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And what a bummock!

Consciously co-creating new realities for ourselves is not only possible, I believe it is our birthright - but it means becoming aware of unconscious adverse or resisting patterns that may have emerged in the mind/ interfered with our DNA through trauma or any negative event that triggered the assimilation of strong negative core beliefs. It means lovingly taking 100% responsibility for all that we are, for all that is in our energy fields: the visible and the hidden, the comfortable and the uncomfortable, the what-belongs and the transgenerational, the linear and the multi-dimensional. Thankfully we don't have to unpack this alone; there are powerful yet gentle practices like quantum healing that we can tap into to retrieve a blank canvas to work from, and prevent the past from intruding on our present moment. ​

Ready to explore and clear your own bummock? Let's connect and I'll explain my vista on all things quantum and their relation to health, wellbeing and performance. You won't know the power of a change in belief system until it becomes a part of your lived experience

Have a great week everybody- we got this xx​

With love,​

Aurélie ​

Photo credit: Valerie Blanchett​

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