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Monday Nerdiness

"Spooky action at a distance", or how Einstein famously described quantum entanglement* in a letter to Max Born back in 1947.

Quantum entanglement - the phenomenon through which two widely separated "particles" appear to share information despite having no "conceivable" way of communicating - is at the basis of my work and I often need to refer to it when asked the question: "How can you do what you do at a distance?"

Well if you've read some of my previous posts you'll cognize that we are all made of stuff that was once joined (that's whether you buy into the conventional Big Bang theory 💥 where everything was part of a single unified point in the past, or into the idea that the Big Bang is in fact a proton which escaped from a former Universe and expanded into ours at extremely high speed). Now spread out across one vast and intelligent soup of energy potentials, we still all remain, on some level, interdependent and interconnected.

This fundamental property of the universe is what allows temporarily access to information from my clients' energy fields/ subconscious minds/ akashic records, via an intentional "reconnection" or "entanglement" of parts through this soup (i.e. a re-correlation or re-unification of quantum states), also enabling actions performed on one part to benefit the other at the speed of light squared, even when separated by great physical distances. The mere existence of the soup or quantum field, is what permits consciousness such as a thought-intention to travel through and command the short-term reconnection.

So spooky action at a distance needn't be spooky when one understands this.

And going beyond, I'd say it would be anti-love to NOT view it / harness this incredible Universal ressource to serve mankind's highest interests.

So proud to serve you this way team!! 🌹⚜️

Have a wonderful month of May everybody,

And massive shoutout to my clients who are transforming at incredible speeds the past few weeks. You rock!

With love,





*Quantum entanglement was scientifically recognized by the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics (swipe right), which greatly helped academic buy in x



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