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Cette section regroupe les questions les plus fréquemment posées par mes clients. Les réponses qui les accompagnent seront, j’en suis certaine, d’un excellent soutien tout au long de votre parcours de guérison. Si toutefois certaines interrogations subsistaient, n'hésitez surtout pas à m'envoyer directement un courriel à Vous pouvez également me joindre via le formulaire de contact au bas de cette page. Je vous répondrai aussi rapidement que possible en fonction de mes disponibilités et rendez-vous.


  • How do you operate?
    For now I exclusively work remotely, in the quietness of my own home where I can feel most deeply in tune and guided, without interruptions or energetic disruptions. The sessions I facilitate currently are "email sessions", i.e. sessions I perform on your behalf (or on behalf of your child or pet), at a pre-agreed time/date but which do not require you to physically call in (or to be awake). I simply connect to your field, do the clearing, then email my findings in a report afterwards. This report can be in English or in French, at your request. Whilst fully remote sessions are my preferred way of working (they allow me to clear faster and on my own schedule, all the while saving you time. You do not need to travel for sessions, nor stay up in the middle of the night either, if you are located on the other side of the globe from me), I will be providing in-person healings in the future. Stay tuned!
  • How does distance healing work?
    I provide sessions remotely, connecting to the energy field of the receiver by quantum nonlocality. Please check out my Soul Technologies tab (Emotion Code & Star Magic) where I give my perspective on this as a physicist.
  • I am interested in your services. Where shall I begin?
    The first step I recommend is for you to book a 15 minute- free, non-committal Zoom consultation, so we get to know each other as individuals and discuss the best approach for your healing needs. This will allow me to recommend the best course of action based on the severity of your symptomatic expressions and on the nature of your blockages. If a video chat is not possible nor preferred, I recommend that you begin with a single Emotional clearing. For your first session you can either request a Heart-Wall clearing, to target a specific physical or emotional problem, or you can keep it more general and ask that I release the trapped emotions that are preventing you from achieving total wellness, abundance or your true potential. If you have a list of concerns and are unsure which to start with, leave it with me and I will work with the issue your subconscious knows and deems highest priority for you on the day.
  • What information will you request from me? Do I need to share my story?
    All I will need to work the quantum field on your behalf is a recent headshot photograph of yourself, your full name, your age and your written intentions for the healing. You do not need to revisit painful memories nor share anything from your past experiences at all with me - I actually often prefer to assist based on very little information, so the mind has less to grasp onto! You are, however, free to share as little or as much as you want to. Everything discussed or discovered will always be handled with utmost confidentiality.
  • I have booked a single Emotional Session. How do I prepare for it?
    For this type of frequency work you won't have to do anything other than be well hydrated ahead of your session time, and ready and willing to receive energy healing. You can go about your day as normal if you wish to - you can be working, sleeping, working out - or you can choose to sit back and relax for the duration of the session. It is entirely up to you and will not affect any of the work happening in the quantum space for you. If you choose to be at rest for the session, see if you can tune in to the very subtle sensations / energy movements / mind imagery that may arise within your body as I connect to you remotely. These would be indicators of what unfolds for you at the foundational level, and may provide you with a profoundly brain-enriching inner experience. Do not miss my Soul Technology > The Emotion Code tab for more information. There I describe the whole process in depth, from a scientific perspective.
  • I have booked a single Multi-dimensional session. How do I prepare for it?
    Please be sufficiently hydrated ahead of your session time, open and willing to heal, and at rest in a complete state of tranquility - ideally I would prefer you to be laid down (unplugged) for up to 60 minutes, without distractions. This is because occasionally the soul needs to carry out a "system reboot" for this deeper healing to be most effective (in which case you'd be invited to fall asleep, and if you do it would be perfect for your own process). If you remain awake however, simply try and detach from your body and feel what you feel / observe and welcome without judgment or condemnation any subtle sensations / emotions / mind imagery that may arise within your body, and make a mental note of them. These would be indicators of what unfolds for you at the foundational level, and may provide you with a profoundly brain-enriching inner experience. Do not miss my Soul Technologies > Multi-dimensional work tab for more information. There I describe the whole process in more depth, from a full quantum perspective.
  • Do you go into past lives?
    Yes I do! Timeline healing is a key component of the work that I do. It involves journeying through time and space to bring fragmented, traumatised aspects of the self "home". It is a complex process involving the identification of harmful thought and behavioural patterns over time across all of timelines, past, present and future, and the clearing of these imprints like you would wipe a computer drive. As a quantum healing facilitator, I have trained my mind and consciousness to go on these journeys and experience/ feel/ sense/ see these parallel timelines causing blockages as if they were happening now. I have also developed extensive experience in how to bring healing to them, either by releasing the emotional charge or scars attached to the traumatic event, or by co-creating alternate realities and quantum entangling the two on the frequency of unconditional love. Don't miss my Soul Technologies > Intro and Multi-dimensional work tabs where I cover this at length.
  • What is a healing intention and why is it important?
    Your intention for the healing represents what you would like to achieve and see shift in your physical reality. Consciously putting your thoughts and intents down in writing will help your subconscious mind locate the relevant "erroneous" files lodged in your body/ psyche, so it can bring them up to the surface of your body for me to clear during your session. An intention can target a specific emotional or physical issue, or you can keep it more general and ask that I release whatever is in the way of you achieving total wellness, abundance or your true potential. If you have a list of concerns and are unsure which to start with, leave it with me and I will work with the issue your subconscious knows and deems highest priority for you to work on on the day.
  • What can I expect to feel before, during, and after my session?"
    Receiving energy healing is like doing surgery on the body. We look for and remove "malignant" or destructive energies that need to be removed, then the energy body has to mend and re-calibrate to regain its balance. So downtime afterward and extra rest may be needed, as you would for an actual surgery. As you are one of a kind, the healing itself will manifest in individual ways. Before a scheduled session you might already feel emotions surface and changes take place at some level (for it is all happening in the now in the quantum field). During, you may feel sleepy, warm in places, cold, tingly; you may start to laugh or cry, get hiccups, yawn or cough. I know people who also experience memories, tears, blissful expansions of the self, powerful energy streams running down the body. Most often, healing is sleep-inducing. Other times, it can happen that you don't feel anything until the following day. During the time that we call "processing" - which ranges from a few days to a couple of weeks - you may experience changes in your sleeping pattern, vivid dreams or echoes of the emotions released may rise to the surface manifesting in emotional ups and downs or potential physical discomfort. This would be totally normal and transitory; it is the body's very own way of processing the flow of energy, until what was released completely shifts out of the energy field. It's worth mentioning that in 80% of cases, people do not notice experiencing any symptoms at all, and some even report feeling immediately lighter, calmer and relieved - like a tangible weight has been lifted off of their hearts and shoulders. So just stay open to that possibility - you are in absolute caring hands!
  • What can I expect to feel after I have integrated from my session(s) ?
    Most of my clients will perceive changes in the way they feel inside before they notice new patterns emerge in their external reality. This is because every reality shift always begins with a change in frequency within, i.e. as a change in inner perception. This may be subtle at the beginning, and of course it will look different for everyone based on our energetic landscapes and intentions, but feeling more positive emotions always transpires as a common result for my clients. It can be as simple as waking up with a sense of gratitude for life after years of depression, experiencing less conditional (and more unconditional) love for our loved ones, feeling some vitality coming back, being playful and happy "for no reason", experiencing more frequent states of flow and creativity bursts, seeing the blessings in challenging experiences, etc. Your external reality as your mirror will then provide you with a soundboard to take stock and reflect on what changed inside. You might notice people respond differently to you, comment positively on your energy, appearance or soul qualities; you may also see more ideal clients reaching out to work with you, etc. I always recommend that you allow yourself some time to be still and feel what you feel after you have fully integrated from a session, so you do not miss the subtle wins and victories or attribute them to "luck". There is no such thing as luck or coincidences - not in this vibrational Universe we live in! On rare occasions when a major re-alignment is required for a person (away from addictions, jobs or relationships no longer serving for example), someone's reality may brutally shift. You must be prepared to welcome and handle any changes that are brought about by this frequency work, as those will always come in response to your intentions. They just may come in a different way than you imagined it in your mind, which always is for your highest and greatest good/ growth. Want more inspiration and reassurance from those who've been through this transformative process with me? Be sure to check out my testimonials page!
  • How can I make my integration as comfortable as possible?
    Practicing good self-care, i.e. drinking plenty of water to help the energies circulate through your system, eating healthily, spending more time in nature and resting during processing is what I will always recommend to facilitate your body's own repair and restoration. Having faith is particularly useful with deeper physical wounds or diseases too, as they can take longer to eliminate. As "you" integrate, remember that it's the body's journey - that as it catches up to your level of consciousness and releases trauma ravelled up in your DNA, it is colossal re-adjustments of our subtle biochemistries that take place afterwards, as the body mends in between sessions. The process of bringing fragmented pieces of us home is how we can truly move forward in our life sabotage-free, but it isn't one that can be rushed - it is one that moves at the pace of the body; at the pace of love, well and truly.​
  • How do you report on what happens during the session?
    My fees include full reports by email or voice note, in which I relay what I identify, see, sense and facilitate on your behalf. Because the modalities/ sessions I offer vary greatly in nature, so does my reporting. Please head over to my Soul Technologies tab > Emotion Code and Multi-dimensional work, where I discuss the reports and their contents in more detail.
  • I cannot make sense of everything in my report. Is this an issue?
    If you cannot consciously put a memory to a trapped emotion that we released, or if you do not logically understand elements of your report that is okay- a trapped emotion needn't be big for it to imbalance your system, nor do you need to adhere to my belief systems for the session to be effective. There is in fact no need to intellectualise or bring any of it to the level of mind. This will be an experiential / feeling type of experience, so if you begin to feel a flicker of a lightness within, and/ or if you notice subtle shifts in perception, and/ or a gradual change in your relationships (how people or your external environment in general respond to your new energy) then this will be all that matters.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    It totally depends on how much toxicity you hold in your energy field, on its nature and how quickly your body responds after it allows a release. We are all unique, and so are our healing journeys! So whilst some people find relief immediately after the first clearing, it is not uncommon for others to require 2, 3 or more layers to be unpacked before some very tangible changes transpire at the level of matter. With very deep-seated issues or karmic patterns I often need to clear several layers from your multi-dimensionality (go fully quantum, see my Soul Technologies intro section). Remember that if the body could release all its trauma in one session it would probably send you into psychosis. This frequency work goes deep into your cellular memories, and we can only go at the pace of the body, which is the pace of love, well and truly.
  • Is this type of frequency work suitable for children and babies?
    Absolutely. Both modalities are effective, safe and gentle on young children. It is also one of my practitioner specialties. For more info please check out my "For Children" section under "Soul Technologies". I also share there a number of testimonies from parents who put their trust in me to support their children's health and wellbeing.
  • Do you work on animals?
    I absolutely do, but plan on phasing those out soon. I have helped countless animals (cats, dogs and horses to date) recover from suffering, discomfort, organ malfunction and troubles, as well as from behavioural issues such as aggressivity, fears, changes in appetite, sadness, stress, urinary problems, etc. My fees are discounted for animals (look for "Single Animal Healing"). As for all distance work all I need to proceed from a distance is their name, age and a photograph (Note that I may use the Emotion Code or multi-dimensional frequency work based on the nature and urgency of your animal's issue(s)).
  • I had my Heart-Wall removed last year. Could I have re-built it?
    Unfortunately the Heart-Wall can rebuild, yes. If you're navigating experiences that cause some old, untended-to wounds to be triggered then the subconscious will pull out (old and new) trapped emotions from your body and gather them around your tender heart again to protect it. Don't be alarmed as this is very common.
  • I am pregnant or believe I may be pregnant. Can I receive energy healing?
    Yes, there are no contraindications! One of the beautiful perks of the work I do is I can clear your child of any energetic burden we get to clear for yourself in session, should I find that you have passed it on to him/ her through the DNA. If you would like me to do so please let me know, all I need is your consent.
  • What is quantum entanglement?
    Quantum entanglement is the intentional "reconnection" of wave/ particle elements that were once joined through the void space, i,e, the re-correlation or re-unification of their quantum states, enabling actions performed on one to affect the other at the speed of consciousness (of light squared), even when separated by great physical distances. I cover this at length in my Soul Technologies ? The Emotion Code tab and more.
  • Where can I find more information on the science behind your work?
    I have made it a goal and mission of mine to share the science behind what I do, and have populated my site with nuggets of information for all to access (my physicist self wouldn't have it any other way!) I recommend you begin with my Soul Technologies > Intro tab and go from there.

Clause de non-responsabilité: Le soin énergétique est largement reconnu comme un complément précieux et efficace aux traitements médicaux conventionnels, mais il ne les remplace pas. Rien sur ce site Web n'est destiné à constituer un avis médical et les informations qu'il contient ne doivent donc pas remplacer un diagnostic ou un traitement médical. Le but de cette plateforme n’est pas de créer une relation médecin-patient, de se substituer à une consultation avec un professionnel de la santé ou d’en encourager l’abandon. Si vous avez des questions ou des préoccupations concernant votre santé, contactez votre prestataire de soins.

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