Thank you for visiting my page! I am thrilled and grateful that you are taking the time to learn more about me and my story. Stories do heal, and I choose to candidly share mine here with love. May it empower you and inspire you to rise to the fullness of your greatness!


My name is Aurélie Meneau and helping others as an energy healing facilitator is my second career and present calling. I am passionate about quantum physics, metaphysics, heart-brain coherence, psychology, epigenetics - just about everything quantum and its relation to health and wellbeing! I currently live a heart-centered life by the beach on lovely Hayling Island, in the south of England, I am what one would call an intuitive empath - sensitive and tuned in - a core soul trait I allowed to re-emerge when I left my corporate Research and Development job in 2019. There, I identified as a successful physicist and manager, as a Cambridge Doctor in Physics, but one that would often feel burnt out. Exhausted by the long hours and lack of play, by external- and self-imposed pressures, and in truth, by living a life of inauthenticity.​


How does a very rational, left-brained scientist develop an interest in all things non-physical and in energy medicine, specifically? I don't have any parent, caregiver or family in the healing arts, western or integrative, but what I did have all my life was that subtle, niggling feeling that I was in the wrong job, pursuing the wrong career. I didn't listen though. After all I had spent all these years studying for my prestigious degrees, plus I enjoyed the world of classical nanophysics I had dived into. Part of me was also driven by the need to follow society's conventions, playing small and making sure I would fit in wherever I was. 

In 2015 my life as I knew it came crashing down completely over the course of 3 years - a Life Refiner as they call it - stripping me of all self-concept, that is of the self-constructed identity my ego had so lovingly built to protect me. I went through a series of what one would call tragedies. Sudden, multiple losses in all areas of life including the deaths of close family and friends, a painful divorce, having to sell my homes, let go of my cushy lifestyle and many friends in the process, and as a final push from my Universe, I was unexpectedly made redundant from my Big Pharma, comfort-zone job. This collapse started with my mother's pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2015, rapid decline and passing during Christmas 2016. My mental health quickly spiralled down at that time but my beliefs had me adamant that no one had to know. So I threw myself into work and developed other coping mechanisms, always putting the oxygen mask on others before I would put mine on, if I would put it on at all. Hiding my heartaches and depression became second nature, and I thought I would have to live with all that emotional baggage forever.

Brutally losing my 3 year old niece to leukemia over the 2018 Christmas break was the final blow and catalyst to my transformation. I could no longer hide my suffering, the intense pain and sorrow I felt so deeply within my being. Was life even worth living? Did my family and I deserve all this suffering at once? And who on earth was I, if I no longer was a wife, a daughter, an aunt and the happy, joyful, nurturing woman, sister and colleague "I" had always thought I was? One morning in January 2019, as I was looking at old family photographs through a sea of tears it hit me: I was born from love, for love; there IS more to life and to this reality than we perceive and acknowledge; plus I had this inner knowing that my greatest sufferings happened for me, not to me. That these were to crack me wide open, so that I would experience this very moment at age 33: my spiritual awakening. This sudden shift in consciousness, I would later know, would change the course of my life forever. I soon began to sense and perceive energy beyond our physical reality, my heart started to open up again and my intuition returned. That's when I chose to drop the left-brained "I'll believe it when I see it" for a whole new paradigm for me: "I'll see it when I believe it".

After that came a lot of honest soul-remembering, a few Dark Nights of the Soul, and letting go of that which no longer was in alignment with my values and spirit. So I let go of the 9-to-5, of my career as a physicist and endeavoured to take my power back, to learn to self-care and heal my deepest wounds. I came across the Emotion Code, which profoundly resonated within, and began using it on myself, friends and family with astounding results. Naturally, healing and personal mastery are a life-long journey but since being on this path I have discovered new-found passions, I have been exploring my inner world as a fearless Truth finder and I have returned to living a more authentic, fulfilling and balanced life, dedicated to making an impact being of service to myself and others.


So here I am today with Rose Energy Quantum Healing. Taking a leap of faith answering the deeper callings of my soul, building - as if by design - on my physics background. Honouring my need for freedom, my innate empathetic gifts and the long-repressed, divine feminine energy within. Owning my purpose as a healer, and doing that which I love and brings me joy every day. Simply showing up in the world, with unconditional love and light to assist you, your family and pets, through this extremely powerful, quantum modality that is the Emotion Code.



I envision a world where every human being is aware of their own capacity to rise above the pain, to take care of their psyche and self-heal. A world where bioenergy and the quantum workings of the Universe are eventually understood by all, and taught at school. A world where energy healers work alongside western medicine, to treat not just the symptoms but the root causes of patients' illnesses. A world where the best of all approaches well and truly work in harmony for the utmost benefit of mankind and of the animal kingdom. With Rose Energy Quantum Healing, I am committed to making an impact bringing this vision to life, one open heart at a time. I dream of playing a part in the integration of energy medicine within existing, traditional healthcare platforms - specifically for young cancer patients, which is a cause dear to my heart. For now I feel called to help all who are committed to returning to their joyful self and embrace the abundant, loving, blissful life they rightfully deserve; to hold space and support those who are ready to dissolve their Heart-Walls and let go of the energetic junk that may stand in the way of that. 

So trust that niggling feeling, and start your healing journey today. I bet your soul is aching for it.

From my rose heart to yours,


Dr Aurélie Meneau, Ph.D. 
Physicist & Certified Emotion Code Practitioner