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Mentorship sessions

🌹 Excerpt from my last video

Hi peeps!

By popular demand, I am pleased to have made 1:1 mentoring/ soul guidance sessions a part of my offering (via Zoom or in presence). Sessions are available to book online, individually or as part of a multi-dimensional clearing session package. Thanks to those who have already chosen this option!

Because on the path of expansion, for the one who chooses to align with their higher self, there can be great challenges and both human and spiritual lessons to navigate. Having the support, the knowledge, the vista of those who have walked these steps before would have been invaluable to me on my own path. So I choose to step in service now, to those walking the uncomfortableness of a big transformation and teach them how to master the energetics of polarity integration in the process.

So calling all natural born leaders, at community or humanity levels- It'll be my privilege to serve your hearts!

In love always xxx

Aurélie ⚜️

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