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Real life upgrades

🌹 Real life upgrades

If there is one post I like to write, it is the summary of all the wins, victories and transformation stories I've watched unfold for my clients in the past year. Here's an extract of those real life, Rose Energy-fueled upgrades for 2023!

🤍 inoperable, tennis-ball-sized brain cancer tumor gone, in tandem with chemo/ radiotherapy. Oncologist "amazed, totally in awe of results"

🤍 accelerated spine repair & rehabilitation from fall, doctor "impressed with the [ recovery ] progress"

🤍 "exponential rate" behavioural, cognitive and speech development in child displaying sensory processing issues

🤍 "walking more steady" in Multiple Sclerosis sufferer

🤍 chronic, since-childhood sore throat / cough "tangibly better"

🤍 vocal range expanded, singing teacher "astonished"

🤍 heart palpitation patterns and anxiety eased off

🤍 bulimia behaviours settled

🤍 drug use & other coping mechanisms fully released, or eased off

🤍 decades of relationship discord with parent lifted in one session, harmony restored

🤍 marriage saved, connection & harmony re-established

🤍 feelings of rivalry, inadequacy between siblings dissipated

🤍 confidence, self-trust and lightness of heart regained after heartbreaks or loss

🤍 "kicks of happiness" experienced

🤍 hours of sleep regained

🤍 dozens of creativity blocks lifted

🤍 + countless women stepping into their feminine frame

How can you confidently attribute these results to my therapy work, one may ask? Just interrogate my clients I'd say, read their testimonials- for it is mostly experiential. It is felt, seen, and reflected back. It is uncoincidental, extra-ordinary, cathartically miraculous at times. It carries the unbulldozable solidity of those who've tried "everything" after years of suffering and finally experience, suddenly or more gradually, a limitation budge or lift.

So if you're after transformation in a short span of time you've come to the right place. Be prepared to lean in, to dive deep into the depths of your multi-dimensional anatomy with me, and don't be afraid to feel yourself alive through the process. I'm here supporting you every step of the way.

With Quantum love always xx

Aurélie 🌹

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