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On adrenal fatigue

Did you know that a weakness in the hypothalamus / pituitary / adrenal glandular system is often at the root of seemingly-unrelated symptoms such as chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, confusion, lack of vitality, insomnia; of fibromyalgia, frequent colds, breathing problems such as asthma; of craving certain foods and adult onset diabetes, of digestive issues, decreased sex drive, having a difficult time conceiving, during menopause, or with simply bouncing back from stress*? ​ Times of intense and/or prolonged exposure to stressors - whether emotional, environmental or physical such as an illness or poor diet choices - can put immense pressure on the adrenal system and throw off the delicate balance of hormones we need to function optimally. I have learnt from experience that during such times, those of us who have inherited a genetic weakness in this area will be all the more sensitive to outwardly minor external stressors such as toxins and heavy metals in the foods we eat, in the products we put on our skin or in the air we breathe; such as physical pathogens, electromagnetic radiation and drugs (pharmaceuticals included). ​ It is after developing respiratory issues, various food and chemical intolerances during the last few months of my PhD that I first learnt about non-Addison hypoadrenia, or adrenal fatigue. The writing up phase was looming, I needed more data to complete my thesis... the stress I was then experiencing was the trigger for a cascade of bodily malfunctions: minor exposure to laboratory acetone would make my throat swell; digesting heavy, dairy and wheat based foods became intolerable; even the prospect of an uncomfortable meeting or conversation would send my bowels into overdrive. Allopathic medicine labelled me as an IBS sufferer ("you're too stressed" they'd say- how helpful), but I was really suffering from a hormonal imbalance - and not the kind that's routinely screened for in blood tests, in the UK at least. Happiness and bliss is a "choice", absolutely. But when your adrenals are running on empty and your kidneys stop filtering? It is a choice, for sure, that can easily feel out of reach.​ As I find myself, 7 years later, navigating another bout of adrenal fatigue through acidosis I find that, sadly, things haven't evolved much. Adrenal fatigue is a syndrome that I find either is still overlooked or ignored by conventional medicine, despite the millions of us quietly suffering. So no wonder some have given up, accepting the symptoms as something one must learn to live with. No wonder we have developped ways to cope and minimize them. With the awareness and quantum perspective I now have, I know that recovering our adrenals for good is possible though. Our bodies are self-healing masters - working around the clock with what they're given to keep us in homeostasis and a state of health, always. ​ Over the past few months, I have been reminded of the true meaning and value of a Wholistic approach to individual health and well-being - working with energy, I had underestimated the needs of my body on a physical level, continuing to eat foods that were only feeding parasitic pathogens inside and adding toxicity to an already burdened digestive system, weakened by adrenal fatigue. So in addition to energy work (more on this below), I have chosen my own journey to permanent adrenal recovery to involve a slow-and-steady raw foods and herbs detoxification, lymphatic drainage, a return to completely chemical-free household cleaning and beauty regimes, etc. as a new way of living, and to encourage deep cellular regeneration. In other words I am consciously paying close attention to the foods I consume and toxins I ingest in my environment so my body has the optimum environment to heal. For a "little" toxicity can have far-reaching repercussions on a genetically-weak hypothalamus / pituitary / thyroid / adrenal system, and it's time I honoured this fully - 2020 taught me this (amongst many other things :) !​ Energy work: a genetic suceptibility like mine can be addressed at the quantum, foundational level through the release of detrimental energies trapped within individual glands and organs. How do trapped emotions create distortion and imbalances there? They essentially pulse at frequencies that are usually out of sync, or out of phase, with the pristine frequencies of the system they inhabit. So the cells that lie within the immediate viscinity of a trapped emotion will tend to fall into resonance with it, i.e. start pulsating at the same frequency, eventually experiencing the "abnormal" frequency and distortion on a continual basis. This prevents their normal function. If the weakness is inherited, it would be common to find a number of trapped emotions nested in this particular area - and a vulnerable area in the energy of the body will tend to attract more detrimental energies, as time goes on. ​ To illustrate this, I share below my notes from a session I performed on myself to support my pituitary gland. I found, lodged in this master gland, a number of inherited and absorbed energies along with my own - they were all (and there's more) contributing to weakening it.​ My job as an energy healing practitioner is to facilitate this work on your behalf - to release energetic burdens from the physical body - so it can begin to heal itself the way it best knows how. Are you suffering from adrenal fatigue? Looking to clear your Heart-Wall and give your immune system a boost? ​ If I can be of assistance on your path to making happiness and bliss your very own choice again, please do get in touch today xxx

Much love and many rose blessings,​ Aurélie​

Session notes (pituitary weakeners):​ 1. Inherited Anxiety - from xxx and going back 9 generations, source: male​ 2. Inherited Lost - from xxx​ 3. Worthlessness - Age 4, connected to xxx​ 4. Inherited Self-Abuse - from xxx, going back 11 generations, source: female​ 5. Inherited Overwhelm - from xxx​ 6. Inherited Failure - from xxx​ 7. Grief - Age 9, connected to xxx​ 8. Nervousness - Age 19​ 9. Inherited Insecurity - from xxx​ 10. Helplessness (absorbed from xxx) - Around age 30​ *Source: "Adrenal Fatigue, the 21st Century Stress Syndrome" James L. Wilson.​ #adrenalfatigue #pituitaryweakness #emotioncode #energyhealing #IBS #chronicfatigue #cleansetoheal #vibrationovertradition #drrobertmorse #emotioncodepractitioner #roseenergyquantumhealing

Photo credit: Adrian Swancar

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