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Energy healing at a distance: diving deeper

A while back I shared my perspective on energy healing at a distance - I talked about quantum entanglement, speed of consciousness, how that worked in practice. I'd like to go deeper.

If you've ever had a conversation with me about the physical world, you may have heard me speak about a holographic space that we can sense. About ALL possible and imagineable information collected from and about the Universe itself being stored holographically, present in every point, throughout the structure of spacetime. This "every point" is the smallest unit of field capable of storing such a density of data - the new Physics* refer to it as the Planck sphere, and it is estimated to be a billion trillion times smaller than the proton (yet so much heavier). Why is this relevant? It is relevant because it means that every Planck sphere, every proton therefore, must be encoded with ALL THINGS. It includes information about us too. Our DNA, our stories, gifts and soul injuries.

I experience this as truth every day within the realms of my work. What I do can be akin to retrieving data from human-body protons, attuning to the information that electromagnetically pours in and out of my clients, with my brain as the antennae of the radio set and my heart as its tuning dial. Receiving keys and codes pertaining to their personal emotional, physical and spiritual healths, so that the very knots that create stagnancy in their biofields can be released. Knots that create "ego" resistance to showing up as their most authentic voice, soul expression or in their truest potential.

What I am saying is that ALL is accessible to the quantum healer through a single proton.

A single proton right here in my space, so you don't need to travel to me for sessions.

This is the basis of energy medicine at a distance peeps, and it's changing the landscape of healthcare at a rapid rate.

So I'd like to invite you to dive in today, and allow me to help you repair, grow and evolve - the drug-free way.

Through you, the Universe learns about itself and expands. Moving forward and through is the only way it wants you to.

Have a great week ahead everybody xxx

With love,


*See Culminating with Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass (Haramein, 2013)

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