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An overview, my perspective


As a physicist and quantum healing facilitator, I believe our cellular make-up at a vibrational level to be that through which we experience and co-create our realities in the physical. Like biological computers, the quality and content of our operating system (the sum of all our conscious, unconscious and subconscious programming) determine what manifests on the front end of our lives. And so I believe it is the re-wiring of consciousness, i.e. making changes at the foundational, "invisible" level, which holds all the keys to bringing health, balance and wholeness back into our observable realities. 

In what follows, I explain my vista on this invisible plane including the notion of "trapped emotions" at the most basic level. This is most relevant to my "emotional" energy healing sessions and The Emotion Code as a Soul Technology. I then take a deeper dive into multi-dimensionality and quantum healing, whose principles underline my more advanced Multi-dimensional frequency work, as the second core Soul Technology I offer. (Note that the nature of reality as I describe it is based on the emerging scientific worldview of a connected Universe - a modern branch of physics I subscribe to as a scientist called Unified Physics (1) )

If you prefer interactive learning, check out my new "Videos" tab (July 2023), where I dive into some of this in smaller nuggets!



Trapped emotions are part of our individual body consciousness and cellular memory. They are discrete, emotional energies lodged in our body tissues, organs or glands, that are passed down the ancestral line or have become trapped as a response to emotionally-charged events in our lives (past, present and future); when the body was unable to process the energy in the instant or the mind too tightly held on to what was felt. Trapped emotions each carry a specific vibratory signature or frequency, which can inform us about the nature and date of the event, whom or what it was connected to. It is all recorded in the unconscious or subconscious mind.

For most of us, these energies/ frequencies are outside the electromagnetic range that we can perceive by sight. They may be unseen, but they are nonetheless very real (think of Wifi frequencies: we don't see them, yet we never dispute their existence). In fact Quantum physics with Superstring theory has already been telling us, since the late 1990's, that the fabric of everything that is - all matter, from the smallest sub-atomic particles to the largest supernovas, as well as all non-physical aspects of ourselves: thoughts, ideas and beliefs - is nothing but generated by the vibrations of tiny loops of energy. ​Nothing but pulsating electromagnetic frequencies that carry information, and that are at the very basis of all that we see in the physical. Many ancient physicians, thousands of years ago, knew this and more about the human body; they knew that it simply could not be seen as a mechanical, Newtonian system. That it was pure energy, and just as trapped emotions, a part of a gigantic self-aware ecosystem with meaning.

"It is my belief that freeing our cellular structure from trapped, harmful energies is the key to truly co-creating the abundant health, love and happiness we desire. I know from experience how crucial it is to rid ourselves of the dense emotional energies that especially gather around our hearts, as Heart-Walls.

These can not only maintain illusory feelings of separation and duality, but they can also prevent access to full heart-brain coherence, deep states of intuition, empathy and compassion. 


We are quantum by nature, with more power to shift the very foundations of our biology than we once believed. It's time the world at large knew this."


Dr Aurélie Meneau, Ph.D.  

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Accredited Quantum Healing Facilitator

Dr Aurélie Meneau

In simple terms, trauma and emotions that can be uncomfortable to feel like anxiousness, grief, anger, fear or any of a wide variety of negatively-polarised feelings are low-frequency, slow-vibrating waves (particles) which can be harmful to the body. When felt with very high intensity or repressed, these energies can literally drop into the energy field of the body, become stuck and unconsciously stored into the subconscious. They have density, a shape and texture - their size varying from that of an orange to a melon - and we just carry them around with us. They literally take up space in our energy fields, and they always create distortion and imbalances at some level, if not blocking the flow of energy entirely.


One reason they do so is because they pulse at frequencies which are typically out of sync, or out of phase, with the pristine frequencies of the tissue, organ or gland they inhabit. The cells that lie within the immediate viscinity of a trapped emotion will tend to fall into resonance with it, i.e. start pulsating at the same frequency, eventually experiencing the "abnormal" frequency and distortion on a continual basis. This contributes to lowering the immune system and preventing the normal function of organs and glands. Add to this a cocktail of stress-induced hormones powered by negative self-talk, and weeks, months, or many years down the line this may manifest into some form of physical symptom or disease, the root cause of which may remain undiagnosed by conventional medicine or therapy. 



Aside from affecting us at a physical level, trapped emotional energies, limiting beliefs and other subconscious "programs" also insidiously exert a dramatic effect by affecting our psyche: how we think, the choices that we make, how successful and abundant we will be and generally how we respond and show up in the world. That's because in every now moment we give off a field that attracts the like, like tuning forks (I elaborate on this in sections below). So if you are unaware that you hold a belief, i.e. en energy within you, that "money is hard to get" for example, this is nevertheless the frequency you unconsciously radiate out and will see reflected back to you in the physical. Similarly, if you carry a large cluster of trapped anger within your liver, then you will tend to come into resonance with that emotion more readily and more often than someone without it otherwise would (your liver itself is likely to manifest physical disfunctions as well). By being a vibrational match to a frequency, one attracts more of it into their life - this is just how our dynamically quantum Universe works.


So have you ever felt like you can't quite move beyond traumatic past events, regardless of how mindful and stress-free your life may now be? Or just felt like you are burdened and struggling under the weight of something but you can't quite put your finger on it? It may well be that an invisible yet very tangible, heavy emotional charge or negative program is still present within your electromagnetic biofield in the form of dense, trapped energy, Without your conscious awareness, these trapped emotions and/ or limiting beliefs could literally be "running the show"- sabotaging you from within and ultimately, leaving you questioning why you aren't coming into full alignment with your conscious goals and aspirations.

"As consciousness, I believe that our brain and bodies are continuously interacting with the quantum field - with this vast energy potential that seemlessly connects all things - through our conscious and unconscious thoughts, emotions and actions. It is indeed my belief that our cells are 24/7 pulsing and receiving streams of information onto and from the space-time fabric at the speed of light squared, projecting it out onto our holographic reality in a soup of participative, co-creational wonderness.


Consciously creating new realities for ourselves is not only possible, it is a birthright - but it means taking 100% responsibility for all that is in our energy fields: the visible and the hidden, the what-belongs and the transgenerational, the linear and the multi-dimensional.


Thankfully we don't have to do this alone; there are practices like quantum healing that we can tap into to explore and clear our own bummock."


Dr Aurélie Meneau

Dr Aurélie Meneau, Ph.D.

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Accredited Quantum Healing Facilitator

The Emotion Code is a powerful modality to release discrete trapped emotions and begin exploring limiting core beliefs (I expand on the method here). For anything more complex, multi-dimensional frequency work would be the soul healing technology of choice. Relying on principles and knowledge now confirmed by modern physics, the latter offers a range of possibles that just goes way beyond the concept of trapped emotions and erronous beliefs - with potential for more rapid and expansive transformations in the physical, as a result.

Let me now share some key take-homes about the new scientific worldview behind the foundations of my practice, and let's dive into the concepts of "quantum" and "multi-dimensionality". (Note that it isn't necessary for the mind to grasp or integrate those at all for the healings to be effective - this section is simply here for educational purposes, and because my physicist-self craves going beyond pure mysticism, of course!)



Modern physics has shown that the space “between” perceived objects is full of an infinite energy potential that unifiably connects all things. This vast field of energies/ frequencies is the structure of space-time itself, known as the quantum field; it is a structure of quantized knowledge/ information in constant communication, an ever-evolving reflexive “intelligence” which is also holographic and fractal in nature, throughout the entire macro to micro cosmic system (1). What this means is that every part of this field - every star, every human being, every proton - contains information about the entire whole, and has been created as self-similar across these different scales. This implies also that every part of this unified field contains all possible potentials/ probabilities for where it could be located; with quantum mechanics, we know that objects indeed no longer reside in a specific place at a specific time but in a haze of probabilities. They have a certain chance of being at point A, and another chance or probability of being at point B, etc (2). 


The implication of this is that just as our universe is a multi-verse with different dimensions, we also exist in a haze of probabilities and therefore realities and dimensions. We cannot reside in just the here and now - scientifically speaking, it would be fundamentally erronous to believe that we do. Due to our quantum nature and Heisenberg's principle, what would be more accurate to say is that there are infinite possibilities for where our bodies could in fact be located from one moment to another, or for what we could be experiencing. Some potentials will be more probable or dominant than others but in theory, their number is like the Universe, absolutely infinite.


This is what it means to be multi-dimensional. It means existing, in every now moment as consciousness in a haze of probabilities, spread throughout time and space, dimensions, realities and frequency bands. It means existing as an infinite number of selves, interdependent and interconnected, having experiences on several planes and in several bodies.

Plank Spherical Units

Planck Spherical units and the fabric of the quantum field itself: a 3D flower of life infinite scalar, fractal and holographic matrix (3).


This has important inferences pertinent in the context of soul injuries and healing. I expand on this in what follows.

(Also see this Video on my channel)


In the quantum field, time is really a distance in space where all things are being experienced simultaneously in the now - in an infinite number of now moments. From this viewpoint there is no "past" or "future", there are also no "past" or "future lives": information is simply exchanged throughout the whole and between our selves holographically, with resonances leaping across space. 


Within the framework of body healing, this is crucial in that we are holding the memory of all these parallel experiences and timelines in our cellular structure in the here and now, through quantum entanglement (check this insert for more on quantum entanglement). So say a parallel self (aspect of your soul) is experiencing suffering, deep trauma or limited programming somewhere in space-time - which can also be a younger you or inner child stuck reverberating a specific emotional state, then you will at some point feel the resonance of this as your very own. This will impact your ability to function at your full potential, and as a tuning fork, you will eventually also attract/ manifest experiences to reflect this burden in your cellular imprint.

Quantum healing is a "branch" of energy healing that realises that. Unlike other modalities, it operates on whole energy fields, all subtle bodies and holographic template pictures as a quantum field of interacting wave functions. It unravels trauma from the depths of our multi-dimensional, unactivated 12-strand DNA then works its way up through the rest of the body. It understands that disease is at the most fundamental level an altered emission of photons, which excite nearby cells and are entangled with photons that may be thousands of light years away. It understands that the mind and our thoughts are intimately connected to disease as a canvas or holographic presentation of the human body, which is a holographic presentation of our individual consciousness. It understands that adverse energy patterns may emerge in the mind/ interfere with the DNA once trauma or any negative situation triggers the assimilation of strong negative core beliefs, which can develop to become resisting patterns.

As I practice it, every quantum healing session involves a deep shift in the fields of code/ information carried within those DNA segments that require strengthening, to disintegrate those resisting patterns, cancel out symptomatic bodily expressions and retrieve wholeness. As I practice it, quantum healing offers the opportunity to repair and upgrade your holographic blueprint as a whole (read more on this in the Multi-dimensional section), as well as to collapse harmful timelines and heal across dimensions (more on this below). The way I see it, quantum healing works at the tiniest, discrete unit of the malleable field of consciousness, by at the physiological level producing endorphins (which are neuropeptides, endogenous morphine produced by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus) and inducing a colossal, positive re-adjustment of the subtle biochemistry of the body after each session. It is verifyably potent and profound, and that makes it to me, one of the most powerful and alchemizing healing tool I know to allow results to show up as quickly as possible in the physical space now.

quantum healing

"Understanding our multi-dimensional nature - that we are not only continuously "downloading data" from our present observable reality but also from an infinite number of others running in parallel - is crucial on our healing journeys.


It means that we often need to go quantum to find the root cause of a manifested illness or trouble, beyond the release of discrete trapped emotions. This is the premise of my multi-dimensional, quantum healings."


Dr Aurélie Meneau, Ph.D.  nanophysics

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Accredited Quantum Healing Facilitator

Dr Aurélie Meneau- Rose Energy Quantum Healing


Timeline healing involves journeying through time and space to bring fragmented, traumatised aspects of your self "home". It is a complex process involving the identification of harmful thought and behavioural patterns over time across all of your timelines, past, present and future, and the clearing of these imprints like you would wipe a computer drive. As a quantum healing facilitator, I have trained my mind and consciousness to go on these journeys and experience/ feel/ sense/ see these parallel timelines causing blockages as if they were happening now. I have also developed extensive experience in how to bring healing to them, either by releasing the emotional charge or scars attached to the traumatic event, or by co-creating alternate realities and quantum entangling the two on the frequency of unconditional love. The latter becomes possible only if there is no violation of the free will of other souls involved in the past self creation or experience.


Once the healing is complete, the higher aspects of the self will return to the present time. The soul will have a new timeline that includes the healing that was received by the past self, and the associated energetic density that was held in the DNA will have been released. If not re-written, the "past" could be the same but now the present self holds a new perspective and has the power to follow or choose a new, more positive future timeline. The relief is often immediate, and will be felt across the entire spectrum of selves, across all dimensions. 

Rose Energy Quantum Healing

Ready to dive in deeper? 


Head over to my Multi-dimensional section for more in-depth content or book yourself in for a session now - you won't know the power of a change in belief system until you've made it a part of your lived experience!

(1) See the work of Nassim Haramein and of the Resonance Science foundation,

(2) See Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

(3) Space-time is quantized into tiny spinning packets of energy called Planck Spherical units. These tiny spheres pack together, at the sub-quantum scale, in a perfect geometric assembly that is the fabric of the quantum field itself: a 3D flower of life infinite scalar, fractal and holographic matrix (1).



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