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We often think of children as innocent beings who have yet to acquire the excess emotional baggage that comes with growing up and life's experiences. Sadly, children can have trapped emotions, Heart-Walls, and many other negative energetic imprints, too.


From the moment they are born, children's energy bodies already hold many emotional imprints including those they received from a parent at the moment of conception, and those they carry over from "past" soul incarnations (which all form part of their DNA), Being birthed into the physical world itself, even in the most ideal circumstances, is often a time when I find a number of trapped emotions and trauma imprints to be generated/ get stuck in the body also. And as they develop and experience the world, welcome a sibling perhaps, go to school, attend family events, etc. they will further trap harmful energies, until they learn to process their emotions and self-regulate. These energies always include limiting, negative core beliefs and programs digested from their environment, for their subconscious acts as a "sponge" up to the age of 7 (this is associated with pronounced theta brain wave activity, making them very suggestible to information (1)). These energies also almost always include a damaging type of trapped emotions called "absorbed" emotions, which I cover in the section below.

  • Is your child having issues with bedwetting, night terrors or sleep in general? ​

  • From poor focus, a lack of or "too much" energy, or from learning difficulties? ​

  • Is he or she anxious, insecure, sad or withdrawn and you cannot understand why? ​

  • Does he or she have agressive or destructive tendencies, consistently making "poor" choices? ​

  • Is their immunity compromised in any way?

Absorbed, inherited trapped emotions & deep soul trauma imprints are guaranteed to be involved. 


Absorbed emotions are low-frequency energies generated by people which children will fully take on and absorb in their energy bodies. These are frequent in adults as well, but children - as infinite, not-yet-fully-conditioned beings - have a tendency to take on the energetic burden and help us adults feel better. This energetic exchange is subtle but very real. Many children carry, for example, the energetic signature of emotions absorbed as early as in the womb, from their mother during the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Emotions absorbed from siblings, parents and caretakers are common too - sometimes life is challenging even in wonderful homes and under the best of circumstances. Sadly though, I find that they always contribute to low-functioning immune systems, to intense emotional turmoil and physical troubles which are not rooted in a child's genetic make-up. 

"I am so fiercely passionate about helping young lives I have made it a part of my life mission (my "why" is rooted in personal trauma, I talk about it more in my bio and personal mission statement).


It is my conviction that the new generations are indeed meant to thrive and shine in this world of extremes as their authentic, confident, sovereign and perfectly-healthy creator selves. And that to support this at this time, there is much re-balancing and inner restoring we can do,


Much healing, but the kind that must take place at the root in my opinion - i.e. at the mind and metaphysical levels - and not by trying to change matter with matter.


To me, this is the solution to achieving profound, lasting transformations in our collective physical reality."


Dr Aurélie Meneau, Ph.D.

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Accredited Quantum Healing Facilitator

Rose Energy Quantum Healing - Dr Aurélie Meneau
Rose Energy Quantum Healing for chilldren



If you feel the pull, I encourage you to have your child checked for trapped emotions, for a Heart-Wall and other harmful imprints they may be carrying the energetic residuals of in their biofields. Both the Emotion Code and my multi-dimensional sessions are wonderful sacred tools one can use to support their release, and as quantum healing modalities they are safe, gentle and non-invasive - even for babies. Babies especially tend to respond well to deep quantum healing work (see Naima's testimonial below on behalf of her 4 month old granddaughter) and because there is no placebo effect, the benefits are often immediate and palpably felt in the physical.


"I don't have words to express the power of my gratitude to Aurélie. My granddaughter Maya, aged 4 months old, was evacuated on May 10th to the hospital for an emergency case of meningitis and sepsis. In the ambulance, she went into a coma. She was put in an artificial coma to keep her alive, her vital prognosis was engaged. I immediately called Aurélie, who facilitated a healing for her that same afternoon. In the evening, her scan results were good and encouraging. 48 hours later, her condition was no longer life threatening and they could put a stop to her artifical coma. Now, she is slowly coming back to life. It is a true miracle, given her young age and the combination of this severe form of bacterial meningitis and sepsis. [...] I am a lot more serene and peaceful. I, times a thousand, recommend Aurélie, her power, her professionalism, her generosity, her tenderness, her love, her humanity. She is an Angel her on Earth to help us, this I am convinced of. Naima"

Naima - April 2021

Like tuning a sticking piano key restores harmony to the whole, I have witnessed relationships and overall family dynamics improve and often resolve, too, from restoring balance and energy flow to a single child in the family (my client Raluca's testimonial below bears witness to this). Facilitating a session on one member of the family indeed creates a vibrational shift in the fabric of reality which ripples out like a wave and positively impact others in the viscinity. That being said, I find that results are exponentially more potent when the whole family receives a clearing and raises their base frequency at the same time. Tensions dissolve, distorted perceptions vanish, and any resentment, bitterness or feelings of betrayal (including those you carry from past lives shared with your loved one) are allowed to no longer take centre stage. Entire-family quantum healing sessions have become increasingly more popular in my practice for good reason: the value they bring often goes beyond that which one can possibly fathom!


"Thank you, [ my son ] is metamorphosed and he felt it during the clearing session! We had put on some soothing music, it was great... he said word-for-word "mum, Aurélie has started to heal me I can feel it in my heart". Quite astounding, he drew labrynths and squares throughout the whole session.... I feel connected to my boys tonight more than ever. [ His brother ] felt his brother's wellbeing and he laughs a lot! He also needs you to move forward now. [....] Thank you for everything."

Raluca - November 2021
Rose Energy Quantum Healing


The processes through which I will connect to them in session are the same as those I describe for adults. All I will need is their name, their age, a headshot photograph and your intention for the healing, no matter where they may geographically be located. Depending on their age, level of maturity and wisdom you may want to include them in the process of course (check out my "explaining energy healing to a 5 year old" blog post), however I can usually act as their proxy up to the age of 16, as long as I have parental consent. This means that it isn't required for them to consciously know about and experience the session, if it isn't preferred. They can be asleep or on the move depending on the type of session; and as such it won't affect the work that unfolds for them at the energetic level,


Is there an aspect of your child's life or of your life as a family you wish could be different?

Do you suspect emotional baggage to be in the way of the best version of themselves?

What would it be worth to you to see it resolved?

Give family quantum healing a go today - sit back, relax and welcome all the magical possible ways your daily reality could shift as a result of this powerful frequency work. Investing in your family this way may be one of the most rewarding, heart-melting experiences you get to create in this lifetime,

and I certainly wouldn't want you to miss out x



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