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Have you been seeking an effective and natural approach to find relief from chronic or sudden ill health, painful discomfort, stress or heartache? Has a condition (and allopathic medicine) left you feeling trapped and looking for a better solution? 


Are you looking for ways to unleash a more expressive, open and empowered version of yourself?

To unlock states of flow and abundance in all your spheres of life - money, romance, career?

To finally experience inner freedom, a renewal in or higher-quality relationships?

Are you perhaps struggling with confidence and creativity blocks, holding you back from sharing your gifts with the world?

Are you hearing the inner call to awaken your deep intuition, superperception and longevity potential?

To drop the limiting patterns and deep cellular imprints causing you to feel anxious, low self-esteem, and self-sabotage?

Whatever the reason, if you find yourself suffering from difficulties, feeling inner resistance or blocked from moving forward in any area of your life, know that this could simply be the physical manifestation of unprocessed, trapped emotional energies and other adverse frequencies/ vibrational patterns stagnant within the mind-body complex. I in fact believe that ALL symptomatic imbalances we may be suffering from in the present moment are the expression of unconscious energies that exist within us as a result of intense times of emotional turmoil or traumatic events that happened in the past - whether they are strictly ours, absorbed from others or passed down the blood line through our DNA.


Emotions are the language of the Universe, and of the body - by communicating with its wisdom (i.e. with the subconscious mind), it is possible to determine with high accuracy the very trapped frequencies that cause or contribute to the mental, emotional and physical issues you are seeking to heal from. I can permanently release these energies from your electromagnetic field (I describe how, at length, in my Soul Technologies tab), offering those willing to heal themselves and their children the opportunity to ease and find deep inner resolve for these issues. The shifts are often very tangible, sudden and profound, rippling out beyond our own sphere and plane of existence in ways we cannot yet consciously fathom.

Trapped emotions and negative trauma imprints have been reported to be a contributing factor, if not the entire root cause, of all of these example mind/body indicators (1). ​ Have you or anyone you know been struggling with any of these symtoms? 

Digestive troubles

Abdominal discomfort

Feeling tired all the time

Loss of vitality

Lack of mobility

Poor focus

Learning difficulties

Trouble sleeping

Issues with bedwetting

Night terrors

Money issues

Feeling low, sadness (see Heart-Wall)

Feeling insecure, unworthy, worthless


Feeling unhappy, uneasy, unfulfilled

Feeling stressed, distressed

Feeling fear, dread, panic

Reliving painful memories, flashbacks

Poor habits and obsessions

Unbalanced relationship with food

Weight issues

Creativity stumps

Discomfort during menstruation

Feeling ill during pregnancy

Trouble conceiving

Trouble with blood sugar levels

Blood pressure imbalance

Itchy eyes or skin

Skin problems

Hormonal imbalances

Recurring coughs

Sinus issues

Low confidence / self-esteem

I believe darker emotional experiences such as those below are often the root cause of down-the-line, mental and physical suffering. 

The loss of a loved one

Divorce or relationship issues

Financial hardship

Short or long term home stress

Short or long term workstress

Miscarriage or abortion

Physical suffering / difficulties

Physical or Emotional combat

Mental or verbal abuse

Physical and sexual abuse

Negative Self-talk

Judgements about yourself, about others


Illness, difficult Dr's diagnosis

Feelings of inferiority

Repression of feelings



Releasing trapped emotions and other forms of harmful density from our cellular memory is precise and powerful, but it is not the cure in itself. It is important to understand that the frequency work I offer simply assists to restore balance to the body and energy field so the body's natural healing abilities are allowed to return and take over. Because our bodies are all different in their energetic make-up, it is never possible to make a guarantee about the results, nor whether they may be felt immediately or gradually. However I trust that adding to sessions a strong willingness in your heart and mind to get better, adding a supportive, health-promoting diet and lifestyle, as well as a stress-free, (self) loving environment, then one can only super-charge their path to recovery! 

Ready to get started? 

Browse my Soul technologies and Videos section, as well as the below tabs for more information. You should find plenty of inspiration from the many reviews that now feature on my testimonial page also. And when you're all set, let's connect - I'll explain my vista on all things quantum and their relation to health, wellbeing and performance, how my practice could initiate a deep positive change process for you and your loved ones, and I'll gladly answer any queries you haven't found answers to on this platform.




Dr Aurélie Meneau from Rose Energy Quantum Healing

"The very foundation of our observable reality is all mathematics, it's all code. By combining feminine heart-centeredness, my passion for modern physics/ all things cutting-edge as well as my established practice in the planet's most powerful healing ways I know, I vow to assist all who trust that there is more available to them and their families in this life. To positively change perceived physical realities one layer of distortion, one limiting program at a time. Because deconstructing realities and creating new ones from the quantum (zero point) field is not only possible, it is easy. And I desire for the world at large to know this; for every man, woman and child alive to benefit from this in the highest interest of all. Changing your belief systems and worldview? If I can, so can you!"


Dr Aurélie Meneau, Ph.D. 

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Accredited Quantum Healing Facilitator



The sessions I offer are designed to help you feel better emotionally, function better physically, so you may feel yourself come home to yourself towards achieving total wellness and your true potential. They are intended to support you return to full energetic balance, so you can leave undesired behavioural patterns behind, settle where you check out and disconnect from your wholeness. It can help you develop better relationships with yourself, your body and others. So you can simply feel happier, more serene, secure and empowered - safe, in the knowing that it is possible to let go of emotional baggage and ultimately, of all your life stressors. So it can facilitate deep cellular regeneration and the resolve of deeply anchored physical issues, by unpacking trauma at the root and not by merely suppressing the body's alarm signals or symptoms. So you can thrive and shine in all dimensions of life as is your birthright, by helping you retrieve a blank canvas to work from and prevent your past from intruding on your present moment. ​

Disclaimer: Energy Healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care, it is not a substitute. Nothing on this website is intended as medical advice and therefore the information therein should not replace medical diagnosis or treatment. It is not intended to create any physician-patient relationship, and it should not be considered a replacement for a consultation with a healthcare professional nor does it encourage its abandonment. If you have questions or concerns about your health, contact your healthcare provider. 

(1) Source: Discover Healing TM, The Emotion Code book.



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