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Explaining energy healing to a 5 year-old

Helping children remember about energy healing would be a more adequate term (at the core of their being, they already know!), but if you have a session coming up for your child and an inkling to involve them in the process, here's how you could go about it!

"When we feel very sad, or very angry, sometimes the emotion that we feel can get stuck in our chest, in our tummy or somewhere else in our body. We just don't see it with our eyes but that which we feel is made of the same thing as the light from the sun, as our skin or as this chair. Some people do see it as light and colours, they might see pink when we feel love or black or red when we are afraid. It is what we call energy, just like the energy it takes for you to jump, to learn something new at school or for your tummy to digest the food you eat.​

This energy is not coming from our head, it is made by our body. So when we feel a little worried or nervous, it is our belly that can make this energy. When we feel like we need a cuddle or a little lost, it is our heart that makes it - then the heart and the belly send a message to our head, so we can feel it everywhere. It happens very fast.​

The emotions we feel when we're sad, worried or afraid are not bad, they are an energy like when we feel happy or excited. But sometimes we don't like feeling them so much, and that's okay. When we are able to be relaxed about feeling them, they don't get stuck in our body; they can just be free to leave. If they get stuck inside of us, they can make us behave in a certain way, they can even make us sick. If it happens it is okay, it is normal, it happens to me and to our friends too.​

What the energy healing lady will do is she will go and look for the energies that got stuck in your body and she will remove them. Then your body will be free to heal on its own and after a few days it will return to normal. Your body knows how to do this on its own, it is very intelligent - like when you have a scratch, after some time the scab falls off and it is healed. We won't need to go and see the lady, she can do this while you play, while you have your tea or even while you nap."​

May this simpler-term explanation be helpful to all my parent / caretaker readers!

Much love and many rose blessings for the weak ahead,​


Photo credit: Jerry Wang

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