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We often think of children as innocent beings who have yet to acquire the excess emotional baggage that comes with growing up and life's experiences. Sadly, children have trapped emotions and often Heart-Walls, too.


Their energy bodies, from birth, already hold many emotional energies including those they received from a parent at the moment of conception, and which form part of their DNA. Being birthed into the physical world itself - even in the most ideal circumstances - is often a time when I find a number of trapped emotions to be initially generated. It could be tempting to overlook their capacity to feel emotions at such a young age, but the truth is, they feel and sense everything as energy - they are pure scientient beings! And as they develop and experience the world, welcome a sibling perhaps, go to school, attend family events, etc. they will further trap harmful energies, until they learn to process their emotions and self-regulate. These energies always include limiting, negative beliefs and programs digested from their environment, for their subconscious acts as a "sponge" up to the age of 7 (this is associated with pronounced theta brain wave activity, making them very suggestible to information (1)).

Perhaps the most dominant and damaging trapped emotions for children in my opinion are "absorbed" emotions. Absorbed emotions are low-frequency energies generated by other people which they will fully take on and absorb in their energy bodies. These are frequent in adults as well, but children - as infinite, not-yet-fully-conditioned beings - have a tendency to take on the energetic burden and help us adults feel better. This energetic exchange is subtle but very real. Many children carry, for example, the energetic signature of emotions absorbed as early as in the womb, from their mother, during the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Emotions absorbed from siblings, parents and caretakers are common - sometimes life is challenging even in wonderful homes and under the best of circumstances! Sadly though, I find that they always contribute to low-functioning immune systems, to emotional turmoil and physical troubles which are not rooted in a child's genetic make-up. So the loneliness they might be feeling, the apathy or anguish; the confused, conflicted or destructive behaviours; all of it isn't who they truly are - it is just emotional, often ancestral-lineage-, energetic baggage that is in the way of the best version of themselves.

Many users have reported that releasing trapped emotions with the Emotion Code worked wonders for their babies and children. So if you feel the pull, have your child checked for trapped emotions and a Heart-Wall; it is safe and gentle, and the benefits may go beyond that which you could ever imagine possible. You may find that by ripple effect, relationships and overall family dynamics are improved or resolve, too. 

I am so fiercely passionate about helping young lives it is part of my life mission. I believe that the new generations are meant to thrive and shine in this world of extremes as their authentic, brave, confident and sovereign creator selves. And that to support this there is much healing we can do.

Much re-balancing and restoring, but not by trying to change matter with matter. Changes must take place at the root - in the quantum field, at the metaphysical level. To me this is the true solution to achieving profound, lasting transformations in the physical. 


Dr Aurélie Meneau, Ph.D.

Physicist & Certified Emotion Code Practitioner