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🌹 Survey Results Part III

And now for the last part!

From my client Survey last July:

✨ 60% of respondents who were specifically looking to upgrade their abundance (think finances and more) said they saw improvements after their session (s)

✨ 60% of respondents who were looking for relief from coping mechanisms / addictions said they noticed an improvement after their session (s) - some having completely erradicated the harming patterns, effortlessly

✨ 65% of respondents who were specifically looking for love said that their self-worth and the caliber of people they attracted positively changed after their session (s)

✨ 77% of respondents who were at rest/ tuned into their bodies for the session said they experienced tangible evidence for energy healing to have unfolded remotely

Often time it takes just one profound inner experience to re-wire the brain to allow more expanded perspectives - in session this can mean unusual sensations, physical or emotional releases, visions, atypical thoughts, insights about the future dropping into the conscious mind, new awareness about the past, or just a deeply moving moment of intimate telepathic connection with our child-self or with a loved one.

All of what unravels in session is an integral part of you feeling your co-creation in motion. It is powerful work guys, one that often yields extraordinary lasting transformation.

Thanks one last time to all who took the time to respond, and hand on my heart I hope you're enjoying your new, more abundant and free-from-addictions selves!

With all the love xxx


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