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 It's Time To Go Quantum in Medicine

A paper published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine last summer entitled "It's Time To Go Quantum in Medicine '' examined the contribution of quantum mechanics to Western medicine so far. A colliding of approaches, signalling a wider acceptance of emerging scientific models within traditionalists? I'd like to think so!

Whilst limited in scope and understanding, this paper does feel like a new step on the staircase of healthcare, going towards the very structure I advocate: one where we realise our anatomy as fully multi-dimensional, where we understand the body's subtle energy systems, and mental, emotional and spiritual connections to the physical body; where our health and wellbeing are approached fully integratively, and technologies built from unified theory principles support and accelerate all processes.

As with every large-scale paradigm shift though, things take time.

We can contribute to, watch and celebrate higher steps to the staircase being built on top of old ones still ushering the way- slowly, respectfully. That which is no longer a match on the evolutionary level of human consciousness, especially in the areas of chronic and degenerative diseases, we know will eventually fall away.

That's partly, in my view, a medical system based upon a materialistic model incorporating Darwinist theories of evolution, Newtonian physics, chemistry, and physical (elementary particle level) anatomy and physiology, that refuses to honour the last 30 years of findings and observations of the behaviour of matter at the subatomic level.

So I'll cheer to this paper, as I cheer to your very own higher-steps-to-the-staircase this week. I've got some beautiful testimonials to share next

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