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Emotional healing for animals

The photograph on the left shows the last piece of densely-matted fur that fell off my cat's back 3 months ago. Imagine this covering most of her back - a place so sensitive no one could go near it, for nearly the last 3 years. No brushing possible, let alone any clipping - even by the vet! I reluctantly went ahead with a sedation and clipping procedure one year. To my surprise, the matting came back just the same; no matter how much I tried to look after her fur, no matter how much she groomed.

Is this caused by trapped emotional energy? I asked her subsconscious. The answer was a resonnating yes. It turned out, so were the digestive issues and obvious discomfort after urinating she had developed, too. So I performed several healing sessions on her, and interestingly, resolved a number of emotional imbalances from the time she was relocated to England - just over 3 years ago. A lot of grief, unworthiness, low self-esteem, longing and overwhelm - both hers and my own, which she had absorbed from me as we, since, had been navigating our life challenges together. The picture on the right is her fur now, clear, soft and lovely - as it is designed to be. Her toilet issues cleared away pretty rapidly, too!

Results have been equally profound and often next-day kind of immediate for all the other animals I since took under my care as a practitioner. From aggressivity to fears, from unwanted chewing habits to difficulties around rehoming - as for us, the various issues they somatize are down to unprocessed emotions; they come up as reflections of the different things we are trying to shut down emotionally.

There is no doubt in my mind that solutions exist for the conditions we may believe are hopeless ; these are just hidden away deep into the psyche. Locked into the subconscious, that intelligent biocomputer that logs every sensation, every smell, every face we ever met. That piece of astonishing consciousness that knows exactly what our bodies need to release and receive to heal - all we need is ask.

Sending healing love to all the souls I have been able to support so far on this journey, many rose blessings to All !

We are all connected,

We are loving awareness manifested

With a grateful heart,


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