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March musings

Rose Energy Quantum Healing is a platform where the leading edge of Physics meets (now fully validates) the most paradigm-shifting biohacking tool at the disposal of humanity to date. A platform where we talk about #spacememory, #quantum entanglement and #timeline collapse in relation to physical vitality, wellbeing, and self-realisation goals. A platform where a deep cognition of the #holographic nature of #reality and consciousness are used to produce upgraded present realities and positively influence the future.

At Rose Energy Quantum Healing our joy resides in working the mechanics of the structure of spacetime to wipe out harmful information/ imprints stored in personal signature timelines (cellular memories) and allow the transcendance of limiting core beliefs, resistive mind patterns and other subconscious blocks at the root of

🔸 illnesses,

🔸 chronic physical or mental distress,

🔸 a lack of love, creativity or financial abundance,

🔸 fears, self-doubt and sabotage,

🔸 recurring disempowerment in relationships.

And since it involves the complexity of tender hearts and emotions as a universal language we do it with utmost feminine compassion and care too, with no woo-woo-ness.


Because we love mankind and the process of its evolution.

Because as a physicist we love science and its entangled dance with spirituality.

Because we've moved through much uncomfortable-ness in this lifetime and have come out the other side using the mind and such quantum tools as our best allies, not drugs.

And because heck- we also love a good challenge 😎

Allow me to share my universe with you world- please follow and hit like to spread your love and support !

Have a great month of March everybody

And see you all soon in session,

With great love xxx

🌹 Aurélie

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