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Energy healing: at a distance?​

As Emotion Code practitioners we are often asked how our bodies can act as proxies for muscle testing, and ultimately, as vehicles to release, from a distance, emotional energies from other people, animals and places. Whilst there is still a fair bit we don't logically understand about the intelligence at play here (do we need to bring in logic?), my answer to this is that ultimately, it is all based on quantum entanglement. Let me expand.​

As physical beings we are essentially a collection of cells, a collection of protons, electrons, and biophotons, that Superstring theory tells us are nothing but vibrating, tiny loops of energy carrying information. What quantum physics also tell us is that once joined (technically that would be the Big Bang, some 13 to 20 billion years ago) these wave/particles are always connected, whether they remain physically joined or not. "Re-connecting" wave/particles through thought-intention is one example act of entanglement : actions performed on one will affect the other at the speed of consciousness, even when separated by great physical distances. This is well accepted in the scientific arena, and is backed by robust experimental evidence dating back the mid-90's. Physical distance is only perceived by the human brain and is indeed, no barrier to energy.​

So when I set my intention (with heart-brain coherence) to plug in to a client's electromagnetic field in an Emotion Code session, I exploit the principles of quantum entanglement. I put my own consciousness aside and allow my body - my own collection of cells - to no longer be "mine" for the duration of a session, and to be used as a vehicle in service of the greater good. So whatever "my" body indicates as congruent or not in a session via muscle testing is in fact my client's entangled collection of cells responding. Releasing the energy via their governing meridian will be the same as releasing it from "mine", also. This will be the case until I consciously unplug and break the energetic connection between us. ​

There are other, less-limiting ways to perform energy healing from a distance that do not require the practitioner to entangle their own energy with that of their client. It happens that I just trained in energy healing ways that teach just that, opening my consciousness to new levels of possibilities, unlimited miracles and quantum magic I ever knew possible. ​

I will be posting more on this soon, as I work through my #StarMagicFacilitator Accreditation. Stay tuned ​

Many rose blessings All,​

Have a beautiful rest of the week,​


Photo credits: "A rose made of galaxies". This image of a pair of interacting galaxies called Arp 273 was released to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the launch of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Source: www. spacetelescope. org​

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