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What would she do?

🌹 On intuition

Hi peeps!

I am signing in from the Cannes back country this week! In all honesty, from a place I booked with much reluctance about 4 weeks ago - when my insides were fighting the higher self / wanting to go against my intuition.

The booking experience was as follows: parts of me were adamant I'd be better by the coast for the next part of my trip, that I needed to honor my Tribal energy after feeling waves of solitude being in Hermit mode for too long (I'm a 2,4 in Human Design). Intuition - that feeling / knowing / hearing that I have cultivated on this journey - was however gently pulling me away from booking any coastal Airbnbs. I've learnt to lean in and trust that nudge in the past so I followed it, but this time I was not all-in convinced.

Come the day of moving and I visit friends staying locally on a coastal town, before heading for the back-country mountains. 3 hours in the busyness/ frequency of the seaside town was enough to repell me - and so as much as I doubted the decision a month prior, I was delighted and SO thankful that I had in fact booked the EXACT place I needed (for more reasons that I can share here).

This is a trivial example but it served as a profound reminder for me to consistently choose these inner nudges over and over again - to trust the experience of my multi-versality in this body deeper, and count on those aspects of me with a vista higher than what my limited 3D avatar self can perceive. For it's ALWAYS served me in the most astounding of ways.

So if you have an important decision to make and are unable to see Truth past any mental or emotional distortions (you may not be at a frequency where you even know you're observing your reality through layers of programming and distortions), may this be your invitation to ask yourself:

✨ "What would the part of me that sees way ahead do, that would be for my highest good and deepest wellbeing?" ✨

And follow that. The ego might kick and scream, but that's just unconscious energy being integrated. We're learning to operate in a different way these days, as a new paradigm for humanity is being ushered in vibrationnally.

When's the last time you consciously chose to follow a higher nudge?

Your potential as an infinite being pretending to be 3-dimensional is on the other side of training that skill. It is stored within your DNA template, parts of which can be quantumly activated in my sessions. These are aimed to support you through the ultra-sacred, inexorable processes of both ascension and descension, towards complete wholeness / soul embodiement.

With Provence country vibes, and rose love always xxxx


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