Ahh, the beautiful human heart. Many spiritual traditions throughout the world know it as the gateway to the soul. As the seat of love, creativity and abundance. As the most powerful organ in the body, where our abilities to embrace the natural erosion and renewal cycles of everyday life begin. On that point, the new science of neurocardiology in fact caught up, nearly 3 decades ago. The discovery of specialized neural cells in the heart in 1991 would indeed revolutionalise, though somewhat silently, the way we see the heart and its role in the body. Relevance to the Heart-Wall? Just read on...

What we know about the heart today is that it generates at least 60 to 1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than the cranial brain, in a doughnut-shaped field extending up to three metres past our bodies. We know that it can actually "think" for itself, through a network of over 40,000 neural cells which not only work independently of the cranial brain, but also send commands to it and to every cell in the body - with every heartbeat. The latest research has shown, too, that the heart and the cranial brain can actually function together as a powerful system regulating everything from our ability to embrace change in a healthy way, to reduce stress, access advanced states of creativity, enhanced perception and super-learning (1). When in a fully coherent - also called harmonised - state, the heart-brain complex was even seen capable of signaling new, non-coding gene expression (2) and to insulate our bodies from the typical breakdowns from aging (3). This requires the ability to self-regulate the low-frequency signal between the heart and the brain, which is accessible to us all (not just to mystics and yogis) through the practice of meditation and an open heart (4).

There's more. Modern peer-reviewed science has shown that regardless of physical distances, frequencies radiating from the heart and directed at others could be detected in their magnetic brain waves and produce immediate effects on their bodies (5). So when a person felt love or affection for another, the heartbeat of the person sending that love or affection was measurable in the brain waves of the recipient, and triggered positive, healing effects on their body. Can you see just how powerful an open heart truly is? 


Electromagnetic communication takes place between all of us, all the time, and the energy of the heart - of that central rose, in the core of our beings - is our very own, powerful broadcasting tower within. From a quantum perspective, it is also the gateway to transcending our current circumstances and to pulling in, through the practice of elevated emotional wavelengths such as love, joy and compassion, the quantum reality we want to experience. This rose energy is, to the fullest degree, our key to regaining wholeness and health!

But what if your heart energy isn't flowing as it is meant to? What if you have a Heart-Wall?

The Heart-Wall - a very real production of our subconscious - has been one of the most important discoveries in energy medicine. It is estimated that 93% of us have one today (6), which shows why so many of us are still anchored in the old, evolution-based beliefs of competition and survival.

For I have witnessed changes in mine and in the lives of many families, I believe that abiding in our fully open hearts will enable a more loving, abundance-minded, united human perspective. That it will give the empathy and compassion necessary for creating cross-cultural understanding and trust on the planet, for the generations to come. 

Opening hearts is my specialty. I just love the ripples it creates across the cosmos.


Dr Aurélie Meneau, Ph.D. Nanohysicist

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Accredited Star Magic Healing Facilitator

"by removing Heart-Walls we have seen cases of severe depression eliminated once and for all. We have seen marriages saved, abuse stopped, and lives turned around. We've seen beautiful, loving relationships begin. We've seen kids make better choices. We've seen peace restored."
Dr Bradley Nelson
Author of The Emotion Code & founder of Discover Healing TM



At some point in our lives most of us will experience a time when we feel heartbroken; a feeling of pressure or discomfort in the chest and throat that may occur when someone is hurting us or we have a deep sense of grief or loss. That's when the deepest part of us, the heart, becomes wounded. To shield the heart from repeated distress and hurt, often times the subconscious will use the energy of clustered, low-frequency trapped emotions (such as sadness, betrayal, grief, etc.) to form an energetic barrier or wall around it. A wall of unconsciously stored, emotional heart trauma - this is what is known as the Heart-Wall.


Whilst it's a good thing we have this protection mechanism when we need it, I believe that the effect of living with a Heart-Wall in the long run is damaging, for reasons which build on the science described before.

  • Heart-Walls can block the heart energy from flowing unhampered within the body: to all cells, and to the cranial brain especially. This can make it more difficult to reach coherence, i.e. for the body to heal itself, and it can cause physical symptoms, particularly in the neck, upper back and shoulders. It can lead to heart disease and other heart problems down the line, too. In addition, you may have more difficulty "following your heart" and connecting to your life purpose - you simply can't "hear" everything your heart has to say.

  • Heart-Walls can block the heart energy from being emitted unhampered out of the body. This can make it more difficult to consciously open our hearts to others and to give love freely. If you're not present and conscious, the signals you are emitting out are also filtered (by Universal law what you put out, you receive!) so Heart-Walls may tamper with your abilities to attract success, abundance, or a love mate. 

  • Finally, Heart-Walls can block much of all external signals from reaching the heart itself, hampering your ability to receive love, energy healing and feel other positive emotions. This can contribute to feelings of loneliness, of disconnection to others, of depression; of being unwilling to change or forgive; or experiences of misunderstanding, prejudice or hatred.

Heart-Walls do not dissolve on their own but they can be taken down using the Emotion Code, one trapped emotion at a time. Safety will be the subconscious mind's primary concern here, so if it deems safe to let go of it then we may be able to clear a Heart-Wall in one concentrated effort. Often times though, multiple sessions are required - up to 5-6 - to allow the heart to re-calibrate energetically and mend in between releases. 


All my packages include thorough Heart-Wall clearings as foundational work, for I am convinced that they always yield, whether immediately or in time, very profound transformations.

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(2) Referred to as Epigenetics, or the science of "non-coding DNA ('no-longer-junk" DNA)

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