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We get what we need, not what we want​

We often get what we need, not what we want​ This quote has gone around for years in the spiritual and conscious circles, but time and time again I have witnessed this be a universal truth with my clients. Lucie came to me last year with the intent to release the invisible blocks keeping her from attracting financial stability, so she could feel secure in raising a family with her partner. Little did she know that a baby had to come first! ​ This is how we co-create in sessions - we* transmute deeply-buried fears and blocks to bringing in the highest, next best step for your soul's evolution, growth, and happiness. We unlock paths in your consciousness to trigger deep subconscious (cellular memory) shifts that eventually show up in your physical space now. And we do this tapped in to the zero-point field, on the frequency of unconditional love. So the unfolding doesn't always look like what the mind had envisaged or grasped onto but it is always profound and magical, with results often 10-fold what we thought we desired or knew were possible! It takes letting go of attachments though, as well as courage and a whole lot of faith in the process. It takes slowing down too, and listening to the nudges of our most empowered inner voices so we can choose in alignment with our heart and soul, when choices are inevitably presented to (orchestrated for) us to help us rise in consciousness.. ​ Lucie, well done for showing up for yourself in ways you never thought you could, and thank you for trusting me on your journey. I'm so thrilled to have contributed to your happy-ever-after, beautiful maman! Dear All,​ May this testimony inspire you to invest in yourselves the way Lucie and many others did: with a series of healing sessions held in sequence, to move along any blocks or stagnancy in any dimensions or spheres of your life. Bring along your highest mindset, your love and trust in yourself for the journey ahead, and be ready to expect radical shifts - just do so without attachment to any outcomes, so you stay tapped into the field of infinite possibilities with me.​ Looking forward to co-creating with you in the invisible space, in another now moment xxx​ Have a great weekend everybody, With endless love​ always Aurélie ​ *in tandem with your highest aspects​ #StarMagic #StarMagichealing #StarMagicFacilitator #energyhealing #quantumhealing #multidimensionality #multidimensionalhealing #rose #energyhealingpractitioner #quantumhealingpractitioner #Emotioncode #Emotioncodepractitioner #unifiedfield #unifiedscience #unifiedphysics #resonancescience #quantumphysics #physics #consciousness #biofieldhealing #spacetime #quantum #roseenergyquantumhealing #pastlifehealing #roseconsciousness

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