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We love Physics!

🌹 At Rose Energy Quantum Healing we are passionate advocates of the physics of unification. Of the new scientific worldview, backed by 30 years of theoretical research, publications and patented technology*, which go beyond quantum physics to unify the whole and inform us about the nature of reality. We are fierce students and supporters of all technological applications arising from this complete unified physics view - from novel sources of energy to micro-gravity to health and well-being, all in alignment with the natural world.

At Rose Energy Quantum Healing our contribution is to human health and well-being, and it is as practical as it is metaphysical. We live, we breathe, we recognise and apply in our work the concepts now described by the leading edge of Physics and Consciousness Science. It oozes out of our signature (audio) session reports, as we take you on journeys with us down the quantized wormhole network of spacetime/ your psyche in a unique blend of psychology, experiential spirituality and quantum proficiency.

At Rose Energy Quantum Healing we are proud to be at the forefront of the vibrational medicine revolution. To bridge modern science and ancient, existential wisdom through an avant-gardist offering that both educates and guides, and delivers down-to-earth, reality-shifting results. As a remote venture by design (to prove a point), it's in our blood to help humankind achieve and re-think how they can lead healthier, happier, more satisfying lives differently, and we're proud to have become world-class at that.

At Rose Energy Quantum Healing, we believe that our unique expertise/ perspective is one that matches the energy of our times too. One that challenges mentalities to rise beyond 300 years of false assumptions and limiting narratives in science and health. One with the practical skillset to prove it, with the credentials and the advanced scientific understanding to back it, and with hundreds of real-life reviews now to corroborate it.

Meet the female Cambridge physicist turned Quantum Healing facilitator, and receive your very own life upgrade now. She's doing her best work to date.

At the current price until March 15! ✨

With great love always,




*we refer to Nassim Haramein's Generalized Holographic Model here.



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