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         Welcome to the age of the heart (1),      


to the age where we "resonate with" instead of intellectualise our life through. Where intuition becomes our primary guide, allowing us to access deep states of flow and synchronistic life experiences so we can thrive. Where love, creativity, performance, abundance and so much else becomes readily available as the remembrance to tap into the unexplored depths of the heart space is activated in All. Where flowing with the natural erosion and renewal cycles of everyday life begins to feel easier, too. 

Revolutionary scientific discoveries from the last 30 years or so about the heart have just begun to make popular science headlines, encouraging us to shift the way we perceive it and its role in the body. In the section below, I present assimilable take-homes needed to grasp the importance of the heart as an organ, and the implications that this has for the metaphysical heart and for the Heart-Wall.


The Heart-Wall, as an energetic fortification around the heart unconsciously built to prevent hurt and pain to be felt too intensely, is one of the most acclaimed discoveries associated with the Emotion Code. It is often my first port of call working with clients, because it so greatly affects the deep yet subtle biochemistries of our bodies, 24/7. I expand on this key notion in the video linked here, and in the section further below.



The heart is now well established academically as the most powerful, electromagnetic organ in the body. Here's a snapshot of what modern science has gathered about it, and why this may be relevant for you visiting this page today.

  • We now know that the heart generates at least 60 to 1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than the cranial brain, in a doughnut-shaped field extending up to three metres past our bodies, called the torus field.

  • With neurocardiology and the discovery of a network of more than 40,000 specialized neural cells in the heart in 1991, scientists then showed that the heart can not only work independently of the cranial brain, but also sends commands to it and to every cell in the body, with every heartbeat. It can literally "think" for itself (think of transplant stories, where transplant recipients would sometimes receive the affinities and memories of the donor, along with their new heart)


Toroidal heart field. Illustration

by Geometric Models.

  • It has also now been established that the heart and the cranial brain/ the mind can actually function together as a powerful system regulating everything from our ability to embrace change in a healthy way, to reduce stress, access advanced states of creativity, enhanced perception and super-learning (2). When in a fully coherent, also called harmonised-, state, the heart-brain complex was even seen capable of signaling new, non-coding gene expression (3) and to insulate our bodies from the typical breakdowns from aging (4). One can access this through the self-regulation of low-frequency signals between the heart and the brain, through the practice of meditation, breathwork, myofascial release and heart space opening amongst other techniques (5). If the "altered states" industry is in full bloom today, it is thanks to these discoveries. Some of the highest performers in the world have already been harnessing elevated states of consciousness, for the past 10 years or more, to unlock their full human potential, solve critical challenges and outperform their competition (6). 

  • Electromagnetic frequencies radiating from the heart and directed at others have also been detected, regardless of physical distances, in the magnetic brain waves of the recipients. So when a person felt love or affection for another for example, the heartbeat of the person sending that love or affection was scientifically measurable in the brain waves of the recipient. This was shown to trigger positive, healing effects on their bodies, too (7)

So can you see just how powerful an open heart truly is? ​


Electromagnetic communication takes place between all of us, all the time, and the energy of the heart - of that central rose, in the core of our beings - is our very own, powerful broadcasting tower within. I've made it a central pillar of my practice and brand design because to me, this rose energy is to the fullest degree, the key to regaining our sense of wholeness, our wellbeing and our health.

But what if the heart energy isn't flowing as it is meant to? What if there is a Heart-Wall?

Rose Energy Quantum Healing UK - Heart-wall clearing - Aurélie Meneau

"The Heart-Wall - a very real production of our subconscious mind - has been one of the most important discoveries in energy medicine.


It is estimated that 93% of us have one today (8), which shows why so many of us are still anchored in the old, evolution-based beliefs of competition and survival.

For I have witnessed changes in mine and in the lives of many families, I believe that abiding in our fully open, Heart-Wall-free hearts will enable a more loving, abundance-minded, united human perspective. That it will give the empathy and compassion necessary for creating cross-cultural understanding and trust on the planet, for the generations to come. 

Opening hearts is my specialty.

I just love the (very tangible) ripples it creates across the cosmos."


Dr Aurélie Meneau, Ph.D.

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Accredited Quantum Healing Facilitator

Rose Energy Quantum Healing UK - Dr Bradley Nelson headshot - Aurélie Meneau
"by removing Heart-Walls we have seen cases of severe depression eliminated once and for all. We have seen marriages saved, abuse stopped, and lives turned around. We've seen beautiful, loving relationships begin. We've seen kids make better choices. We've seen peace restored."
Dr Bradley Nelson
Author of The Emotion Code & founder of Discover Healing TM



At some point in our lives most of us will experience a time when we feel heartbroken; a feeling of pressure or discomfort in the chest and throat that may occur when we perceive someone to hurt us or when we experience a deep sense of grief or loss. That's when the deepest part of us, the heart, becomes wounded. Often times the subconscious will use the energy of clustered, low-frequency trapped emotions (such as sadness, betrayal, grief, etc.) to form an energetic barrier or wall around the heart and shield it from further or repeated distress and hurt, This fortress around the heart is what's known as the Heart-Wall. It is very real, and can be extremely dense - acting as a filter or a distorted lense through which we will then perceive the rest of our life experiences until it is cleared.


Whilst it's a good thing we have this protection mechanism when we need it, I believe that the effect of living with a Heart-Wall in the long run is damaging, for reasons which build on the science described before.


Here are key elements to integrate about it, and why you should consider clearing it.

First of all, Heart-Walls can block the electromagnetic signals from the heart from flowing unhampered within the body: to all cells, and to the cranial brain especially. This can make it more difficult to reach a coherent or "digest and repair" state (as opposed to fight or flight) required for the body to heal itself, and it can cause physical symptoms, particularly in the neck, upper back and shoulders - leading to heart disease and other heart problems down the line, too. In addition, we may have more difficulty "following our heart" and connecting to our life purpose - we simply can't "hear" everything our heart has to say. In sessions focused on the Heart-Wall, I will often ask and can relay to you, at what percentage capacity your heart's messages are reaching other organs and glands intact at. We can then monitor progress as we move through the layers, and ultimately re-establish a 100% connection. 


Heart-Walls can block the heart energy from being emitted unhampered out of the body. The electromagnetic signals sent by the heart have to move through a dense wall of negative energies before reaching "the outside world", which means the original information is filtered and distorted to one degree or another. You may for example feel suceptible to being misunderstood by others, or feel as though your intentions are often miscontrued. This can make it more difficult to open our hearts to others and to give love freely. Concretely also, if the dominant trapped emotions around your heart are that of rejection in work, heartbreak after a separation, or fear of financial lack, then this is the tonality that the signals you are emitting will take on once they've passed through the Wall. This is what you unconsciously will communicate to your outer reality, and by Universal law, what you in turn will see reflected back to you. You may therefore be keeping a new job or partner at "arms length" unwillingly, because of that baggage stored in your subconscious is being picked up on by others subliminally. I have seen it manifest many times in my career as a practitioner; Heart-Walls do greatly tamper with our abilities to attract success, abundance, and a love mate or long-term partner.



Finally, Heart-Walls can block and/ or distort much of all external signals from reaching the heart itself, hindering our ability to receive love, energy healing and feel other positive emotions. If many of those layers are trapped emotions of rejection for example, then we'll have a tendency to look at our interactions with others through the lense of rejection - jumping to conclusions about someone's intent, or having more difficulty grasping their perspective. It can greatly impact our perception of reality (9), and can therefore contribute to feelings of loneliness, of disconnection to others, of depression; of being unwilling to change or forgive; or to more readily experience misunderstandings, prejudice or hatred.



Heart-Walls do not dissolve on their own, but they can be taken down using the Emotion Code soul technology, one trapped emotion at a time. Safety will be the subconscious mind's primary concern here, so if it deems safe to let go of it (if you are not in the midst of a challenging time emotionally), then we may be able to clear a Heart-Wall in one concentrated effort. Often times though, multiple sessions are required to allow the heart to re-calibrate energetically and mend in between releases. I also commonly find hidden protective sub-layers to a Heart-Wall which are beneficial to release for my clients. The subconscious may respond to them as "hidden", "invisible", "secret", "buried" or "inherited" Heart-Walls. I am usually guided to which is most pertinent/ highest priority to clear to bring my clients in closer vibrational alignment to their conscious intentions in session.


My Heart-Wall Transformation package targets the release of as many harmful layers around your heart as we can over 3 sessions, as foundational work. My fee includes a detailed session report sent on the day of each clearing, integration recommandations and a lifetime of email support. I thoroughly recommend to begin here as Heart-Wall clearings always yield, whether immediately or in time, very profound transformations.



Most of my clients will perceive changes in the way they feel inside before they notice new patterns emerge in their external world. This is because every reality shift always begins with a change in frequency within, i.e. as a change in inner perception. This may be subtle at the beginning - especially if you have many layers to clear around your heart - and of course it will look different for everyone based on our energetic landscapes and intentions, but feeling more positive emotions always transpires as a common result for my clients. It can be as simple as waking up with a sense of gratitude for life after years of depression, experiencing less conditional (and more unconditional) love for our loved ones, feeling some vitality coming back, being playful and happy "for no reason", experiencing more frequent states of flow and creativity bursts, seeing the blessings in challenging experiences, etc.


Your external reality as your mirror will then provide you with a soundboard to take stock and reflect on what changed inside. You might notice people respond differently to you, comment positively on your energy, appearance or soul qualities; you may also see more ideal clients reaching out to work with you, etc. I always recommend that you allow yourself some time to be still and feel what you feel after you have fully integrated from a session, so you do not miss the subtle wins and victories or attribute them to "luck". I for one do not believe in luck or coincidences - not in this vibrational Universe we live in!


Want more inspiration? Check out my conscious entrepreneur client @shereenclaritycoach's video testimonial below. Shereen chose to candidly share what she perceived changed in her inner world soon after her Heart-Wall was cleared. Hers is an example story of a profoundly brain-enriching inner experience and extraordinary lasting transformation, co-created in just a few sessions!

(1) Dr Bradley Nelson, Discover Healing TM

(2) See Greg Bradden's "The New Human Story"

(3) Referred to as Epigenetics, or the science of "non-coding DNA ('no-longer-junk" DNA)

(4) See for example and

(5) See for example the work of Dr Joe Dispenza

(6) See organisations like Nike or Navy SEALS, who are pursuing one of the peak states of consciousness known as flo.w. See also the works of Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal.

(7) See for example the work of McCraty "The Energetic Heart: Bioelectromagnetic communication Within and Between people" (2004) and McCraty, Atkinson and Tiller, "The Role of Physiological coherence in the Detection and Measurement of Cardiac Energy Exchange Between People" (1999) from the Institute of HeartMath.

(8) Source: Discover Healing TM

(9) Utlimately, our physical reality is only based on perception.



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