The Emotion Code is a simple, yet powerful energy healing method that enables the gentle release of unseen trapped emotions from the body and biofield. It combines the art of applied kinesiology - also known as muscle testing - with the powers of both intention and magnetism, to access information from the subconscious mind and release harmful energetic baggage through the meridians. The method builds on some of the oldest chinese medicine principles around the flow of "Qi" energy ("Prana" in Ancient Indian or Ayurvedic medicine), which is regulated via these natural energy channels and that link all and every atom in the body.


First brought to us by holistic chiropractor Dr Bradley Nelson in 2007, the Emotion Code relies on quantum physics at its core.  It is supported by the discoveries of the last decade about the DNA-Emotion-Matter relationship, which are widely accepted by the scientific community but have yet to trickle down into the mainstream (1).

"Our premise is that the wisdom of the body is not held in the conscious, active mind, but in the subconscious mind, where the record of every experience, thought, feeling, or memory you’ve ever had is stored. [...] To access these vast stores of knowledge, we need to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious. This is where muscle testing comes in."
Dr Bradley Nelson
Author of The Emotion Code & founder of Discover Healing TM



Trapped emotions are discrete, emotional energies lodged in our body tissues, organs or glands, that are passed down the genetic line or become trapped as a response to emotionally-charged events in our lives. They each carry a specific vibratory signature or frequency, which is for most of us outside the electromagnetic range that we can perceive by sight. These energies may be unseen, but are very real - think of Wifi frequencies: we don't see them, yet we never dispute their existence! And it is not just trapped emotions. Quantum physics with Superstring theory tell us that the fabric of everything that is - all thoughts, ideas and beliefs, as well as all matter, from the smallest sub-atomic particles to the largest supernovas - is nothing but generated by the vibrations of tiny loops of energy. ​Nothing but pulsating electromagnetic frequencies that carry information, and that are at the very basis of all that we see in the physical. This may sound far-fetched to some of us, perhaps because we learnt to perceive our bodies and our environment as mechanical, Newtonian systems, but it could not be closer to the Truth. Many ancient physicians, thousands of years ago, knew this and more about the human energy body.

Trauma and emotions we would rather not feel, like anxiousness, grief, anger, fear or any of a wide variety of negative feelings, are harmful, low-frequency energies. When felt with high intensity or repressed, they can literally drop into the energy field of the body, become stuck and unconsciously stored into the subconscious. They have density, a shape and texture - their size varying from that of an orange to a melon - and we just carry them around with us. They literally take up space in our energy fields! And they always create distortion and imbalances at some level, if not blocking the flow of energy entirely.


One reason they do so is because they pulse at frequencies which are typically out of sync, or out of phase, with the pristine frequencies of the tissue, organ or gland they inhabit. The cells that lie within the immediate viscinity of a trapped emotion will tend to fall into resonance with it, i.e. start pulsating at the same frequency, eventually experiencing the "abnormal" frequency and distortion on a continual basis. This contributes to lowering the immune system and preventing the normal function of organs and glands. Add to this a cocktail of stress-induced hormones, and weeks, months, or many years down the line this may manifest into some form of physical symptom or disease, the root cause of which may remain undiagnosed by conventional medicine.



Aside from affecting us at a physical level, beliefs and trapped emotional energies also insidiously exert a dramatic effect by affecting our psyche: how we think, the choices that we make, how successful and abundant we will be and generally how we respond and show up in the world. That's because in every now moment we give off a field that attracts the like, like tuning forks. So say you carry a trapped emotion of anger, then you will tend to feel that emotion more readily and more often than you otherwise would. By being a vibrational match to that frequency, you attract more of it into your life - this is just how our quantum Universe works! In the same way, if you carry any other low frequency from a negatively-perceived event in your past, then without your conscious awareness of it the trapped emotion could be sabotaging you from within, and literally be holding your future hostage. Have you ever felt like you can't quite move beyond traumatic past events, regardless of how mindful and stress-free your life may now be? Or just felt like you are burdened and struggling under the weight of something but you can't quite put your finger on it? It may well be that an invisible yet very tangible, heavy emotional charge is still present within your electromagnetic biofield in the form of dense, trapped energy. And it may well be that your body also has become dependent on it, biochemically.


Releasing trapped emotions I believe often results in the sudden disappearance of mental suffering, self-sabotage, recurring relationship difficulties, disempowerment, etc in addition to helping the physical. This has also been reported by many Emotion Code users over the globe.

It is my belief that freeing our cellular structure from trapped, negative energies is the key to truly co-creating the abundant health, love and happiness we desire. From experience, I know how crucial it is to rid ourselves of the dense emotional energies that especially gather around our hearts, as Heart-Walls. These can not only lead to illusory feelings of separation and duality, but they can also prevent access to full heart-brain coherence, deep states of intuition, empathy and compassion. 


We are quantum by nature, with more power to shift the very foundations of our biology than we once believed. It's time the world at large knew this.


Dr Aurélie Meneau, Ph.D.  Nanophysicist

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Accredited Star Magic Healing Facilitator

(1) See for example the work of quantum biologists Poponin and Gariev, "the DNA Phantom Effect: Direct Measurement of a new Field in the Vacuum Substructure" (1992) ; that of Rein, Atkinson and McCraty, "The Physiological and Psychological Effects of Compassion and Anger" (1995), "Structural Changes in Water and DNA Associated with New Physiologically Measurable States" (1994), "Effect of Conscious intention on human DNA" (1996); that of J. Motz, "Everyone an Energy Healer: The Treat V Conference" (1993) ; of J.D.Thomson, "The secret life of your Cells" (2000) and that of the Institute of HeartMath (since 1991).