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Working multi-dimensionnally is a paradigm-shifting, game-changing way to facilitate the body's inherent healing processes by rapidly dissolving deep trauma and reconfiguring you at your very core. For this I rely on my trained extrasensory perception (psychic abilities) and loving intent to shift the programming or data that created an adverse or resisting pattern in your DNA, a symptomatic bodily expression and/ or any other distorted perception or worldview lense negatively affecting your lived experience. I do this collaboratively, tapping into the rich fabric of space-time itself - into the holographic fields of information that we are and that surround us - to access your individual frequency signature/ soul records and leave no stones unturned; roaming your entire cellular memory for answers as to the root cause of your ailments or blocks, and facilitating transmutations across all existential planes your soul is having experiences in. Please read on for more info, and make sure you familiarise yourself with this section on multi-dimensionality and quantum healing before diving in further.


Whilst the Emotion Code focuses on the emotional subtle body/ trapped emotions alone, "going in multi-dimensionally" indeed gives me access to all the layers and densities of my client's energy fields - to the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual energy bodies - without limits to the "dis-ease" that has the potential to be shifted and resolved. I work to identify and mend the root causes and contributors to cellular degenerescence/ imbalances within all of these subtle energy planes, and I do it as a whole - no longer pulling out clusters of harmful frequencies in a discrete fashion like I do with the Emotion Code. Working as a whole means that I am able to change the overarching code or program running your body and brain that created them, making substantial adjustments into the back end of your biological computer/ psyche in several large "sittings". I have developped my own set of healing tools and abilities based on experiential learning to give you the opportunity to repair and upgrade all parts of your holographic template very quickly, exponentially increasing the probabilities for full, rapid and expansive transformations to show up in your physical reality compared to the Emotion Code alone.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of what I have been guided to address on behalf of my clients since practising this deeper frequency work full time, in response to their healing intentions (for a multi-dimensional healing session). Some of the listed items may be relevant or important for your own process, so regardless of whether they "exist" in your system of beliefs or not, I would like to invite you to observe your body as you scan through this list - is it drawing your awareness to a specific element? I have found that we can each carry these types of toxic loads in our systems (going beyond simple trapped emotions), and that if these are in the way of your conscious goals - whether you want to eliminate/ dissolve an illness or disease, elevate your business performance, take your vitality to the next level, unlock blocks in relationships, discover your love for yourself, your life purpose, etc. then your subconscious mind will happily bring them to the surface of your body for me to clear in session. 

Re-connection of younger aspects of self stuck in trauma/ fragmented away in the psyche (inner child work)

"Past" life healing: collapse or re-rewrite of traumatic timelines across frequency bands, realities and dimensions

Release of stagnant emotional energies

Re-alignment and purification of your 13 energy transmission centers (called chakras in some belief systems)

Meridian system re-balancing/ unblocking

Clearing of harmful core beliefs, post-hypnotic suggestions, broadcast messages and negative mental programming


Clearing of negative karma, of curses and of old soul contracts no longer serving

Clearing of ancestral / transgenerational adverse patterns and blockages (from the entire family lineage)

Clearing of unhealthy energetic cords

Clearing of physical toxicity/ pathogenic activity to assist the body recover from physical illnesses

Assistance in hormonal rebalancing

Re-connection to soul family, to your divine blueprint

Soul split / deep fracture mending (multiple personality disorders, etc.)

DNA activations and upgrades, remembrance of personal soul contracts, lessons and mission

Aura cleansing

Merkabah activation


Dr Aurélie Meneau, Ph.D. 

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Accredited Quantum Healing Facilitator

"If you've had the realisation that you are navigating your life according to an unhelpful set of core beliefs;

if you are noticing recurring events playing out in your reality and feel helpless in course correcting/ changing the narrative;

or if you're simply running an auto-pilot pattern that seem to constantly be pulling you out of alignment with your self-realisation goals,

I invite you to make my multi-dimensional sessions

a part of your lived experience today. 

Through this cutting edge form of quantum healing, I will go and find out what created said pattern or belief system on your behalf and collapse it. The original trigger could be from the time you were born to now, though this is seldom just the tip of the iceberg. Most of us have had/ are having incarnations elsewhere, and are unconsciously downloading not-so-positive information streams from those experiences with every heart beat. These are likely to be creating and/ or contributing to the disharmony, discordance and feelings of being out of equilibrium which you may be experiencing in your now.

My job as a facilitator is to find these information streams - the relevant light codes, at the most fundamental level - then to unplug you from them. I can then plug you into ones that expand you and empower you - into love, unity, abundance. It can happen very swiftly."

Rose Energy Quantum Healing


To exploit this type of soul technology/ gifts I consciously alter my brain waves to bring myself into a deeper state of heart-brain coherence (meditative state) than when I practice the Emotion Code. If I am working at a distance, I will bring up a hologram of you in my secured, energetically gridded healing space then quantum entangle it with your physical body. I will then set my intention for the highest, most beneficial healing steps to be shown to me in response to your intentions, and will operate as a receiver/ facilitator of universal intelligence in the zero point field, on the frequency of unconditional love. The information (frequencies) I receive from the field pertaining to your healing will typically be transduced by my pineal gland into images, sounds, feelings and clair-knowings. I can then act upon them, in the specific sequence that will be shown to me. The subconscious part of our mind indeed knows exactly how to get you better, and what needs to be released or unlocked before a disconnected part of you feels safe enough to show up and be released.


As an Accredited quantum healing facilitator, I have trained myself to question, trust, and innerstand the intelligence at play when I cooperatively co-create in the void space with it. I have learnt to get "out of the way" - to work with it from a "right-brain", non-logical standpoint - in order to intentionally allow the highest healing potential available to you in session. And I will always open my heart space wide as I do, or I will simply not do it at all.


There is no need for us to establish a physical connection through video or phone during the session. I will simply connect to your specific energetic signature in the void space based on a photograph of you, on your name and intentions for the healing (read how distance healing works in this section on quantum entanglement).

For this deeper type of frequency work I do ask that you please be fully at rest/ in a state of relaxation, ideally laying down without distractions. This is because occasionally the soul requires the mind to be fully out of the way to carry out a "system reboot" (in which case you'll be invited to fall asleep), in order to anchor in the frequency shifts. If you remain awake, simply savour this time to be with yourself and unplug from the busy-ness of the physical world. I encourage you to drop from the mind into your body fully, and to feel what you feel; to observe and welcome without judgement or condemnation any subtle sensations, any emotions, memories or mind imagery that may arise within your body and awareness. These would be indicators of what unfolds for you at the quantum level, and so making a mental note of them might provide you with the validation your mind seeks to consciously take part in the healing process, as you later peruse your report.


Note that depending on how connected you are to your physical body you may feel a lot of "unusual" activity (from tingling to big releases like crying or laughing, some clients also report feeling me working on them, getting visions of past lives as I facilitate the healing there, etc.), or you may not feel much at all. Whatever your experience is on the day will be perfect for your own process.


For more information on intention setting and mental preparation please check out my FAQ section


Since I operate at a dimension that is beyond logic, the reports I share by email upon completing a multi-dimensional session tend to reflect this. Away from the order and structure of emotional session reports, I get to relay here instead the metaphors and puzzles, colors and shapes, or any other intricate imagery I am given to work with by your subconscious mind. If you are meant to have them (to take a more active role in your releasing for example), I may be invited to channel the interpretations of symbols and allegories I am working with from your Highest Self. Regardless, please just let your imagination flow as you read/ listen to your report. The conscious mind purposely has less to grasp onto, so there is more space for you to *feel* your experience through your six senses.

For it allows me to transmit more healing frequencies through voice, your report will come through to you as an audio recording as standard (between 30 and 50 minutes-long). If for a specific reason a typed up report is more convenient then please let me know also, as I will happily adjust my work flow to account for this (depending on my schedule). 

Would you rather not know the details of what happened in session? Please do let me know also (this may be relevant in cases of severe trauma and PTSD, for example). You certainly do not need to intellectualise any elements of the report for the process to be effective alone.

list of healing steps



Multi-dimensional frequency work (as is the Emotion Code) is absolutely geared for the rest of the family. It is effective, safe and gentle on the young generation, including on babies - and it is one of my practitioner specialties. You may want to read a more thorough review of how it applies to children, here; on this page I also share a number of testimonies from parents who put their trust in me to support their children's health and wellbeing with compelling results.



With this modality I have also helped countless animals (cats, dogs and horses to date) recover from suffering, discomfort, organ malfunction and troubles, as well as from behavioural issues such as aggressivity, fears, changes in appetite, sadness, stress, urinary problems, etc. If your animal's issue is physical, severe or pressing then I may be guided to work multi-dimensionally. on them. As with children all I need will be a photograph, their name, age and your consent to proceed from a distance.


Update January 2023: Now phased out to focus on children and adults.

(1) See for example the work of Nassim Haramein and of the Resonance Science Foundation.



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