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A little review

Dear All,​

It's been a little while since I had the bandwidth to share and post anything on here - I've been busy focusing my energy on my clients and on my personal health and growth journey!​

Last year was a successful year for Rose Energy Quantum Healing. We celebrated our 200th client in December, our growing footprint on the world map (dear clients, you now reside in 20 countries worldwide! Swipe right to see where), and cheered to forever more extraordinary transformations facilitated since I decided to trust myself fully on this 360 of a career. Who knew one could be so fulfilled doing what they love ?! ​

Here's a snapshot of what some of these reality shifts have been for my clients in 2021:​

lumps and long-term joint swelling disappearing overnight​

shoulder asymmetry resolved on the spot​

ankle sprains resolving more quickly than expected​

baby meningitis and sepsis cleared in 24 hours- vital prognosis was engaged​

perforated bowels resolved when there was little hope - in tandem with medical professionals​

new love partners showing up shortly after clearing Heart-Walls (one on my client's doorstep!)​

young women leaving mattress-island and embracing life again​

angry children appeased and family dynamics restored within days​

migraine, kidney and depression medications dropped​

arthritis gone in two sessions​

6 year long-general fatigue cleared in one session​

insomnia, anxiety and cancer pains eased​

peace and compassionate understanding restored in relationships​

aligned financial opportunities and mega career jumps manifested​

... plus a lot of empowerment and inspired-action taking across the board. It's been truly phenomenal ! ​

So thanks to all who have trusted me and been patient with their healing processes, who have left me testimonials, and who have and will continue to spread the word on my behalf - I feel truly grateful I get to be a little helper on yours and your family's journeys! In hindsight, I can also now honestly say that taking that leap of faith and leaving my corporate life behind was one of the scariest but most courageous and rewarding things I have done for myself to date. And with over 2000 hours of sessions delivered, I now feel more confident than ever calling in children and families moving through some of the more severe illnesses of this world, and get closer to manifesting my dreams and board vision. If you know any, please do send them my way - health and wellness is often just one outdated belief system away ​

Have a great week everyone, and stay tuned for some fresh new content coming in to the website this February. I'll be diving deep into the depths of the modern science backing what I do, and illustrate to you just how beyond anything whoo-whoo or mystical this really is. My cartesian, physicist self wouldn't have it any other way.​

With love and many rose blessings, from all versions of me across time and space xxx​


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