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The Emotion Code


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"Our premise is that the wisdom of the body is not held in the conscious, active mind, but in the subconscious mind, where the record of every experience, thought, feeling, or memory you’ve ever had is stored. [...] To access these vast stores of knowledge, we need to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious. This is where muscle testing comes in."
Dr Bradley Nelson
Author of The Emotion Code & founder of Discover Healing TM

The Emotion Code is a simple, yet powerful energy healing method that enables the gentle release of unseen trapped emotions from the body and biofield. It combines the art of applied kinesiology - also known as muscle testing - with the powers of both intention and magnetism to access information from the subconscious mind and release harmful energetic baggage through the meridians. The method builds on some of the oldest chinese medicine principles around the flow of "Qi" energy ("Prana" in Ancient Indian or Ayurvedic medicine), which is regulated via these natural energy channels and that link all and every atom in the body.


First brought to us by holistic chiropractor Dr Bradley Nelson in 2007, the Emotion Code relies on quantum physics at its core.  It is supported by the discoveries of the last decade about the DNA-Emotion-Matter relationship, which are widely accepted by the scientific community but have yet to trickle down into the mainstream (1).



For Emotion Code (emotional) sessions, I essentially bring myself into a state of heart-brain coherence then set my intention to plug in to a client's electromagnetic field/ personal frequency signature through the quantum consciousness field. I exploit here the principle of quantum entanglement, which allows me to put my own consciousness aside in favour of my client's and use my own body - my own collection of protons, electrons and biophotons - as a vehicle to release energy in service of the greater good (more on quantum entanglement in the box below). Acting as your proxy, I will then ask your subconscious questions about a trapped emotion and muscle-test "myself" to get the answers. 

Once I identify and acknowledge a trapped emotion you carry, it is automatically brought to the surface of your body for clearing. I then place my intention to release it into the body via the Governing Meridian (major energy channel in the acupuncture system), which I magnify using the tip of my fingers or a therapeutic magnet. Magnification allows my intention, which is a thought-energy (2), to then flow quickly into all the other meridians and areas of the body, releasing the trapped energy permanently. The space created in your field after a release is filled by me with the higher frequencies of love and above, so you can experience optimum health and physical comfort in the days following a session. I will then repeat this process for as many trapped emotions as your subconscious will allow in one session. It (the subconscious) solely decides which emotions to release, if it is safe to do so and in which order.

As an intuitive, I can also receive insights from the field and guidance pertaining to the re-balancing of your energy body during an emotional session - not just the re-balancing of your emotional subtle body. This allows me to dive deeper into identifying and clearing, as they come up, pertinent subconscious blocks, negative beliefs or conditioning you may have embedded. When relevant I perform this outside of the scope of the Emotion Code, and always with your subconscious' approval.

(How to prepare for your session and what to expect during it is covered in my FAQ section, here)

"How can my body act as a proxy for muscle testing, and ultimately, as a vehicle to release, from a distance, emotional energies from other people, animals and places? Here's the gist of the notion physicists call quantum entanglement.

Once joined - technically that would be before the Big Bang, some 13 to 20 billion years ago in linear time, Quantum physics tells us that all waves/particles are always connected, whether they remain physically joined or not (3).


If you have read this section, you'll understand that as physical beings we ourselves are a collection of cells, of sub-atomic, vibrating wave/particle elements continuously transmitting information to and from the fabric of space-time; that we are all made of stuff that was once joined, compounded into one seriously unstable soup of energy, and that we therefore all are, on some level, still connected.

Quantum entanglement is the intentional "reconnection" of these elements through the void space, i,e, the re-correlation or re-unification of their quantum states, enabling actions performed on one to affect the other at the speed of consciousness (of light squared), even when separated by great physical distances. This reconnection is possible because the void space isn't empty (physical distance is only perceived by the human brain; all around is just energy in motion); this therefore allows consciousness such as a thought-intention to travel through and command the reconnection. 

The relevance for proxy muscle-testing is that whatever "my" body indicates as congruent or not in session is my client's quantum entangled collection of cells responding. Releasing the energy via their governing meridian will be the same as releasing it from "mine", also. This will be the case until I consciously unplug and break the energetic connection between us.


"Spooky action at a distance" you'll say? Maybe.

Used in the service of health, I personally believe this to be one of the most magical and underrated Universal tools there is."


Dr Aurélie Meneau, Ph.D. 

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Accredited Quantum Healing Facilitator

Dr Aurélie Meneau- Rose Energy Quantum Healing
Rose Energy Quantum Healing



The concept of the Heart-Wall - of a fortress of unconsciously stored, trapped emotions around the heart - is one of the most acclaimed discoveries associated with the Emotion Code. From addressing utter despair and crushing anger, to helping previously emotionally-isolated individuals connect to others, removing a Heart-Wall may help you feel emotions, foster energies, and express/ receive love that you may have thought was no longer a possible in your life. Some of us may never have experienced joy, love and meaning in our lives even, and so may find it difficult to imagine they could feel any different at their core - until they experience it.


For reasons to do with the heart as an organ, the Heart-Wall is often where I begin with my clients. You can learn more about it here (it truly deserves its own page!). For more inspiration, also head over to my testimonials page or to the Discover Healing website - gathered there are countless accounts of lives changing for the better upon shifting this crucial emotional baggage. One of my most heartening testimonials when it comes to love and the Heart-Wall is from Martine, a French lady who manifested a loving relationship a short 3 weeks after we cleared layers off of her Heart-Wall. Here's an excerpt from it.


"It had been 4 years since I had met a man in my life. I was doubting myself, my ability to love, to seduce, to be happy again in living a love story. I asked Aurelie for a session to identify the emotional blocks preventing a meeting from occurring. 3 weeks after the session, a man walked into my life and it was immediately fusional, as if him and I had known each other from before and we were simply taking up where we left off."

Martine, France - July 2021



The type of reports I share by email upon completing an Emotion Code session are very thorough. As long as it feels safe for me to relay the information to you, your subconscious will usually let me identify the location of a trapped emotion (in which organ, gland, bone it is lodged, etc.), at what age they became active, who or what it is connected to, and if it is inherited, where up the line it came from and who it may have been passed down to, etc. I find it is validating / reassuring for the mind to have this degree of detail after a session (plus I admit I remain deeply cartesian at my core and like the structure !). My clients can then consciously process the "why's" and the "how's" from reading my reports, and take a more active role in the releasing. If you would rather have no specific details after your session please let me know - it is certainly not needed for the process to be effective.

In this blog post about adrenal fatigue, I share cut-down notes from a session I performed on myself to support my hypothalamus / pituitary / adrenal glandular system (i.e. to release, as led by the wisdom of my body, disharmonic frequencies weakening it). This will give you an idea of the level and type of reporting you can typically expect after receiving an emotional healing session with me. 

For more information on intention setting and general session preparation please check out my FAQ section

Want more inspiration? Check out my conscious entrepreneur client Martha's 2022 video testimonial below. Martha shares what she perceived changed in her inner and outer worlds soon after a round of emotional sessions. She also talks about her experience working with me as a practitioner, about re-aligning her professionnal career with her core values as a result, and looking forward to more sessions. May her review inspire you to gift yourself the gift of healing today, and may it allow in a process of positive change in your very own reality field! x

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The Emotion Code (as are my multi-dimensional sessions) is an energy healing modality absolutely geared for the rest of the family. It is effective, safe and gentle on the young generation, including on babies - and it is one of my practitioner specialties. You may want to read a more thorough review of how it applies to children, here; on this page I also share a number of testimonies from parents who put their trust in me to support their children's health and wellbeing with verifyable results.



The modality has also helped countless animals over the years recover from suffering, discomfort, organ malfunction and troubles, as well as from behavioural issues such as aggressivity, fears, changes in appetite, sadness, stress, urinary problems, etc. 


Dogs, cats, birds, horses... our pets are indeed sensitive, they feel emotions and suffer from trapped emotions and Heart-Walls that throw their bodies off balance, just as we do. And because they love to help make us feel better, as for children I find they are all the more vulnerable to absorbing our own energies. This in turn may contribute to lowering their immune systems and more. The good thing is, with animals what you see is what you get; they won't pretend to feel better, just because, and so the results are often truly profound, obvious and immediate to pet owners. The results on my own cat, Fanette, certainly continue to amaze me - check out my 2020 blog post where I talk about trapped emotions behind her matted fur issues and more! 

Rose Energy Quantum Healing
Rose Energy Quantum Healing- for Animals
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we resolved:

Urinary tract problems

Digestive issues

Fear of vacuum cleaners

Fear of car journeys

Matted fur




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