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A personal share on emotional eating

I shared a vulnerable post on my personal Instagram page a few days ago, that was in itself deeply healing. A post about admitting to the world that I succomb to emotional eating. That I have a tendency to check out and numb myself with food when a difficult emotion arises. Many of us do - years of feeling unworthy, invisible and unheard, you name it. Coping mechanisms such as these, if unadressed, will show up as patterns in our lives, repeating themselves and come up to the surface in times of change or distress to be observed, acknowledged and healed. Sure, Big Food will know one thing or two about keeping us addicted to unhealthy foods, but there are often other, more profound underlying causes at play. Patterns such as these can stem from 'past' lives, which are in fact parallel realities affecting us in our quantum now. I became aware, for example, of leading parallel lives as a hungry Irish man experiencing the Potato famine; as a homeless man having to beg for food to live; and as an orphan child of the jungle, having to hunt to survive and afraid of not knowing when the next meal would appear. Without a shadow of a doubt these are connected to the urges I have felt this week, to the point of complete disempowerment. Bringing traumatised aspects of our multi-dimensional selves into our hearts is an important part of our souls' healing journeys. It also supports us in the remembrance of who we truly are at the core. For many of us yet, these patterns of behaviour are energetically imprinted as children. We perhaps watch a parent or caregiver eat their pain away or a relative reach out for that extra portion out of habit. Whether it is to fill an emotional void or to keep a sense of control in life - all of which is perfectly okay - as children we do buy into the idea that this is how one regulates their emotions - it literally gets stored as a program into our subconscious, especially before the age of 7. Tending to our inner children is the work that many of us are being called to do right now. Nurturing these innocent aspects of ourselves that long for attention and deep, compassionate love. These pure, yet in pain, parts of us that simply want to be seen and heard. So as we're all confined in our homes and upgrading our self-care routines during the COVID-19 unfolding (well, some of us are - no judgment here!), I encourage you to question your thought patterns and behaviours. To dig deeper, safe in the knowing that it is okay to feel, it is okay to not be okay, it is okay to relapse. Check in with your heart - do I feel called to reach out for outside help? Releasing energetic density from our fields can have a profound, sizeable positive impact in all areas of our lives. This is because imbalances at the quantum level (i.e. discordant energies not resonnating in phase with the 'healthy you') are always at the root of issues we experience in the physical. These past few days, to support my inner child healing and recovery from emotional eating I have personnally been working on releasing trapped emotional energies from my bio- field. Some of the trapped emotions I cleared were mine, some weren't; some were recent, some were ancient. By sharing my findings so far, I intend to show you just how profound the energy healing modality I practice is. The body - our subconscious - holds the memories of all we've ever experienced, seen, felt or smelt. It holds all the answers - all we need is ask. We are loving awareness manifested,

We are all connected.

Much love and many blessings to all, Aurélie

1. Pre-conception Worthlessness - lodged in spleen, connected to 'past life' as a child 2. Worthlessness - Age 31, absorbed from mum 3. Overwhelm - Age 1, connected to grandmother feeding me coffee 4. Pre-conception Low-Self esteem 5. Inherited sorrow - from mum, in relation to the death of her own mother 6. Abandonment - Age 20, absorbed from mum 7. Pre-conception self-abuse 8. Overwhelm - Age 10, energy connected to dad 9. Low Self-Esteem - Age 8, in connection to mum and dad's divorce

PS: I highly recommend Ross Bridgeford's 7-day alkaline reset cleanse if you're looking to reboot your system this May. His soup recipes are amazing!

Alkaline system reboot recipes!
Alkaline system reboot recipes!

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