced stress levels."



RALUCA - FRANCE - March 2021


(Francais - English translation below)


"Mon expérience pour moi-même et mes enfants est extraordinaire. Aurélie a une capacité incroyable à apaiser les esprits. La sérénité et l’harmonie sont de retour dans mon foyer, pour vivre les plaisirs simples de la vie, profiter du moment présent et ressenti et l’amour qui nous entoure. Je vous recommande vraiment une ou même plusieurs séances avec Aurélie, afin de vous retrouver en accord avec vous-mêmes.

Encore merci :)"

Translation: "The experience for myself and my children is extraordinary. Aurélie has an incredible ability to ease people's minds. Serenity and harmony are back in my household, to live life's simple pleasures, to make the most of the present moment and of the love that surrounds us. I highly recommend one or more sessions with Aurélie, to get back into alignment with one's self"


KRISTIN - CANADA - March 2021

"Hi Aurelie,


I can't thank you enough for doing this for me.  I woke up at 630 am and closed my eyes and just waited for you to start.  After some time, while my eyes were closed I felt a surge of energy, like someone had flipped a main electrical breaker.  It was a light, beautiful flowy and tingly feeling. I didn't want to open my eyes and disturb the process but I had to know what time it was to see if it coincided with when you planned to start!  The time was 7:01 AM.  My hip is feeling great, I have had no severe pain aside from when I did some vigorous physicaly activitiy right after the first session.  I actually took my dog for a walk last night - that is the first time in over 2 year's I felt confident that I could make it around the block without suffering! Also emotionally and spiritually I feel joy, contentment, happiness, and remember that romantic relationship I thought I had shed?  Well it wasn't shed at all.  In fact, it has come back to me more beautiful than before and I am experiencing feelings of elation, gratitude, euphoria, and being in love. I was able to overcome some of my greatest fears and anxieties about it and feel like some shackles were taken off.  I am so grateful for what you have done for me.  

Interesting that you mentioned my kidneys - I have cut down on some of my pills, one of which is supposed to protect by kidneys from my diabetic medication.  I almost feel ready to dump those meds too [...]

Thank you again,

Love and light,




BEN - UK - March 2021


"This totally blew my mind. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but this was really something amazing. Although the session was a distance healing, I could physically feel the work that was being done. Specifically on a couple of muscular regions, it felt similar to being manipulated by a physiotherapist to the point of being uncomfortable (if you've ever been to a physio you'll know the sensation)! I asked Aurelie to focus on my back, which has flared up countless times over the last 20 years and was painful at the time. I can say that I've had no lower back complaints since, even after days of heavy labour that would normally aggravate it. Thanks Aurelie!"


EVA - USA - February 2021 


"Aurélie is the real deal and an absolute treasure! I came to Rose Energy Quantum Healing because I wanted to let go of fear, become more focused, and clear energetic roadblocks that could be hindering my physical health. It can be challenging for me to discuss what’s troubling me with someone who I’ve just met, but Aurélie is such a kind and compassionate soul, her gentle nature instantly made me feel at ease. She really cares about her clients and every touchpoint of my experience with Aurélie was so professional. Without knowing anything about me other than my name, age, a recent photo and my intention for the session, Aurélie was able to pinpoint specific periods of my life where something traumatic had occurred. And she did this with remarkable accuracy — I always looked forward to reviewing her write-ups from our sessions! And best of all, she was able to clear the unhelpful energy that I was holding onto from these past events so I can get on with my life! Before coming to Aurélie, I felt scattered and overwhelmed and wasn’t sleeping well. After each session, I experienced a sense of lightness near my heart — as if I no longer carried those heavy burdens with me! I felt calmer and was able to be more present in my life. I got the focus I was seeking and my priorities have never been clearer. And I’m also sleeping better! I am so grateful for Aurélie — she came into my life at the perfect time. Aurélie is an Angel who walks this earth and I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of deep healing! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with this world, Aurélie!"



FLORIANE - FRANCE - January 2021    


"Je remercie Aurélie pour ce soin a distance. Au repos, pendant le soin, j'ai ressenti un état de bien etre, d'apaisement total. Des effets de chaleur sur tout le corps, des petits picotements agissant comme des vagues, tres agréables.. Le résultat de ce soin pour ma part, je dors mieux, moins agitée, enfin des nuits plus longues! et un effet plus positif sur mon moral"

Translation: "I thank Aurélie for this distance healing. During the session, I felt a deep sense of wellbeing, of total relaxation. Warm sensations over my whole body, some tingling coming in in waves, really pleasant. The results of this session for me are that I sleep well, I am less agitated. finally some longer nights! And a positive effect on my mental health"



BEN - UK - January 2021    

"I decided to try an emotion code healing with Rose Energy Quantum Healing after spending some time researching and reading into the theory behind this healing practice. I found Aurélie to be very warm and caring but totally professional throughout. The actual session passes very easily. The feedback I received after the session from Aurélie was very thorough and eerily accurate. It took a few days to readjust but I finally found a good night's sleep after a long period of poor quality sleeping. I would recommend to anyone to try this mode of healing with Aurélie; she looks after you right through the whole process and it helped me to find rest at last!"



SUSAN - UK - December 2020    

"Aurélie works proactively and with great sensitivity to assist towards a positive environment on a physical as well as an emotional level. She understands the complexity of how the psyche is intertwined with the body. Her passion for her work and her desire to improve the quality of life of each of us is obvious in all she does. It is an absolute pleasure to work with someone who is always striving for the highest possible standards and results. She works to make the world a better place and I couldn't thank her enough."



TESSA - CANADA - December 2020    

"It was my therapist who recommended that I work with Aurélie originally. She felt that I could benefit from some inner child work and the specific kind of healing that Aurélie is able to facilitate. From the physical pains that I was harbouring, she felt that some of this may very well have emotional origins and that this workcould help to release some of that once and for all. From the first email, I felt like I knew her. Aurélie is a special kind of person. She deeply cares about those that she is aiming to help and you can feel her empathetic energy through the screen. I was really able to connect with her quickly and immediately felt like I trusted her abilities and general energy.

During my session and in the days following, what I felt was intense, localized cold in my chest. I had not told Aurélie that this was the place that I had been experiencing deep pain for years after an injury that simply wasn't healing properly with time. It was a bit shocking to me to feel this at all, but specifically to feel it where I had been most in pain for countless years was amazing to me. To this day, if I think back on the session, I can feel this cold, which Aurélie credited to deep healing. I believe her. I believe in the process and really what I feel is deep gratitude for her time, for her gentle approach over email, for how much I can truly tell she was invested in my wellbeing. I feel like I found a kindred spirit! It was lovely to feel so supported throughout this and to feel like someone else really understood me after few words were exchanged who was now rooting for my success. My gratitude spills over!



MINNA - FINLAND - December 2020    

"After the session I have been feeling more whole, peaceful and grounded. Maybe the biggest change I have noticed is this increased happiness for "no reason". I have struggled to enjoy my work lately but now I feel so much lighter when I'm at work and I feel like I connect better with people. Nothing on the outside has changed, but internally I feel a difference. I have really enjoyed working with Aurélie. because it feels like she puts her heart into her work and takes time to explain things in detail. I'm very grateful for the work she has done and I can highly recommend it to everyone!"


ASTRID - UK - December 2020      

"I wasn't sure about distant healing and didn't know what to expect. I do not regret it. Aurélie is trustworthy and her feedback is really detailed and reflected exactly what I experienced during our session. I could feel immediate results physically and emotionally. Since then, I've been more opened to my intuition, I trust it more and I'm rewarded by making conscious dreams I'm able to interpret right away. It's hard to explain, you'll need to experience it. It has been an unforgettable and eye opening experience I would highly recommend."



KARELLE - FRANCE - December 2020      

"Expérience unique avec Aurélie. Toujours aussi agréable de lui demander de l'aide et ressentir le bien du soin. Pour ma part je me sens mieux niveau prise de décision et stress. Je recommande vivement ces soins exceptionnels."

Translation: "Unique expérience with Aurélie. Always so pleasant to ask her for help and to feel the benefits from the session. As for me, I feel better with regards to my decision taking process and stress. I highly recommend these exceptionnal sessions"


AMANDINE - FRANCE - November 2020      [Animal support]

"Nous avons eu des difficultés de comportement avec notre chiot, il se présentait souvent a nous en mordant. Nous avons donc décidé de lui faire des sessions par Aurélie en espérant calmer les morsures récurrentes. Le résultat était la apres quelques séances, nous n'avons plus eu de morsures agressives ce qui est tres important pour la cohabitation avec des petits enfants"

Translation: "We were experiencing behavioural difficulties with our puppy, he was often coming forth biting. We decided to have Aurélie perform sessions for him in the hope of seeing recurring bites subside. The results were here after a few sessions, we did not have any agressive biting since which is very important for us for our little children."


ANGELIQUE - FRANCE - November 2020      [Physical issue]

"Par ce témoignage, j'adresse un grand merci a Aurélie !


J'ai perdu le gout et l'odorat lors de la premiere vague du Covid 19 en mars 2020. Apres quelques semaines, mon odorat semblait totalement anéanti... Grace au travail tres sérieux d'Aurélie, je suis heureuse aujourd'hui de pouvoir ressentir de nouveau le doux parfum des cheveux de ma fille en les coiffant !!!."

Translation: "With this testimonial, I am saying a big thank you to Aurélie!   I lost both my sense of taste and smell during the first Covid 19 wave in March 2020. After a few weeks, my sense of smell seemed totally destroyed.... Thanks to Aurélie's serious work, I am happy to be able to smell again the sweet smell of my daughter's hair when I brush her !!!"


VALERIE - FRANCE - November 2020     [Muraille de Coeur / Heart-Wall clearing]

"En paradoxe [...] je rencontre des moments ou je me sens bien ou j'apprécie les choses simples et les choses que je fais deviennent moins un obstacle a franchir, je vais moins me poser de questions et faire les choses avec plaisir et ces moments la je les remarque de suite ! [...]

Je vous remercie du travail que nous faisons ensemble."

Translation: "Paradoxically [...] I experience moments where I feel good, where I appreciate the simple things and things are becoming less like obstacles I have to overcome, I ask myself fewer questions and take pleasure in doing things and these moments I notice them right away! [...]  Thank you for the work we are doing together. Valérie"


MINNA - FINLAND - October 2020      [Heart-Wall clearing, Anxiety]

"Thank you so much for your work! :) As I said before, I have indeed felt some positive shifts after these sessions. I have been more kind to myself and I feel like it's showing on the outside as well - people have been more interested in me and treating me with increased kindness. I have had days when I have felt more confident than ever and days when fear and anxiety just take over."


ALESSANDRO - ITALY - October 2020      [Heart-Wall clearing]

"Thanks to you, I feel I'm entering another dimension of living. You don't know how grateful I am. I believe what you're doing has the capacity to change the world, it is already changing the world! I always felt that women should take more control and steer humanity to a better place.

With blessings,



KARELLE - FRANCE - July 2020     [Vertigo, fatigue]

"Tres bonne séance a distance avec Aurélie. Cela m'a beaucoup aidé au niveau de ma fatigue et de vertiges. Je recommande a toutes et tous un soin quantique avec Aurélie"

Translation: "Very good remote session with Aurélie. It helped me a lot with my fatigue and vertigo.  I recommend to all a quantum healing session with Aurélie"


HALYNA - CANADA - June 2020     [Phobia]

"Dear Aurélie,

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the healing. The work you've done has truly exceeded my expectations. Looking back, I realize that my initial concern - caterpilla phobia - was just the tip of the iceberg. You’ve uncovered, shifted, and helped me release so much more!

As you already know, following the first healing session, the release I experienced was massive. It was hard to believe that the work you had done from another continent could affect me as much as it did. My critical mind tried to come up with alternative explanations, but none of them seemed to fit.

The next day I was feeling great - full of energy and positive emotions. A few days later, I was able to calmly observe a caterpillar hanging from a tree just a few inches from my chest. I could never have done this before!

Although I didn't notice anything unusual during and after the second healing session, when I received your report, I was equally impressed. You mentioned that you had released a specific trapped energy from around the age of 36. That was the age when my immune system was the weakest ever... I also believe that the misalignments you've corrected, even though I was completely unaware of them, could eventually cause me problems. You've prevented this from happening.

Four days later, I am feeling incredible. Not only is my caterpillar phobia significantly reduced, I also seem to have more energy and better stamina. There is no doubt in my mind that the work you do is very real and very powerful. 

Thank you, Aurélie, from the bottom of my heart!

With much gratitude,



AMANDINE - FRANCE - June 2020     [Emotional healing]

"Quand j'ai commencé les séances de soin avec Aurélie, j'avais une vraie peur des autres et je ressentais une extreme colere envers le monde extérieur du a un choc d'une grande violence. Je ne connaissais pas la Muraille de Coeur et encore moins consciente de l'accumulation d'émotions bloquées depuis mon enfance. Apres de nombreuses séances, et en travaillant par "couche", j'ai recu chaque fois un débriefing sur les émotions débloquées, et quelques jours apres j'ai commencé a ressentir les effets. La sensation d'avoir le coeur léger et de nouveau respirer vraiment avec toute l'intensité comme la premiere respiration d'un enfant. Si vous hésitez encore quant a la véracité des soins, nous humains, sommes en mesure de prouver que les arbres échangent leurs propres énergies..."

Translation: "When I started sessions with Aurélie, I had a real fear of others and was feeling extreme anger at the external world due to experiencing a very violent choc. I did not know about the Heart-Wall nor was aware of the accumulation of trapped emotions since my childhood. After many sessions, and working through "layers", I received each time a debrief report on the emotions released, and after a few days I began to feel the effects. The sensation of having a lighter heart, and to be able to breathe again with full intensity, like the first breath a child takes. If you are still hesitant about the truthfulness of this work, please know that us humans are able to prove energy exchange between trees...."


KAJAL - AUSTRALIA - Jan. 2020     

"I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful healer who treated my whole family! Aurélie is a kind and generous soul who took time to follow up and ensure everything was well after the sessions. I would highly recommend her wonderful healing work. Thank you"


MARTIN - London, UK - Nov. 2019     [Heart-Wall clearing]

"Before meeting Aurélie, I'd have described myself as rather jaded and cynical, and tended to view and approach the world in a pessimistic, closed in manner. Even before the first formal sessions began, her healing and positive influences began to shift my outlook as I learnt more about the impact my energies were having on my life. The experience of a clearing session with Aurélie was unlike anything I encountered before, and taught me more about who I am and how my life has shaped me than I ever expected. 

As time went on she helped me become a better person, letting me gain confidence in being myself, and finding my singing voice amongst other things! The world is a brighter, more beautiful place since I let Aurélie help me, and I hope her positive energies will also reach you."


EMILY - Cambridge, UK - Nov. 2019    [Physical issue & pet healing]

"Aurélie has performed healing on separate occasions for both myself and my puppy.

I had a ganglion cyst on the inside of my wrist, very close to the main artery and which pressed on a nerve. It had odd days of being terribly painful and it caused a general difficulty for me in using my hand to hold anything that had any weight to it. In time it grew significantly until it was about the size of a small marble. After several weeks I visited my GP but he did not want to drain it due to it being so close to the artery. Aurélie felt that this cyst may have been caused by trapped emotions so she said she would see what she could find to release. Across two sessions she was able to find several trapped emotions which all made perfect sense to me when they were described to me, and within a month the cyst had completely dissipated and I was able to use my hand fully again.

Shortly after this we acquired a puppy - a very good natured puppy, but she was suffering with the most terrible wind! It really was becoming quite problematic as the entire family was feeling nauseous all the time, and we wouldn't work out what was causing the problem. Aurélie suggested the cause could be trapped emotions so she did a session on our puppy. The following morning I came downstairs and for the first time, the air in the living room was clear of any smells - and since then the puppy has not had any extended wind periods and also her toileting in general has become a lot more of a normal consistency - the change and the speed at which it happened was utterly remarkable and we are so grateful!"

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