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On allowing

My 2023 so far resonates so much with the essence of allowing.

Allowing to invite the soul in, that shifts and transforms the inner landscape of filters and perspectives.

Allowing to feel emotions flow through the body and out, so they don't stagnate nor take unnecessary residency.

Allowing to tap into and align with the highest potentials available for transformation in quantum healing sessions too. Not repelling, nor narrowing the field of possibles in any way.

All this has obviously much relevance in my work, which always happens in co-creation.

So what does allowing in session mean, in practice?

It looks like setting an intention for forward growth then letting everything go. All expectations, all outcomes. Being okay with what arises or unfolds either way, in full trust that what does emerge is going to work out best-case scenario. It may not look like what the mind had envisioned, but the possibilities are always greater, and serve the soul's highest evolution.

It looks like consciously unplugging from the world for an hour, to sit back and deeply relax. As the body softens and the ego releases its grip, the soul is able to receive its very own massage. Universal cocooning.

It looks like observing the experience in full presence, not attaching to the tribulations of the mind nor to the cellular memory/ nervous system purges which may manifest as bodily sensations, memories, visions. It's inviting curiosity within the process of transformation itself, as opposed to the end result being a tight point of focus.

It looks like being safe too, secure in the knowing that your commands are universal law. That your process is being facilitated by a soul who's mastered the energetics of polarity integration for thousands of lifetimes. A soul who has moved through much uncomfortable-ness in this lifetime too, so she could most profoundly relate to you.

So allowing.

In faith.

As one.

Head over to the website and book my signature "multi-dimensional" quantum healing session now! For repairs of the heart, of mind-body injuries, of relationship dynamics and so much more.

With tenderness,


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