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About me & Business update!

It's been a while since I've re-introduced myself, so here's a little bit about who and what is behind Rose Energy Quantum Healing, so my energy can ripple across spacetime and those meant to receive activations and healing keys from me find me

I began my professional career as a corporate Research & Development nanotechnologist. Holding a PhD in Physics from Cambridge, I travelled across the world to meet customers, run tradeshows, and give conference presentations as an expert on the next generation "green" electronics for the display industry. My perspective was focused, my worldview disconnected - far from me was the idea of a fully interconnected, cooperative Universe until I hit a time of personal crisis in 2016. Within the space of 2 years, I navigated a series of painful life refiners which stripped me of all self-esteem, self-concepts and identifications to form - these included the passing of close family members and friends, the end of my marriage, the erosion of my homes and support systems, a workplace shutdown/ redundancy, and a personal health decline with depression and other auto-immune expressions. The "last straw" and catalyst to my transformation was the sudden passing of my young niece to leukemia - a foreword to a profound awakening in consciousness, and to the development of my empathic tendencies into fully functioning intuitive abilities. So I took time out to rest and heal, to study metaphysics, epigenetics, psychology and the new Physics. I took an interest in energy healing practices too, and dived in to convert as a practitioner- effortlessly passing multiple accreditation assessments. This was innate for me, and the calling to serve was too big (to give attention to my doubts and fears) - so Rose Energy was launched in 2020, just before the pandemic.

Today, bridging frontier science and energy healing to solve health and performance challenges of our ascending world is my second and full time career. Lover of all things cutting-edge, I am passionate about raising awareness/ educating on bio- and free-energy, on the quantum workings of the Universe, on self-healing. And I choose to do business differently - with utmost feminine heart-centeredness, with the integration of my scientific/ spiritual expertise, experiences and perspectives into every part of my offering, and with the running of my practice exclusively online for now - to prove a point (see previous posts on energy healing at a distance) but mostly to honor my most innocent desires for freedom and adventure at this time.

Because I energise big potentials for mankind and quantum healing as a whole, and because I feel empowered by the prospect of deconstructing outdated paradigms of reality for the benefit of All, I am going to start sharing my transmissions through video over the next few weeks. A move encouraged by my clients, to help my message get farther with voice and emotion. So please bare with me as I transition - I'm working through limiting beliefs but have identity shifted enough to make that leap.

Thank you all for your trust and support, always

With love xxx


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