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Processing our stuff consciously

🌹 Subconscious work and conscious processing​

Working with the subconscious mind to release past emotional trauma held within the body is, to me, essential to begin to live truly empowered lives and access deeper levels of self-love, gratitude, vitality and balance in all areas. I believe that clearing trapped residuals at the energetic level puts us in a better position to be responding vs. reacting to unexpected life turns with ease, so change can be dealt with in the healthiest of ways.​

If you dived into my work a little, you'll understand that doing so proactively is important, since any unresolved emotional baggage within our psyche will eventually bring about a situation, event or relationship destined to bring it out, so it can be acknowledged and tended to. These are healing opportunities "gifted" to us by our own Universes (they are said to come round every 7 years or so) to clear major trauma-resonant frequencies within our cellular structure and assist a return to sovereignty, wholeness and health. As difficult to navigate as they can be, I have come to innerstand that periods of great loss / ego deaths are chances at bringing back home aspects of our multidimensional selves that are in pain and got fragmented away (1); chances at releasing harmful, trapped dissonant energies that could potentially develop into symptoms we know as cancer, or as any other debilitating health conditions later in life. ​

Regardless of whether these external triggering events are perceived by the mind as just annoying or full blown destruction, I've come to learn as well that when they do come in and we experience the associated emotions that arise inside our bodies, being equipped with the tools and the support to do the *conscious* work around those is of the utmost importance. That taking conscious action to allow these "energies-in-motion" to flow unhampered through the body, here and then, is fundamental. Breathwork, journaling, a good cry, movement, time in nature, a supportive chat with a loved one, a professional or simply with the unconditionally-loving part of ourselves are all ways I encourage to prevent by-passing and burying these energies back into our organs, glands or tissues again (2).​

When I work in the quantum space in sessions I identify and bring up to the surface the root cause of whatever is creating havoc in your reality. This is so the associated frequencies can be cleared without the need for an external trigger, if it is relevant in the moment. In 80% of cases this happens seamlessly, with clients getting on with their day-to-day experiences embracing their newly found confidence, inner peace, appreciation for the simple things or regained health.​

In other cases emotional or physical discomfort can arise during, or in the days and weeks that follow a session - these are nothing more than old, released frequencies still orbiting in our electromagnetic fields for a while. Without this awareness though, one could feel like they are taking "one step forward, two steps back" when they are only going forward. Sometimes, these frequencies need to be consciously felt through our physical senses on their way out so they can fully be liberated - our task then is to not grasp onto them and to the best of our ability, merely observe and acknowledge their presence without judging or a sticking a label upon the experience itself. I often bring the metaphor of a child needing to be seen and heard to help me navigate these more uncomfortable experiences in my own healing journey. I find that it helps me hold the frequency of gratitude for my body, and for the tremendous recalibration work that I know is always underway (3). ​

But that's for certain, I need reminding of this all the time, too. Choosing to expect magic and greater health on the other side of any emotional ups and downs takes repetition - reprogramming the subconscious mind demands awareness and conscious action!​

If you need my professional support to reset your emotions and begin your own journey towards empowered living, PM me any time or check out ! Any dissonant frequency is better out of your body, than in xx​

Much love to All and many rose blessings,​

Have a beautiful day,​

🌹 Aurélie​

(1) If you've had an energy healing session with me, you'll know that these harmful trapped emotions not only can stem from childhood, when dealing with emotions is often consciously or unconsciously repressed, but also from negative genetic imprints or disempowering experiences which aspects of our souls are having in realities happening parallel to ours in the quantum space ("past life" when viewing time as linear).​

(2) If this has not been modeled at home, feeling at a loss in the face of challenges and unable to gather a support network will often be the default response, but it can be unlearnt over time. ​

(3) The body knows very well how to purge itself out of toxicity. Any feelings, translated in thoughts, and physical sensations including their location hold important clues about what is unfolding at the foundational level. ​

Photo credit: Caroline Veronez​

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