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For those of you who are unaware of the multi-dimensional component I bring to my work, here's a little background to spark a resonance if it is there ​

In my most advanced, what-I-call "multi-dimensional" healing sessions, I manipulate energy at the smallest, sub-Planck unit of the fabric of space-time through loving intent, elevated emotions and sacred geometry as the Universe's primary languages. I go beyond the emotional subtle body and therefore the Emotion Code as a modality, to seek the root of cellular degenerescence/ imbalances that have led to a manifested illness or trouble in ALL of your subtle energy planes - in the physical, the mental and the spiritual too - and in ALL dimensions and realities your consciousness is having experiences in (you exist as a superposition of infinite quantum states at the same time, but more on this in another post!). In essence, I see your brain and body as a biological holographic computer, and will work to re-write/ transmute overarching faulty codes or programs that "run the show" in your consciousness - across all planes of existence and frequency bands you exist in, so we can reconfigure you at your very core. Dissolving trapped emotions and deep trauma is always a part of it, for they hinder the body's inherent healing processes everytime. I call that emotional toxic load.​

What can addressing emotional toxic loads look like in session? ​

It can look like facilitating the following:​

- Re-connection of younger aspects of self stuck in trauma/ fragmented away in the psyche (inner child work)​

- "Past"/ "future" life healing: collapse or re-rewrite of traumatic timelines across all time and space (I relay those past life experiences to you)​

- Clearing of harmful core beliefs, post-hypnotic suggestions, broadcast messages and negative mental programming​

- Clearing of negative karma, of curses and of old soul contracts no longer serving​

- Clearing of ancestral / transgenerational adverse patterns and blockages​

- Cleansing of intrusive and offensive energies/ intelligence​

(your subconscious and oversoul guides this, visit to see more) ​

My multi-dimensional sessions are my most popular sessions this year, for good reason. Clients experience blissful states, visions, and profoundly brain-enriching happenings at a distance, which often swiftly unlock major and lasting reality shifts. Do you also hold an intention to eliminate/ resolve a dis-ease, to elevate your business performance, align with more harmony in relationships or to simply be more accepting of all of who you are in this moment?​

Quantum healing as I practice it works at a level that transcends all limitations, and opens up the space of infinite possibilities - please don't think you've exhausted all avenues for your issue(s) before you experience a session with me.​

Have a great rest of your week everybody​

With love always xxx​

Aurélie ​



Photo credit: Laura Poistl​



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