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One open heart at a time

Do you have a Heart-Wall?

For reasons to do with the heart being the most powerful electromagnetic organ in the body, releasing layers of trapped emotions around the heart is often where I begin with my clients. From addressing utter despair and crushing anger, to unlocking deep intuition and creativity flow states, I have witnessed the removal of Heart-Walls help people feel emotions, foster energies, and express/ receive love that they no longer thought was within the realms of possibles for them. In the sphere of love and romance especially, I have seen it align clients with the highest reflection of themselves at the time, quickly and very synchronistically, too. Because often times peeling off a few layers of harmful, energetic baggage around the heart is all that is required to open up and expand the heart space energy flow. One of my most heartening testimonial when it comes to this is from Martine, a French lady who manifested a loving relationship a short 3 weeks after we cleared layers off of her Heart-Wall. Here's an excerpt from it: "It had been 4 years since I had met a man in my life. I was doubting myself, my ability to love, to seduce, to be happy again in living a love story. I asked Aurelie for a session to identify the emotional blocks preventing a meeting from occurring. 3 weeks after the session, a man walked into my life and it was immediately fusional, as if him and I had known each other from before and we were simply taking up where we left off." Martine, France - July 2021 Need any more inspiration? Read/ watch the many reviews I have gathered from clients all over the world who now live Heart-Wall free at, and just begin to imagine a world where all the barriers to our hearts are down. Wouldn't this signify the end of the old, evolution-based beliefs of competition, survival and separation in general? Wouldn't this support the return of empathy and compassion in All; of cross-cultural understanding and trust on the planet, for the generations to come? I, for one, think the world needs a hell of a lot of that at the moment. Looking forward to connecting with those who'll resonate with this message, and with my results! DM me to book your Heart-Wall clearing or visit the website/the-Heart-Wall for more info. With love, Aurélie Photo credit: Cate Brodersen #StarMagic #StarMagichealing #StarMagicFacilitator #energyhealing #quantumhealing #fibonaccisequence #rose #energyhealingpractitioner #quantumhealingpractitioner #Emotioncode #Emotioncodepractitioner #levellingup #unifiedfield #unifiedscience #unifiedphysics #resonancescience #quantumphysics #physics #consciousness #biofieldhealing #spacetime #miracleworker #quantum #roseenergyquantumhealing #theheartwall

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