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Hi there, thank you for visitng this page! Here's a little bit about who I am and what is behind Rose Energy Quantum Healing, so my energy can ripple across spacetime and those meant to receive healing and activations from me find me. I intend for this short account of my personal journey and vision to heal you, empower you and inspire you to rise to the fullness of your greatness too! xx

Dr Aurélie Meneau from Rose Energy Quantum Healing


I began my professional career as a corporate Research & Development nanotechnologist for Big Pharma. Holding a PhD in Physics from Cambridge, I travelled across the world to meet customers, run tradeshows, and give conference presentations as an expert on the next generation "green" electronic materials for the display industry. My perspective was focused, my worldview disconnected - far from me was the idea of a fully interconnected, cooperative Universe until I hit a time of personal crisis in 2016. Within the space of 2 years, I navigated a series of painful life refiners which stripped me of all self-esteem, self-concepts and identifications to form - these included the passing of my mother, of other close family members and friends, the end of my marriage, the erosion of my homes and support systems, a workplace shutdown/ redundancy, and a personal health decline with depression and other chronic auto-immune expressions. These were catalysts to my transformation, a foreword to a profound awakening in consciousness, and to the development of my empathic tendencies into fully functioning intuitive abilities.


So I took time out to rest and heal, to study metaphysics, epigenetics, psychology and the new Physics. I took an interest in energy healing practices too, and rapidly dived in to convert as an accredited practitioner - working the unified field shook my cartesian, physicist-programming to its core foundations but it felt innate, and made total existential sense to me. In 2020, the calling to serve became too big (to listen to my doubts and fears) so Rose Energy was launched, just before the pandemic (I share more in this youtube video).


Today, bridging frontier science and quantum healing to solve human health, wellbeing and performance challenges the drug-free way is my second and full time career. I run my client practice exclusively remotely for now, from France and other places I travel to - to prove a point (see previous posts on energy healing at a distance) but mostly to honor my most innocent desires for freedom and adventure at this time. And because I choose to do business differently too - with utmost feminine heart-centeredness and the seamless integration of my scientific/ spiritual expertise, experiences and perspectives into every part of my offering - over 95 % of my clients have returned to book sessions for themselves or their loved ones today. An achievement I am proud to relay on the infographic here, along with the many testimonies I was gifted from clients over this three year period. The rapid and lasting results I have witnessed unfold for nearly 350 of them worldwide have certainly comforted me in this career direction, and empowered me with a sense of a mission (see my personal vision/ mission statement further down this page).


As a lover of all things cutting-edge and ambassador for the new scientific worldview, I am also passionate about raising awareness/ challenging the statu quo on bio- and zero-point energy, on the quantum workings of the Universe, on self-healing. I enjoy deconstructing outdated paradigms of reality in physics especially, so humanity can elevate and move beyond 300 years of false assumptions and limiting narratives in this arena. I channel this into blogging and since 2023, into video transmissions which I share on this website, on Youtube and other social media platforms. Something that feels most authentically-perfect for me at this time, alongside my cherished client work!

So here I am today with Rose Energy Quantum Healing, having taken a leap of faith answering the deeper callings of my soul, and striving to contribute something extraordinary to mankind. Here I am honoring my purpose as a healer, and the mastery of polarity integration energetics I was trained for over thousands of lifetimes. Here I am showing up as a leader and guide in an emerging field, having moved through much uncomfortable-ness in this lifetime too, so I could most profoundly relate to you.

Thank you to All of you for reading, and for your support always on my journey xoxo

Dr Aurélie Meneau from Rose Energy Quantum Healing
The Rose behind Rose Energy Quantum Healing



I envision a world where every human being is aware of their own capacity to rise above the pain, to take care of their psyche and self-heal. A world where bioenergy and the quantum workings of the Universe are eventually understood by all, and taught at school. A world where holistic healers work alongside western medicine, to treat not just the symptoms but the root causes of patients' illnesses. A world where the best of all approaches well and truly work in harmony for the utmost benefit of mankind. With Rose Energy Quantum Healing, I am committed to making an impact bringing this vision to life, one open heart at a time. I dream of playing a part in the integration of energy medicine within existing, traditional healthcare platforms - specifically for young cancer patients, which is a cause dear to my heart. For now I feel called to help all who are committed to returning to their joyful self and embrace the abundant, loving, blissful life they rightfully deserve; to hold space and support those who are ready to dissolve their Heart-Walls and let go of the energetic junk that may stand in the way of that. 

So trust that niggling feeling, and start your healing journey today. I bet your soul is aching for it.

From my rose heart to yours,


Dr Aurélie Meneau, Ph.D.  
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Accredited Quantum Healing Facilitator
Dr Aurélie Meneau from Rose Energy Quantum Healing Aquarelle by Solene Carpentier

Artwork by Solene Carpentier

for Rose Energy Quantum Healing

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