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Behind the rose

​It's been a while since I shared something personal, and since I've had people asking me about it recently I thought I'd tell you a little bit about the name behind my practice today.

So why the rose, and why rose energy?​ I was in the shower when the full name came to me (how cliché). I knew that my new venture had to represent parts of me I was ready to embrace at the time, as well as to encompass all that I was going to strive to offer with this career 360. It was going to be "quantum", for as a former physicist I was never going to settle with woo-woo or pseudo-science stuff. It was going to be "healing", for health and wellbeing was where I now wanted to make an impact in people's lives - a testament of my life's purpose. It was going to be built on shades of pink too - to honor my favourite colour and the feminine, compassionate and caring me I'd seriously repressed throughout my corporate career. Finally it had to be connected to the energy of the heart - to that very own, powerful broadcasting tower at the core of our beings, from which I was already operating and facilitating practice healings from. The association to a heart-centered practice where hearts could mend, open and expand, would have to be clear. Because after all I'd healed from my own heartaches a great deal by that point, and I was driven by an inner fire to help people achieve the same. ​ Now as I was asking my inner self about the missing link in that shower, I felt my full awareness drop to the clothes on the floor I'd been wearing that morning - I saw roses of various shades, printed on silk. It was so me. Then the rest just flashed in front of my eyes: the Rose - the flower which most makes my heart sing ; the symbol of the heart, of eternal and unconditional love in my consciousness ; the tattoo on my departed mum's wrist (I was already adamant I would have a rose tattooed there too, in her honor) ; the symbol of Bellegarde, the small town in central France I grew up in* ; the metaphor/ image I always see when plunging deep into people's heart chakras in session, whether dry, sad, tainted or in full bloom. And finally, the Rose - the key code connecting me to my female lineage and to other female leaders in these times of planetary ascension. In that flash instant, I felt a deep, goose-bumpy remembrance of belonging to something way more important than me. A cellular activation, and the recall of ancient healing practices my soul had mastered over thousands of lifetimes.​ So yes, the rose and the heart were going to be a central pillar of my practice and brand design. It would have to be Rose Energy Quantum Healing - a gateway I'd create for individuals, families and animals to retrieve their wholeness, wellbeing and health the heart-centered and drug-free way.​ Thanks to all who have supported me since 2020 and thank you Solene Carpentier for beautifully capturing the essence of my business in this aquarelle. May you continue sharing your talents and gifts with the world - I'll make sure your heart is fully open for that! ​ [ Find Solene, up and coming artist and animation movie director on Instagram @tawoumaoun, on FB: or on her website: ]​ Have a great weekend everybody, Many rose blessings xxx​ Aurélie​ ​. .

*Bellegarde, known as the "town of roses". See​ ​.

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