The Emotion Code is said to have helped countless animals over the years recover from suffering, discomfort, organ malfunction and troubles, as well as from behavioural issues such as aggressivity, fears, changes in appetite, sadness, stress, urinary problems, etc. 


Dogs, cats, birds, horses... our pets are indeed sensitive, they feel emotions and suffer from trapped emotions and Heart-Walls that throw their bodies off balance, just as we do. And because they love to help make us feel better, as for children I find they are all the more vulnerable to absorbing our own energies. This in turn may contribute to lowering their immune systems and more. The good thing is, with animals what you see is what you get; they won't pretend to feel better, just because. They also tend to be very receptive to loving and caring energy work too, so the results are often truly profound, obvious and immediate to pet owners.

The results on my own cat, Fanette, certainly continue to amaze me! 


we resolved:

Urinary tract problems

Digestive issues

Fear of vacuum cleaners

Fear of car journeys

Matted fur

If reading this you feel that your animal would benefit from an Emotion Code session then I believe that he or she probably is. Remote (distance) sessions are totally safe and gentle for pets, and so very effective - all I need is their name, age and a photograph to connect. For additional information I invite you to check out the short video below, as well as my Sessions overview and Bookings page.