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In-session experiences: testimonies

Have you ever had an inner experience so profound and tangible, that it overrode some "truths" you'd sold to yourself about the world and about how it works? A sensation, a feeling so unexpectedly palpable from within the body, that the mind could only bow and cave in to a new perception of reality? Giving yourself permission to consciously experience energy healing with all of your physical senses is one practice that has the potential to create deeply brain-enriching shifts in your consciousness, akin to neural circuitry rewiring and non-coding gene activation. Since we are all one of a kind, healing must naturally manifest in very individual ways but experiencing memories, tears, laughter and blissful expansions of the self appear common amongst my clients; experiencing visions, insights and "reboot" moments, as well as sensations of powerful energy streams running down the body do seem to be, too. And because it's done at a distance, there's rarely any amount of intellectualising that can disallow the resonance that can be felt when it comes from so deep within the cellular memory - from our most magnificent, astonishing and compelling multi-dimensionality.​ Have a great week everybody, and I will be looking forward to assisting those of you who feel ready to step into a brand new reality field this week. May it be full of love, and of forever more magical inner experiences! xxx​

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