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Bucky's story

🌹 First of a series of inspirational quotes, I'm bringing to you Bucky — the great 20th century innovator & physicist, Richard Buckminster Fuller.

At the age of 32, Bucky experienced the failure of a construction company he had started with family- fell into a deep depression during which he contemplated suicide. In his despair, he had a transcendent experience in which he described himself as being suspended in the air by a sphere of white light and hearing a commanding voice tell him:


✨ “From now on you need never await temporal attestation to your thought. You think the truth. You do not have the right to eliminate yourself. You do not belong to you. You belong to Universe. Your significance will remain forever obscure to you, but you may assume that you are fulfilling your role if you apply yourself to converting your experiences to the highest advantage of others.” ✨


This piece of Bucky's story holds a mysticism which is not far from mine. I offer it as pre-empt for the video which I'd like to upload next — a personal account of my own spiritual awakening from the depths of despair — when my most vulnerable inner parts feel brave enough to press play on the recording button and lay it all bare and raw with you.

Because converting my most difficult experiences to your highest advantage is what brings meaning to my life right now, undeniably.

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With much love always


🌹  Aurélie

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